Reasons to buy a park home

Eight Reasons to Buy a Park Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Holiday Home, June 12, 2018

There are many reasons to buy a park home, especially if you are retired. With so many features to a park home, there are so numerous reasons why this is such a good idea as you get older.

Living in a park home allows you to maintain your independence for longer, and keep you comfortable at all stages of your life, whilst offering independent living in your own home.

With so many  reasons why moving into a park home is a good idea, we have listed eight reasons why we think you should buy a park home;

Park Homes are easier to clean

Living in a two or three storey tradional brick built house can be a real challenge to keep tidy. Not to mention that you probably spend most of your time cleaning rooms that aren’t ever used. With a park home you know that all the rooms are being used and are far more easily accessible. You won’t have to climb up and down stairs with a heavy vacuum cleaner in order to keep everything clean.

Simply because it is also smaller, a park home won’t take as long to clean. This means that you spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying your retirement. There will also be far less spots that are harder to reach, meaning you will simply spend less time cleaning. Life is to short to spend waste time cleaning?

Park Homes are safer

One cause of injuries around the home as you get older is falling. This risk of falling on a staircase can be reduced but as we get older, the more unsteady we are on our feet. Which is why if stairs can be avoided as we get older we will reduce our risk of falling.

You may be able to navigate one or two flights of stairs now with ease, but as you get older it will become harder and harder and one day you may even have to think about installing a stair lift.  Instead of worrying about that, why not plan for the future and buy a park home? It’s one less thing for you to worry about as you get older, and will reduce the risk of stair-related injuries. A good reason to buy a park home.

Park homes have more space?

Okay, so we don’t necessarily mean that there there will be more space, but there will be a better use of space. Park homes are so well designed that they which will give the illusion of more space. Instead of cupboards or storage in hard to reach places, you will be able to get to everything.  Meaning that you can put everything to better use. So although you may actually have have less space but because the space is being put to better use so it will feel like more!

Park homes are easier to Heat

A two or three storey brick built home can often take a whileto heat up – simply because there’s more house to fill. A park home will spread the heat faster and your house will be warm and cosy in no time at all. This is also true of cooling it down. Because it’s far smaller than a regular house, a park home will cool down faster. This means that it’s far easier to keep your park home at a consistent temperature and will save you money on heating and cooling down parts of the home that you don’t even use.

Park homes are more efficient

Park homes use far less energy overall than regular houses, not only because of their size but because they are built to BS 3632 Residential Homes Specification.  There’s less heating used, less water and less gas etc. So you’ll find that your bills each month are far less than what they used to be when you lived in a regular home. They’re also more efficient for you too – you’ll use less energy getting around.


When you buy a park home is much quieter than a bigger house. This is because sound travels and when you live in a regular house you have to deal with the sound travelling around between rooms. A park home therefore is far quieter and will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful, even if someone’s listening to music while you’re trying to sleep. You’ll find that you have far more privacy in a park home.

Fire escapes

Now hopefully you will never have to experience this, but in the event of a fire a park home will be a much easier property to get out of. If you live in a multiple storey house then you will have to worry about navigating smoky stairs or what happens if an exit route is cut off by the fire. Well with park homes you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to get out in the event of a fire. No rushing down dangerous stairs and if any main exit is blocked all the windows will only be a couple of feet from the ground. This means you will safely be able to get out using these.

A park home is cheaper!

We’ve been through the idea that a park home will be cheaper when it comes to paying bills, because of the difference in energy usage in the house. But it’ll also be cheaper to maintain. You won’t have as many rooms to deal with. Meaning you won’t have to spend out as much on cleaning products every month.

When it comes to redecorating you’ll also have the advantage of not having to redo as many rooms. Therefore saving you money when you want to give the place a lick of paint.

These are some of the reasons to opt buy a park home instead of a two storey home. For further reading, see our blog on buying a park home.