Benefits of Park Home Life

Posted by Sell My Group in Comment, February 5, 2019

by Maureen Murnan

For many of us, we can only dream of moving somewhere which feeds our souls and makes us happy to get out of bed to begin each new day afresh. But if you get the right residential park home in the right location that’s exactly what can happen. Park home life can make that dream more accessible than you think.

Maureen Murnan

Blissful Location

For Maureen Murnan that dream has become a reality, and a most beautiful reality it is too. Maureen is a tutor at the world famous Arthur Findlay College, but when not working she’s often found out and about near her park home at St Merryn Park near Padstow in Cornwall. As Maureen often works with the power of nature, colours, fragrances and vibrations which affect mind, body and spirit, she is really enjoying her new environment and soaking up every last bit of its atmosphere.

A New Vista Every Day

She says; “I love living in Cornwall, I have seen a new way of looking at the sea and coastal views. I always only associated it with summer days sunbathing and holidays, but it is beautiful through every season, a person would have to be blind to nature not to think it stunning in every weather situation. There’s a spot I’ve found which is perfect for meditation looking out to sea, and I love it there. It really reminds you how powerful nature is and reconnects you with it all. I live in the area of the Seven Bays, so I can have a different one each day, how cool is that?”

More Enjoyable Lifestyle

Maureen’s home is a Tingdene Addington, and their decking was completed by CDM who she describes as ‘fantastic workmen’. She said; “I’m really enjoying my new park home life, and there’s so much here that there’s something new to experience every day, no two days are the same. When family visit it’s lovely too, a great excuse to visit more of my favourite places.”

Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

Maureen has kindly shared some of her photos with us although she says “The views are too beautiful for words, my photos don’t do it justice. If you find yourself in these areas, I highly recommend this coastal path. Sometimes you feel like you have the path to yourself and only see a couple of other people.” She describes one particularly enjoyable moment; “I was out walking and overlooking Trevone with my flask of coffee I just felt at peace. I was heading home by the time a heavy cloud came over, back to a hot cup of coffee and an equally hot Cornish pastie, well it has to be done!”

Family Love It Too!

Days out with grandchildren have included the Seal Sanctuary where they take care of sick, injured and abandoned seals, get them well then release as many as possible back to the sea. The family also enjoys watching fishing boats come in with their catches and pottering round the quaint little fishing ports in the area.

Park Home Life; Peaceful Existence

Living on the coast also means Maureen can easily feel that connection with nature at any time. “We recently went up to the coastal path to feed the birds some bread. It was blowing a gale on the headland but it’s very relaxing to see the birds in flight and eager for a little piece of bread. It went from clear sky to dark stormy clouds in a matter of just 30 mins. How powerful nature is – we just have to abide by her rules! You really do feel everything so much more in a place like this – you can be at peace with yourself. As for the park home lifestyle? I thoroughly recommend it!”

One of the benefits of park home life is that many parks are in locations where traditional bricks and mortar properties are either not permitted or are much more expensive. By looking at the park home lifestyle, you may be able to live in a brilliant spot like this too – you may never know until you start looking!