Nine Great Reasons You Should Be Buying A Park Home

Nine Great Reasons You Should Be Buying A Park Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Park Home, Park Homes, June 12, 2018

Have you thought about buying a park home?  Are you retiring soon?  Maybe you have already retired and are thinking about moving somewhere quiet and peaceful.  There are plenty of great reasons why you should think about a park home.

Park communities have so many wonderful features and benefits.  You not only get to keep your independence, but you get to move to a beautiful part of the country.  The UK is full of lovely little surprises!

As experts in park home living and property sales, we’re always here to help you on your journey through mobile home ownership.  We’ve taken the time to come up with seven great reasons why buying a park home should be right at the top of your agenda.  Read on for some serious inspiration!

Park Homes are Easy to Clean

Think about how much cleaning and maintenance a normal home needs.  Two and three-storey properties can be a nightmare to keep clean!  What’s more, you probably spend a lot of time cleaning rooms you don’t even use.

When buying a park home, everything is easier to access and clean.  Not only are you likely to use all your rooms, but they are also all on one level.  You won’t have to climb up and down stairs with a vacuum cleaner for a start!

Park homes are simpler by design, too.  They’re smaller, which means there’s less for you to clean.  Therefore, you can spend more time enjoying your retirement.  Why spend all your life cleaning, dusting and tidying up?  Choose a park or mobile home, and you’ll save yourself tons of time!

Park Homes are Safe

Everyday properties can be very dangerous.  As we get older, we are more at risk of falls and accidents.  Park homes are automatically safer than multi-storey homes because there are no staircases.  People who are already unsteady on their feet are at risk of falling and injuring themselves near stairs.

While you may feel that you can navigate stairs easily, you need to think about how you will cope in later life.  Unfortunately, you never know what will happen to your mobility. This is why buying a park home is a fantastic way to plan for the future.

Park homes are safer for older people, as there are fewer hazards and risks.  Therefore, if mobility decreases, you only have one level of your property to move around.  This will mean less pain and less risk of suffering an accident.  It’s just one of many good reasons to buy a park home.

Park Homes Use Space Better

Some people worry that buying a park home means losing out on space.  This isn’t always the case!  Many park home designs give an illusion of more space than there actually is.  For example, you may have less cupboard and wardrobe space; however, everything will be easier for you to access.

It all comes back to the fact that there is only one floor.  While you may have to go up and down stairs to store clothes and access bathroom facilities, there is no need to do this in a park home.  Immediately, everything is easier to find, and therefore easier to store.  It may feel like you have less space to begin with; however, you may find it surprising how roomy a property feels.

Of course, all mobile home designs are different.  However, designers and builders know they are working with minimal floor space and area.  Therefore, modern park properties make far better use of space and room than older homes.  Take a look at a few, and you will see what we mean!

Park Homes Heat up Quickly

Want to save money on heating bills?  Who doesn’t?  You may also struggle to get warm in your current home.  One of the biggest benefits of living in a park home is the fact that you’ll get warmer quicker.  Why?  Once again, it’s all down to size.

Think about how long it can take to warm up a two or three-storey house.  Traditional central heating can take forever to fill rooms with warmth!  However, it’s much quicker in a park property.  That’s because these homes are smaller on average.  Again, it’s also thanks to there only being one level!

Modern park homes also benefit from fantastic insulation.  One of the first things installed in a park property is floor insulation, meaning that you get double protection from the cold.  As park homes are sold as permanent properties, it makes sense that they should be perfect for use during the colder months.  You’ll also find that park property will cool down quickly, too.  This, again, is thanks to the small space.  You’ll have access to a comfortable temperature all year round!

Park Properties are Energy-Efficient

If you’re really worried about household bills, you’ll love living in a mobile home.  Park properties use much less heat, electricity and water than everyday properties.  This isn’t just thanks to the size, but also thanks to the BS3632 Residential Homes Specification.  This means builders design homes to need less power and energy throughout the year. 

This means lower bills and less need for you to switch your heating on.  You won’t have to spend so much time fiddling around with home facilities!  It’s great news for anyone with reduced mobility.  Builders design park homes with the future in mind.

Mobile Homes Have Sound Protective Qualities

It’s true!  The bigger the home, the further sound will travel.  What’s more, traditional houses don’t always benefit from insulation to protect against sound.  Park houses and bungalows are amazingly soundproof.  The best park communities will be quiet by design anyway – but there’s even less chance of disturbance with a smaller property.

This helps to make park properties more private and more peaceful.  The surroundings definitely help, but in your own private, soundproof home, nothing can ever bother you!

Mobile Homes are Easy to Escape

By this, we mean that they are easy to escape from in case of fire.  All park homes should have modern fire-fighting equipment on-site.  However, should an emergency occur, it’s easy to escape your property quickly.

Bigger homes with stairs are harder to escape from.  There are also more escape routes to block.  A park home will have clear escape routes, and you are already on the ground floor.  Should you need to get out of a window, they are very easy to access. Another good reason to consider buying a park home.

Escaping your home should fire take hold is easier and less hazardous.  Once again, it is very helpful should you have low mobility.  Always ask your site owner for more information about fire safety before you move in.

Buying A Park Home Is Cheaper

We’ve already seen that you’ll save money on energy bills.  However, you will also save money in terms of maintenance!  Park property roofing should last decades, and you should only need to repaint your home every few years.  Overall, new properties need very little maintaining or upkeep. 

Think about everything you need to pay for when you run a multi-storey home.  It can seem like you are paying out for something new every five minutes!  With a park property, there’s very little for you to pay out for.

Site staff actually take care of a lot of maintenance for you.  For example, landscaping, local lighting and security generally fall to park owners.  You pay for the privilege in your site fees, which work out a lot cheaper than what you’d pay at a bricks-and-mortar property.

Park Homes Are More Secure

Finally, let’s think about security.  Your current home probably has some form of modern locking system.  You may even have a house alarm.  But, did you know that park homes benefit from a front gate and security staff, too?

One of the biggest reasons why people move to park properties is for added security.  Not only is your home secure, but your community is, too.  Only residents and vetted visitors can access through the main gates.

As park communities are exclusive, this means there is zero threat of intrusion.  Everyday properties are always at risk of burglary or damage.  Moving to a park home means you’re doubly safe against any threats.  You will need to stay safe in your retirement – and there’s no better way to make sure of this than through a park community.

Choosing The Perfect Park

These are just some of the great reasons why you should buy a park home. For more, here’s another article on Park Homes that you’ll enjoy.

Do you think about the future?  What about saving money and increasing your comfort and ease of mobility?  Take a look through some of the fantastic parks SellMyGroup is proud to list for.

You’ll find a park or mobile home that is easier to manage, cheaper to run, and more comfortable in the long run.  If you’d like to know more about buying a park home and all the benefits, be sure to read our further guides.  For example, have you read our guide on buying your first park home?  We’re always here to help you when you need us.