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Golden Sands Holiday Park, North Wales

Investing in your leisure time

Posted by Justin Allitt in Holiday, March 6, 2018

With the working day so much longer nowadays and commuting to work for one hour each way becoming the norm we have to question ‘What’s it all for?’ Ok bills need to be paid and tummies filled, but as the days. months and years past its no wonder some of us question whether we were […]


Yorkshire Dales Holiday Lodges

Yorkshire Dales Holiday Lodges

Posted by Justin Allitt in Holiday, February 19, 2018

Its outstanding beauty and sheer size has made the Yorkshire Dales a national treasure. Taking in 680 square miles, it is the UK’s second largest National Park. Only the Lake District is bigger. A popular destination for walkers, artists and sightseers, this is a place that appeals to people with varied interests. Located mostly in […]


Best Holiday Homer Investments

Best Holiday Home Investments

Posted by Justin Allitt in Holiday, February 9, 2018

More people than ever before are investing in a holiday home. According to the Resolution Foundation, one in ten British adults is now a second homeowner. The majority of those buy second properties as holiday home investments. If you are thinking of becoming one of them, you can make the most of your holiday home […]


Why You Should Holiday in Nottingham

Why You Should Holiday in Nottingham

Posted by Justin Allitt in Holiday, January 18, 2018

Travel is about discovery as much as it is about self-realisation and no one said it better than English writer Samuel Johnson: “The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” The city of Nottingham has much to offer and […]


Holiday in Cornwall

Why you should holiday in Cornwall

Posted by Sell My Group in Holiday, December 8, 2017

“An awful lot of people have childhood memories of holidays in Cornwall, and the holidays are old-fashioned and hugely successful. You stick a child and a dog on one of the beaches, and they just light up; they just love it.” Martin Clunes With its mild climate, miles of stunning coastline and a history steeped […]


Why a holiday in North Yorkshire is a great idea

We love North Yorkshire and you should too.

Posted by Sell My Group in Holiday, August 14, 2017

Yorkshire is has a stunningly beautiful countryside, coastlines, and great castles. Consequently, Yorkshire is often named ‘God’s County.’ North Yorkshire is the largest of the four ‘ridings’ of Yorkshire and is most certainly the jewel in the crown. The county is a brilliant place to live, work and holiday in – so, read on to […]


Why Holiday in Devon?

Holidaying in Devon

Posted by Sell My Group in Holiday, Holiday Parks, August 10, 2017

Devon has always been a popular place for holidays, not just for those who are deciding to holiday at home for the first time, but for those where Devon has been a firm favourite for generations. Devon holiday parks are a popular choice due to their flexibility and convenience when it comes to location and […]



Staycations are on the Rise

Posted by Sell My Group in Holiday, August 10, 2017

Staycations Are Up – As the Pound Falls Ever since Brexit began to loom, foreign holidays have slowly crept up in price. The fall of the pound has seen travelling abroad to be an increasingly expensive option for holidays. This is far from bad news however as the British tourist industry seen a rise in those […]