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How to Sell Your Park Home Faster

Posted by Justin Allitt in Selling, May 22, 2013

By preparing your park home for viewings, it is possible to increase both the chances of it selling and the speed it takes to sell your park home.

Here we look at each room and offer advice on what we recommend to sell your park home faster.

The Living Area

Advice on sellingStarting in the interior of the park home, the living area is where the owner is able to relax and be comfortable. Our advice here is to sacrifice some of your creature comforts. Selling your home is a good time to pack away as much clutter as possible,  DVDs you don’t watch regularly, piles of magazines and books, and all those odds and ends you have been meaning to sort out.  These will need to be packed away to move – so do it sooner rather than later.

There’s no need to empty the shelves or cupboards – but you should give the impression that there’s enough (rather than too little) storage space. And you should expect people to open cupboards, so don’t cram things into them.

Declutter Your Park Home

As reluctant as you might be to remove family photos, our advice is to do this too, particularly if you have lots of them. It’s perfectly acceptable to leave out a couple here and there, but if you have walls full of photos, take them down and put up something attractive to cover the area instead. Buyers have to imagine themselves living in your park home and it’s very difficult to do this if photos of you and your family are all over the walls.

It goes without saying that the room should be cleaned thoroughly, from the ceiling down. Have soft furnishings and carpets professionally cleaned if necessary; wash windows, window dressings and cushion covers.

If any of you are smokers, avoid smoking indoors while you have your house up for sale – the smell of stale cigarettes puts off non-smokers in particular.

If you have smelly pets, specifically large dogs, keep them outside in a kennel if possible or, at the very least ensure they’re not in the house when viewers arrive. You might not be able to smell them – or at least be used to their scent – but viewers will find it off-putting. Clear away any evidence of them – food, hair, dirt – and open windows to air the room.

If your living room is really scruffy, it’s worth considering giving it a fresh lick of paint before putting the house on the market. Strong colours can alienate potential purchasers. If they do not like your choice, they will be counting the cost of redecoration, and that will undermine the value of your property. So instead, choose pale, warm neutral colours, such as cream or off-white to make the living room lighter and brighter.

The Carpets

Advice on sellingIf your carpet is worn or badly stained, replace it. Do not choose expensive carpet, but make sure that it looks reasonable. If your wooden floors need a good clean or look shabby, have them refurbished, but employ a professional company unless you feel totally confident about your skills.
If you’re after a quick fix, a new rug will cover a multitude of sins – but expect canny buyers to lift it to check what’s beneath.

Good lighting

We often give this advice on selling park homes; good lighting is essential in living rooms. Central pendants with lampshades that show the light bulb are ugly and dated. Replace with chandeliers or more modern fittings; at the very least replace the shade with an uplighter. Make sure that you have alternative lighting, such as standard or table lamps, which can be switched on to provide a flattering background light.Soft furnishings are really important in living rooms because they can add colour and luxury, which will help make the room seem welcoming. New cushion covers will work wonders and needn’t cost a fortune.

The Kitchen

If the kitchen is old fashioned, it’s worth trying to bring it up to date. This might mean buying new handles for unit doors, which are easy to change and inexpensive. Choose handles that are similar in size and shape to your existing ones so that fitting them does not leave holes or marks. Replace damaged or missing cupboards.

The kitchen needs to look as big as possible, declutter as much as you can. That might mean packing away some of your recipe books, clearing the majority of the surfaces and running down your food stocks.

Just as important as the bathroom, the kitchen needs to be sparkling. Remove grime and grease from cookers and ensure cupboard fronts, taps ans appliances are gleaming. Also wash floors and windows.
Kitchens should smell fresh and clean, so use your sense of smell. Even with extractor fans, kitchens can harbour odours, especially from fish, curries and other strong-smelling foods. Opt to go out or keep your cooking bland if you have visitors the next day.
Good kitchen storage is a must for most of us, so expect people to open cupboards and drawers – which need to be neat and tidy. If your kitchen has clever hidden storage, be sure to show if off, too.

The Bedroom

Advice on SellingIt goes without saying that bedrooms should be tidy, clean and fresh. Keep surfaces and floors clear of clutter, especially shoes and bags. If necessary, invest in attractive storage boxes for under the bed, but ideally not on top of the wardrobes, which just makes the room look untidy. Give the room a deep clean – including under the bed. Open the windows before the viewers arrive.

Now remove all essence of your personality. Think of elegant hotel style bedrooms. Comfortable and stylish, they are impersonal. No one wants to be confronted with someone else’s make-up or tubes of haemorrhoid cream. Such distractions will prevent visitors from noticing the positive aspects of the room.

Since it dominates the room, it’s worth making a big deal of the bed. Bedspreads and throws make beds look tidier and more welcoming. Add some large scatter cushions in silk or velvet for a feeling of luxury. And, obviously, make sure everyone in the household is up, and all the beds are made.

Do not be fooled into thinking that your visitors will be too embarrassed to open cupboards; they will want to see how much storage space you have. They will not want to see a jumble of clothes, magazines and the leather bondage outfit you have hurriedly stashed away.
The decor in a bedroom should be neutral if you’re trying to sell. Off-whites, creams and pale yellows have much wider appeal than feminine pinks and lilacs.

The Bathroom

Advice on sellingBathrooms are places where we can spoil ourselves surrounded by luxury, warmth and fluffy towels. At least, that’s the image we need to create in the minds of potential buyers. Here are ten tips to presenting your bathroom.

Since it’s frequently the smallest in the house, keeping your bathroom free from clutter is all important in making it feel spacious.
Clear out the cabinet, tidy up the airing cupboard and put away day-to-day toiletries that you don’t think buyers will enjoy looking at (we’re talking sanitary towels, deodorants, medicines). Hide away cleaning products, too. Put rubber ducks and kids’ bath toys neatly into a corner and clear surfaces of anything other than good-looking toiletries.

Big one this, major advice on selling – BATHROOMS MUST BE SUPER CLEAN. Scrub and on a daily basis and get rid of any scale or staining with a limescale remover. Use caustic soda to remove stains from lavatories. Make sure any drapes or blinds are free of dust. Don’t forget to clean basin and lavatory pedestals. Ensure the shower curtain and any towels that are out are clean, too.

Bigger & brighter

Do not forget to hang some suitable pictures or mirrors to make the room look bigger and brighter. A room can look cold and lifeless with nothing on the walls. Check out our gorgeous galleries of traditional and modern bedroom designs before you make a decision.
Cosmetically, it’s a good idea to change your light fitting for something elegant – a chandelier, perhaps – or at least vaguely contemporary. However, if you’ll be showing your home in the evening, it’s worth knowing how to light the room properly to make the most of its proportions and to make it look inviting.

Bear in mind that an estate agent might be showing your house when you’re out, so before you leave for work in the morning, tidy up, make the bed, air the room and open the curtains. Sounds obvious, but it’s so easy to forget…

The Garden

Gardens have become increasingly important when selling property. An area that provides a relaxing and attractive feature will make your home more appealing.

Whatever the time of year your front garden and back patio area must be tidy. This means sweeping up leaves and debris on a regular basis, keeping flower beds weeded, lawns mown and hedges clipped. Also declutter Outbuildings

Clear out any outhouses sheds and greenhouses. These are often neglected areas of our homes and become dumping grounds for the clutter removed from living spaces. Now is the time for a thorough sorting out and several trips to the recycling centre/tip. Keep bits and pieces in storage boxes and banish the cobwebs. Wooden sheds should be treated as for fencing; greenhouse glass should be cleaned.

Again our advice on selling is to clean patios, terraces, decking, steps and garden furniture with a suitable cleaner. Lichens and mosses can be slippery, as well as looking unsightly. Furniture should be clean, even in winter.

If the above doesn’t work..

If you haven’t found a buyer our advice on selling maybe to look at the suite. It might be because you have an outdated, coloured suite that’s out of fashion. Look out for offers at the DIY stores or on the internet and consider replacement with plain white fittings or update your bathroom with new taps and shower head and buy towels to dress the room to make it look more contemporary.

Look at the flooring. If it’s a carpet it’s likely to be stained. If it is, change it to hard flooring such as cork, bamboo or ceramic tiles – even a fresh, new vinyl is better than an old carpet. Either way, don’t replace an old carpet with a new carpet in a bathroom – they’re impractical and most people disapprove of them. For a quick fix, a new floor mat will hide a tired floor, but don’t expect that viewers won’t lift it.

It is important if needed to re grout the bathroom. Kits are available from DIY shops. If your tiles have seen better days, bleach them, or if that doesn’t work, remove and replace them. If your bathroom is small, tiling every wall completely will make it seem bigger. Think of hotel bathrooms; small, but stylish and generally tiled throughout.

Hopefully the advice given will allow you to sell your park home faster. If you would like any further advice on selling your park home please get in touch. For further reading, see our blog on interior design tips for your park home.