10 Reasons To Purchase A Park Home

Thinking of Buying a Mobile Home? Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Park Home, Park Homes, April 12, 2016

Are you thinking of buying a mobile home?  Whether you’re planning to move out towards the coast or into the country, there are many great reasons why you should.  Residential park homes are hugely popular right now.  Not only do they offer comfortable and modern accommodation, they are cost-effective, safe, and built as part of welcoming communities.  Ask anyone who owns a mobile home, and they will tell you that community spirit is strong in UK parks!

People buy mobile homes for different reasons.  Some might want to retire somewhere quiet and calm.  Others, however, might simply want to downsize!  Buying a mobile home can give you a great foothold on the property ladder.  It’ll also put you close to some of the UK’s best-loved attractions and sites of natural beauty.

If you’re still unsure whether you are making the right choice, don’t worry!  Sell My Group is here to help.  Here are ten great reasons why you should buy a mobile home.

1.     It’s More Affordable Than Traditional Housing

It’s true!  Buying a mobile home is massively cost-effective.  This means you’ll save money on energy and local rates.  You can discuss these with your park owners when you first sign a contract.  However, it may surprise you as to just how affordable ongoing rates at residential home parks actually are!

What’s more, you may actually pay less for a mobile home outright than, say, a bricks-and-mortar property.  Therefore, it’s well worth looking around and comparing the variety of homes out there.  That’s where we come in!

2.     They Offer Fantastic Quality of Life

When you retire, you will want to find somewhere to move that’s quiet, peaceful, and free from everyday hassles.  Mobile homes and parks really promote this slower, more spacious way of living.  Not only will you get chance to really sit back and relax, but there’s also a fantastic feeling of independence.

Therefore, consider moving out to a picturesque location.  There are so many to choose from!  Buying a mobile home could mean you move to a nicer community, a peaceful environment, and stunning surroundings.

3.     You’ll Join a Genuine Community

Where has the traditional neighbourhood spirit gone?  You could argue that the internet has broken down the need for close, local communities.  However, community spirit is alive and well on the park home scene!

If you love the idea of being part of a larger community and being close to your neighbours, park living could be perfect for you.  Many people who live in residential parks will be of retirement age.  Therefore, you’ll move alongside like-minded people from similar generations.  It’s a great chance to build a community of people that cares for one another.

4.     Parks are Safe and Secure

A fantastic reason for moving to a park community is for the safety.  Many communities are not only off the beaten track, they often benefit from large gates.  Security teams and personnel also patrol parks to make sure everyone is safe and happy.

Park owners really go out of their way to make sure residents are as secure as possible.  Therefore, anyone of retirement age who may worry about their safety has complete peace of mind.

What’s more, neighbours at park communities always look out for each other.  Buying a mobile home also means you can buy alarms and fittings to help secure your property if you need to.

5.     Mobile Homes are Low Maintenance

Think about how much work a traditional property demands of you!  It can seem as though work is never-ending.  However, with a mobile home, you have very little need to lift a finger.

Modern mobile homes benefit from convenient, intelligent construction.  This means it’s never likely you’ll need to repair anything at expensive rates.  Older individuals who move into park homes will also benefit from single-level living.  There is less to maintain and repair.  Therefore, there is less hassle and money spent!

6.     They Are Energy-Efficient

As mentioned above, buying a mobile home means you could save a lot of money.  This is in part thanks to energy efficiency.  Modern mobile properties are energy-conscious by design.  This means there will be less need for you to run up heating bills and rates.

This also makes things warmer and comfier for you in the long run.  These properties arrive with fantastic thermal properties.  Therefore, there will be no need for you to run up skyrocketing gas or electric charges.

However, do make sure to check your home’s energy efficiency before you buy.  This is information that sellers should offer you when you first enter negotiations.  Can’t find the details?  Always make sure to ask!

7.     You Pay Minimal Council Tax

One of the biggest hassle of owning property in the suburbs or close to towns and cities is council tax.  Council tax and local authority rates rise and rise as the years go by.  Therefore, why not escape extortionate prices and move to somewhere expecting you to pay the bare minimum?

You may already know that council tax bases around ‘bands’.  These are letter grades which decide how much money you need to pay in tax each year.  The lowest band is ‘A’.  This means if you own an ‘A’ grade property, you will be paying for the lowest tax rate possible in your area.

Another great reason to invest in mobile property, therefore, is the tax band.  These properties almost always register as ‘Band A’.  Therefore, you’re saving even more money!  However, do make sure to check out the details on your council tax band before you buy a property.

Saving money is likely to be very important to most mobile homeowners.  As mentioned, many people investing will be of retirement age.  This means they may be on a fixed income or may be reliant on pensions.  The more savings, the better!

8.     They Offer Lots of Space

While some may assume that mobile properties can be pokey, the space inside may surprise you!  You’re benefiting from everything being on just one level.  Therefore, mobile home designs automatically make the most of what space they have.  You may find it impressive just how roomy these properties can actually be!

You should also think about exterior space, too.  Think about crowded streets and properties in the suburbs.  Instead of having to cram into a squashed terrace house or a semi-detached property, your mobile home stands alone.  You will be close to other properties, but you have an incredible amount of breathing space.

You can take advantage of garden space, a patio and more.  In addition, many residential parks benefit from having wide open spaces, offering landscaped grounds and more besides.  What better way could there be for you to really stretch out and enjoy yourself?  Ignore the myths about mobile homes being small and cramped.

9.     They’re Perfect for Welcoming Family and Friends

Living in a mobile home doesn’t mean you have to go it alone!  While you might make plenty of new friends in the neighbourhood, you can also invite friends and family from elsewhere to visit you.  Buying a mobile home means you can have people over to stay.  Most parks, if not all, are very flexible with this!

However, you must make sure to read your park’s guidelines on visitors before you invite anyone to come and see you.  All parks want to make sure they uphold a safe community.  Therefore, you may find that specific rules and regulations might apply.

However, these are likely to be more than reasonable.  Therefore, why not invite friends and family along to sample the park home lifestyle?  Who knows – they may get a taste of it and buy a home of their own!

10. They Promote Independence

We have already touched on the idea of independent living above; however, it bears looking at in more details.  Despite the fact you will move into a close community, you will still get a lot of independence.

Buying a mobile home means you will have access to everything you need on one level.  Everything you need is close by, and what’s more, your surroundings are safe and secure.  If you want to retire to your private pitch at the end of a day, you can do so in peace and quiet.

Therefore, if you value your independence, choose a mobile home.  You can head to and from your property whenever you like, with complete reassurance that park operators are looking after you.


If you’re buying a mobile home soon, and want to know more about the benefits, why not read more of our guides?  Mobile home ownership is amazingly rewarding!  Choose a lifestyle that’s slow, relaxing, and free from the stresses and hassles of everyday life.

At Sell My Group, we want to make sure you find the perfect property.  Why not take a look at our catalogue of parks and homes available nationwide?  Book a viewing and do ask our team for more help and information if you need it.

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