Benefits of Countryside Living

The Benefits of Countryside Living

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, July 28, 2018

Everyone has probably heard that countryside living is quieter, more peaceful and more relaxing. But there is some speculation as to how true this actually is. Sure living in the countryside has its benefits but what about the benefits of living in a city or more built up area? Although there are many benefits of living in a city such as convenience, better transport links and more amenities there are significant drawbacks. Read our article on the benefits of park home living.

On the flip side there are obviously cons to countryside living, such as being more remote and not having as many transport options. But there are so many benefits to countryside living that far outweigh the downsides.

When you’ve retired you want to experience a slower way of life. You’re no longer part of the rat race and now’s the time to relax and take life slowly. Unfortunately, city living is agreeable with this pace of life and so you may find yourself resorting to the way you used to live which defeats the point of retirement. This is why many retirees choose to move countryside living. It makes for a more relaxing way of life when you’ve had enough of the nine to five.

That being said, there are many other benefits to living in the countryside – both physical and mental. This is where a park home is a good option for retirees as many of these are located in beautiful countryside giving you access to wonderful views as well as the mental and physical benefits available.

Heatherbank Country Park, Shillford, East Renfrewshire – CLICK TO SEE MORE

Physical benefits of Countryside Living

Although in this country we’re not exactly known for our long, reliable summers when the weather is nice we do know how to make the most of it. We love our walks, picnics and any outdoor activity as soon as the sun is in the sky. Living in the countryside makes for a great place to take part in all of these thing because there is so much greenery around.

We’re also fortunate enough in England to have some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, with rolling green hills, fields and trees and plenty of rivers. All of this scenery means that going out for a walk can become an adventure and you can explore places that you’ve never been before. All of these outdoor activities mean that we spend a lot of time outside getting fresh air and that lovely sun on our skin. These kinds of activities can keep us fit and healthy for longer.

Although you can find activities in the city to keep you healthy, the opportunities for fitness are so much more plentiful. This means that you can stay active for longer as well as having plenty of adventures with your grandchildren. Living in a park home means that you have the luxury of living in a more populated area – so you aren’t isolated. But you are also only a stone’s throw from some of the most lovely views and activities in the country helping to keep you physically fit and healthy well into your retirement.

Dales View Park, Salterforth, Lancashire
Dales View Park, Salterforth, Lancashire – CLICK TO SEE MORE

Mental benefits of Countryside Living

There are so many mental health benefits of countryside living – a lot of which people aren’t even aware of. When you live in the city or a built up urban area then you may not have access to green spaces as often as if you lived in the country. Although you may not realise it, not having regular access to green spaces can have a negative impact on your mental health.

Going out for regular walks, or not having picturesque scenery to look at can take its toll. Being in a city where the general pace of life is quicker can leave people feeling more stressed out – even though they’re no longer working. Because all of the people around them are hurrying and being busy, even retired people feel like they have to keep up with the modern way of living – even though now is the time to be slowing down and relaxing. Countryside living can make you feel more relaxed just because the way of life is more relaxing. You can also feel less closed in and more able to go off and explore instead of being cooped up amongst buildings. Although there is more going on in the city, this pace of life can be stressful, especially for those who aren’t as physically able to keep up.

Three Rivers Woodland Park, Clitheroe, Lancashire – CLICK TO SEE MORE


There have been many studies on the effect of living in the country on a person’s mental and physical health. These studies have shown that someone who spends more time looking at or surrounded by nature have better mental health and faster recovery times after an illness or injury.

One of the most famous of these studies is one where the researchers studied patients recovering from surgery. Each of these patients were suffering from similar illnesses and their recovery time should have been more or less the same. What the study showed was those who had a view of trees or fields from their hospital window recovered faster. They reported feeling better and their medical stats showed them to improve faster than those patients who couldn’t see nature. These patients also reported feeling happier and more positive about their recovery than those who couldn’t.

These studies show that being around nature and countryside can have so many positive effects on both physical and mental health. When you’re retired you will want to take care of your health more and being surrounded by green is a good way to do it.

Choosing to live in a park home is a good option for those who want to take better care of their health. Park home sites are situated in idyllic locations all over the country. These sites are located near enough to large towns that you aren’t cut off from the rest of the world. But they’re also located near enough to the country that you can experience the best of countryside living.