Selling a Static Caravan? Read our Full Guide for success

Posted by Sell My Group in Static Caravans, September 27, 2020

Are you selling a static caravan? Sell My Group have put together an extensive guide to help you to find a buyer.

In most cases, there are three options available when selling a static holiday caravan. The most important outcome for you is to get the best deal. Here are the three options:

  • Selling your holiday home to your park owner
  • Sell your holiday home to a trader or dealer (to take off your park)
  • Sell your holiday home to a private buyer to remain in the park
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Selling your holiday static caravan to your park owner

Selling to your current park owner is the easiest way to sell your caravan. We recommend that you get an honest valuation of your static caravan, before approaching your park owner.

The first step in selling your holiday home is to ask your park owner if they would be interested in purchasing your unit. In most cases, they will make you an offer. However, be prepared for this offer to be considerably reduced compared to what you originally paid for it. 

When a park sells a unit to you it is as a ‘bundle’ which will normally include a pitch premium and usually a license agreement. The difference arises when you wish to sell, as you will be selling the caravan only and not the bundle.  

The reason behind this is that parks will buy in low so that they can re-sell for a higher profit.  The park’s offer will be based on the unit’s value and nothing else.  

It is important to understand that the park will base their offer on the current trade value.

Consider these areas to help with your negotiations:  

  • Condition of the caravan
  • Double glazing and central heating added after manufacture
  • Inclusion of additional structures (decking/stairs/skirting)
  • Pitch position – if your caravan is on an ‘exclusive’ pitch this can give you an advantage in negotiating the best price from the park. They will not only be interested in the resale value of your caravan but also the fact that they will be able to re-sell on your pitch for a higher amount.

There are some benefits to selling directly to your park owner, such as no charges for disconnection and no sales commission. Payment will also be transferred quickly to you. 

As we mentioned earlier, securing the best deal for you when selling your holiday home is of the utmost importance. If, after your discussions, you feel the price is not suitable, take a look below at some other options when selling your static caravan.

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Percy Wood Holiday Park, Northumberland – start your holiday home journey

Selling your static caravan to a trader or dealer

If following negotiations with the park owner they are unable to buy your unit or you cannot agree the price you need, it is worth considering selling to a trader or dealer. 

Generally, dealers and traders will offer similar amounts to that of park owners. There are opportunities out there that can be significantly more, so it is worth doing your research. The best way to start this search is to ring at least three or four and negotiate your ideal price.  

Following on from securing some prices, it is very important to refer to your pitch license agreement and consider these areas:

Notice to terminate your agreement

Some parks require owners to supply them with notice if you are removing your caravan. This can vary from 14 – 120 days and it is advisable to submit this notice along with any information regarding your intended removal.

Disconnection and removal costs

When your unit is being removed and moved, a low loading vehicle will be required for this. Generally, the process involved to move a unit will involve a disconnection and removal charge paid to the park.

This can vary across the country from £300 – £4000, so we advise you to confirm this early on in your negotiations.  From experience, we have learned that it is unlikely that a park owner will allow an outside third party to undertake this process for safety and insurance purposes.

Once again, your agreement should outline this information, and it is advisable to check with the park owner.

Selling a static caravan
Where will your next holiday home be?

Selling your static caravan privately to remain on the park

If you are keen to sell your static caravan and need the best price, this is possibly the best way. Your agreement will contain a lot of information about the terms for selling privately. Also, calculate commission or charges due to the park owner into your minimum price. 

Writing to the park owner to make them aware of your intention to sell is the next stage. Refer to your license agreement to check what you need to include in your letter. 

To put a resale value on the static caravan bundle can be a difficult situation to negotiate. 

We recommend that once again you put in lots of research. It is worth looking at other local holiday parks and what their units are selling for. Perhaps having some conversations with your park owner to gain a realistic resale value in their opinion could be an option. Alternatively, look at other homes in your park and compare the pros and cons of their units and decide from there. 

Additional factors when deciding on a sale price:

  • Commission
  • Disconnection charges
  • Any refund due of pitch fees already paid. 

Good communication with your park owner will assist you and your sale. A new owner will want to have as much information as possible. Providing details such as pitch fees and how they will be calculated once the new owner moves in. Having this kind of detail to offer a potential buyer will make the selling process much smoother. 

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Selling your static caravan on a pitch

Are you looking to sell your static caravan on your pitch? This will be a huge benefit if you are selling on the park as you can sell your view and location. Having this power will in turn increase your asking price.  Refer to your agreement to confirm that this is possible as there may be a clause that will not allow it. Your terms and conditions may stipulate that your unit has to be relocated, so checking before is essential.

Selling privately can require you to sign further paperwork which could be a ‘private sale form/agreement’. When signing a document such as this, it is important to read it thoroughly and ensure that you are satisfied with the terms and additional information.

Seek extra legal advice if you are not happy with the form-filling or do not understand what is being asked of you.

Your park owner can also offer assistance in your private sale. They will offer themselves as a sales agent, which again could involve you signing an agreement with them.

It will explain areas such as the price, agreed commitments on both sides in terms of the sales process. Park owners will look to further the sales of their units before yours. We do recommend that advertising your caravan independently through various mediums can add extra visibility. 

For-sale signs

Having a static caravan for sale sign in your window will add immediate advertising to sell your static caravan. Please bear in mind however, that a lot of parks do not allow signs in caravan windows. Discuss your advertising options and sign ideas with the park owner, as there may be exceptions to the rule on the park.


The power of the internet is huge, especially when it comes to advertising your static caravan. Some websites specialise in this activity and it is worth researching this option. Social media sites such as Facebook and various groups looking for static caravans for sale, are also a free and easy way to attract buyers to your unit. Be sure to take some appealing pictures and include key information about your caravan.

Local Press / Local shops

Yes, people still read the papers! Local papers offer a section where sellers are put in touch with buyers of items. It would be a good idea to research your local papers and get in touch to ask about advertising. 

Local newsagents often have a notice board for advertising. The cost to place an advert is normally minimal but could be worth the investment if you got some local interest. Create an eye-catching advert with images, promote that there is a static caravan for sale with a good description. Also include costs such as pitch fees as static caravan buyers could be looking here. 

Final thoughts 

We hope that we have answered some questions surrounding selling a static caravan. Your license agreement should contain lots of information for you to sell your unit confidently.

Your park owner is also there to help and advise, as well as third party sites.

Our team are on hand if you want to sell your static caravan quickly and easily, so please visit our page where we will be happy to help.