Forget Brexit Chaos; Look at UK Holidays

Forget Brexit Chaos – Look at UK Holidays!

Posted by Sell My Group in Comment, July 4, 2017

In June 2016, UK citizens voted in the majority in favour of the country leaving the European Union.  This brought about considerable chaos and confusion!  Wherever you stand on the Brexit debate, we can all agree that leaving the EU is going to take some adjusting.  What’s more, it has also led us to consider how our UK holidays might change, too!  Is Brexit going to necessarily affect the way we see ‘staycations’?

Thanks to increasing prices in foreign travel, many people are already choosing to stay at home for their holidays.  This is far from a sacrifice!  UK holiday parks offer a huge variety of fantastic ways to explore the country.  From up in the Scottish mountains down towards the Devonshire countryside, people have more choice than ever when it comes to making a break for somewhere peaceful to spend their free time. 

Holiday parks offer choices in tranquil lodges, static caravans by the beach, and even holiday homes in the countryside.  There’s likely more to Britain than many people give it credit for.  UK holidays, and parks, have come a long way in the last decade.  It’s never been more popular to buy a static caravan, holiday home or lodge.  All of this is regardless of Brexit, and how everything will turn out in the long run!

The Consequences of Brexit

Brexit has knock-on effects for all British ways of life.  But why should it negatively affect UK holidays?  Our beautiful beaches and amazing heritage is always going to be here to enjoy.  Brexit is, admittedly, changing the way we see travel in and out of EU countries.  Add this to the rising costs of going abroad, and you’ll already find travel companies raising their rates.  Over time, the Pound has also been fluctuating thanks to uncertainty in national politics.  This has led to exchange rates tightening, which of course only makes foreign holidays all the more expensive.

Therefore, it’s little wonder why so many Brits are staying at home for their summer breaks.  If anything, rising costs in foreign travel and Brexit in general are actually giving us fantastic excuses to explore the British countryside and coast.  UK holidays are on the up and up!

UK Luxury Holiday Parks

A great reason why so many people love UK holidays is the luxury factor.  Again, holiday and caravan parks have come a very long way in ten years!  Holidaymakers now have an amazing choice of luxury resorts all over the country.

Many UK holiday parks offer a touch of luxury that most people want and expect when they take a break.  Don’t we all expect something a little bit special from our holidays?  Whether you decide to book a holiday in a lodge or a static caravan, you can always expect amazing rest and relaxation.  Nothing beats heading out on a UK holiday for a chance to unwind from the stresses of daily life.

If you love the idea of a seaside holiday, why not choose a spa lodge near the beach?  You’ll also find static caravans on the coast no matter where you go.  Maybe you have young children, and you’re looking for somewhere with lots of things for everyone to do.  In any case, there are some brilliant holiday parks which welcome families of all shapes and sizes.

Let’s Boost the Economy

It’s safe to say that UK holidays area is a massive boost to the national economy.  Year on year, it is clear that UK tourism is on the up and up.  It’s not just people in the UK who are exploring British tourism, either.  Families and travellers from all over the world still want to explore the UK for its unique history and its wonderful, peaceful holidays.  Yorkshire and Devon, for example, are two beautiful regions which continue to be very popular with overseas visitors.  However, there is still data to show that British people themselves are opting to explore their own little island instead of heading abroad.  VisitBritain shows that millions of people work in the tourism and holiday industries, which means that ongoing interest is only ever going to be a huge help.  Employment rates rise and fall, but as long as there are people willing to go on UK holidays, tourism professionals can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Will International Visitors Fall in Number?

There is also the matter of international terrorism.  Sadly, nowhere appears to be safe from the threat of global terrorism.  This has, however, led to many people visiting from overseas worrying about airport safety.  As mentioned, millions of people still choose to holiday to the UK for the unique history and sites of natural beauty.  However, many people wonder if this is all about to change.

We have to consider Brexit’s effects on international visitors, too.  The decision to leave the EU may result in fewer people holidaying in the UK for various reasons.  However, this can all resolve with increases in British people taking on UK holidays.  This is one of the many reasons why UK holiday parks are always increasing the quality of their facilities.  They now offer an incredible, viable alternative for many people who would otherwise have head overseas for luxury, rest and relaxation.

This isn’t a trick, however!  The more people choose to stay at holiday parks, the more money parks can use to develop and improve facilities.  UK holidays help our brilliant parks to keep expanding and improving.  That, surely, is worth investing in!

What Are the Advantages of UK Holidays?

There are millions of fantastic reasons to choose UK holidays.  If you’re considering trying a British break for the first time, why not take a look at what’s out there?  From amazing holiday park facilities to a brilliant variety of attractions, the perfect UK holiday is what you make of it.  Sell My Group’s listings for luxury holiday homes across the UK should help you find the ideal break away.

But what if you’re still unsure?  Don’t worry.  Here are some of the best reasons to holiday at home.

  • You won’t have to pay for passports or travel insurance.  Not only that, but foreign travel admin can be a real hassle!
  • You won’t have to plan for flights.  Plus, there’s no waiting around for hours on end in airport lounges.  There’s no pesky delays!
  • You’re free to come and go as you like.  Again, you’re much freer to plan your holidays on British soil.  You’re not at the mercy of airlines or boats!
  • There are some truly stunning beaches here.  No matter where you go in the UK, there is always going to be a beautiful beach for you to stroll down.  North, South, East and West – there’s a coastline out there for you.
  • Our towns and cities are amazingly diverse.  You only have to step into a British village, town or city to really feel the history come alive.  What’s more, we’re always proud of where we’ve come from!
  • Our roads link up and down the country.  We have the Romans to thank for our amazing road links!  Drive from London to Land’s End in a matter of hours.  There are no borders or barriers.
  • You can take pets!  Many holiday parks welcome pets.  Therefore, you can take your dogs with you on a walking holiday in the beautiful British countryside.
  • There’s no need for money muddles.  Every time you go abroad, you’ll have to change currencies.  This actually loses you money!  Combat the fluctuation of the Pound at stay at home without converting a penny.

A Passion for Home-Grown Holidays

One of the biggest reasons why UK holidays are still so popular is for the simple reason that we love them so much!  There’s something quaint and friendly about a UK break that’s always so familiar.  UK holiday homes are helping to make things more comfortable for families and solo travellers alike.  When you find a holiday park you really like, you’ll go back again and again.  And why not, indeed!  You can even buy your own holiday home so you have a permanent foothold in one of your favourite regions.

Holiday parks are up to date with all mod cons and facilities.  This means that you can find kids play parks, free Wi-Fi, and even on-site bars and restaurants.  You can sit out on your own private patio with a glass of wine, watching the sun set.  You can curl up indoors with a good movie or socialise with family and new friends until the early hours of the morning.  The way you spend your holiday is up to you!

Useful Information

Sell My Group’s website offers the best list of holiday parks in the UK.  These parks offer a variety of static caravans for rent, as well as lodges and holiday homes to buy.  You can also find out about jobs in the industry through the British Holiday & Home Parks Association.  The BH&HPA serves and represents the interests of the UK holiday parks industry.

You can also find more information about the industry via the National Caravan Council (NCC)’s website.  They are the leading UK trade body for industries offering tourers, motorhomes, caravans, holiday homes and park properties.

Why not start planning UK holidays of your very own?  Check out our brilliant catalogue of holiday parks or take a look at our infographic for more details!

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