Freedom of choice

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, December 5, 2018

One of the luxuries of getting a little older is that as life progresses you find that new options and opportunities regularly present themselves, and you’re more likely to have the flexibility to actually follow them if you choose to.

How you spend your time

You also get to be a little more selective over how you spend your time, and that often means you can use it in a way you really enjoy, spending time with people you like with shared ethics and interests. Time indulging in activities you enjoy – the stuff which lights your fire and makes you feel alive!

All of these reasons may be behind your decision to look into making a lifestyle change by buying a park or leisure home. We hope that through the Sell My Group blog we hope that we can help you visualise what it would actually be like to turn that proposition into a reality, armed with all the information you might need to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

They’re also the same reasons why I accepted the invitation to work with Sell My Group, sharing my passion and enthusiasm for park and leisure homes, and the absolute conviction that they can offer a really rewarding lifestyle choice.  In joining the Sell My Group I am thrilled to become part of a team of like-minded industry experts happy to answer any questions either direct or through our blog posts here, and we hope you’ll find them really helpful.

Being irritatingly curious can be a good thing!

To introduce myself a little more, I’ve been a writer for years and for the past two decades I’ve spent most of my time working within the park home industry, getting behind the scenes and finding out everything I could about it, in depth.

I’ve spent a fair amount of that time on the road, out and about and asking a lot of questions; not just of those who are selling the lifestyle such as park owners and manufacturers but also interviewing many home-owners.  Hopefully, that’s given me a unique and pretty independent perspective of what buying a park home involves and delivers, either from a residential or leisure perspective.

I’ve developed a habit of putting myself in the shoes of a potential buyer, asking everything I would want to know if I was about to buy a park or leisure home in a particular spot.   Many, many times I’ve become so involved in the process that I walk away from the park wishing I could buy there, although of course, I couldn’t possibly buy on every park I’ve fallen in love with!

If you want to see a change, make a change!

One thing I have found is that it is a basic human tendency to distrust anything which looks too good to be true, and most of us like to stay in a safe zone with what we know. However, if we all did this throughout our lives we could miss all the best bits, including a potentially brilliant lifestyle choice which could really improve our quality of living!  That doesn’t mean we need to rush into anything either – I would always advocate the benefits of reading and researching all you can before making such an important decision.

If you’re at the point where you’re just starting to look at park and leisure homes and haven’t really worked out what’s involved with buying one, I hope that by following this blog and exploring the great information already on this website you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for easily. Then you can progress on your buying journey with confidence, and without losing time you could be spending putting your feet up enjoying a more relaxing lifestyle.  There’s more than a fair chance it will be a lifestyle change your future self could really thank you for!

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