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Why choose a static caravan staycation?

Posted by Sell My Group in Comment, August 25, 2020

What are Staycations?

Staycations are becoming all the more appealing of late. Even without the present necessity to stay on home soil, there’s plenty of reasons why more of us are looking towards exploring our own country. The value of home comforts, shorter and more relaxed travel and just how picturesque our national landscape is, can be just some of them.

Jetting off to exotic lands can be appealing, for their hotter climates, new cultures to explore. As well as their delicious arrays of different food and drink. Our shores and countryside offer a more accessible way to gather new experiences. Staycations have become somewhat of a craze, and it is easy to see why.

The term ‘staycation’, in itself, sounds quite amusing. But the UK is by no means short of magical breaks, breathtaking scenery, coastlines, towns and villages that are incredible to explore.

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What are the benefits of a British holiday or staycation?

Static caravan owners have been reaping the rewards of staycations for generations. Any will testify to the benefits of holidaying in the homeland. Apart from all the exciting and alluring sights and encounters that the UK has to offer, it is also a much more affordable holiday destination.

Holidays abroad are a financial luxury. Many people can’t afford to go overseas very frequently, if at all, and if you can go for an annual summer break abroad – what if you need a little break a few days away every now and then as well?

At Sell My group, we are not only aware but utterly proud of what the British Holiday has to offer. From the expansive coastlines nationwide, the world-famous beaches of the south coast to the rolling hills. As well as, open green spaces and woodland of the countryside in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

The holiday parks we have listed have proximity to everything from historic market towns, to adventurous attractions, National Parks and stately homes. That’s on top of all the sights already mentioned. There is a tremendous amount of choice available, many locations across the country – there is absolutely something for everyone.

Below is a short guide answering the frequently asked questions about why staycations are growing so quickly, in popularity. As well as just what this means for holiday homeowners going forward.

Is investment in UK based holiday homes & static caravans growing?

More and more people are investing in UK based holiday homes and static caravans. Taking full advantage of the experiences available on their doorsteps. Staycations have been growing year on year, positively booming since 2015, alongside the whole holiday park industry.

There is a massive surge in people wanting to invest in UK based holidays. With that comes an intense thirst for static caravans and holiday homes here.

In recent years, there have been significant, global shifts politically, which, has altered all of our perspectives of the economy. The world political landscape seems to have worked in favour of the British Holiday market. With many more people investing in spending their breaks ‘at home’, in static caravans and holiday lodges. By and large, people are choosing to by and stay in these holiday properties in Britain.

A hugely beneficial extension of this is that the surge in people choosing to stay and holiday in the UK boosts the local and national economy. UK tourism, at large, is elevated majorly.

VisitBritain highlights the fact that there are millions of people who work within the holiday and tourism industry. That’s millions of people secured by those holidaying on British shores. International travellers are also exploring British tourism. They were drawn in by our history, scenery and peace and quiet on offer.

Sell My Group has seen expansion on many sites where we offer static caravans and other properties. Holiday parks are upscaling, contributing dozens of new pitches in response to the rise in demand.

Where is the demand for staycations coming from?

First, we need to understand why staycations are continuing to grow in popularity. One of the most thorough ways to do so is by taking into account who is buying static caravans and holiday homes in the UK.

To reiterate, it is not only people from the UK, making this investment. At the moment, international customers are continuing to invest. That said, leaving the EU may see this drop for various reason. British people taking UK holidays is the perfect opportunity for counterbalance.

UK holiday parks are doing their bit to ensure that their facilities are top-notch. Parks are offering the optimum in a luxury experience. They face stiff competition to that which is available abroad. Offering seamless amenities that ensure the ultimate sense of rest.

These improvements come as part of a cycle: the more of us that choose the UK holiday experience on these parks, the more money they have to spend on developing. Enabling the best possible facilities and the better their facilities, the higher the demand.

So, investing in a static caravan or holiday lodge in the UK contributes so positively to the whole economy. As well as the holiday and tourism industry as a whole. It also helps to keep the fantastic parks developing and expanding. Therefore, they are hugely worth your investment.

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What does this all mean for holiday home sellers and parks?

All of this can only be a good thing. More demand naturally equates to more revenue. A sizable rise in staycations is a dream scenario for park owners and sellers. It presents the perfect opportunity for parks. Allowing them to continue to improve and expand. In addition to the knock-on benefit to the economy of the areas where the parks are.

More and more people opting for staycations leads to park sites upping their game. Meaning that on that staycation holidaymakers have even more to enjoy. As we previously mentioned, more visitors garners more reward.

Many parks, particularly the most established, are extending these improvements to include enhanced facilities. Some as amazing as spas, swimming pools and gyms, with some even opening pubs, restaurants and cafes on site.

These upgrades are making our UK holiday parks a match, if not better than holidays abroad. In terms of what they can offer all in one place. The rise in the appeal of staycations is actively ensuring that parks can positively evolve. This can only be a brilliant thing for owners and visitors alike.

Will this make homes and parks more expensive?

You may think that the more bells and whistles that a holiday park has to offer, the more it is likely to cost a pretty penny. That is not necessarily the case. Holiday parks are aware that one of their main perks is that they are more cost-efficient.

Their affordability is all the more critical when taking into account the recession the country is experiencing. Staycations need to be a bargain when compared to holidays abroad to survive. Holiday parks know that they need to compete on their prices to stay ahead of the curve.

An excellent British holiday maintains its status quo. It is a steady dependent. That consists of fun and relaxation, amid the peaks and troughs of economics and politics. But one that is dynamic and innovative enough to improve continually. Readily ensuring that the holidaymakers who visit have the best of what they can offer in terms of luxury, surroundings and facilities.

One of the joys of the British holiday, in a static caravan, is that it can be a home from home – with a cherry on top. The more the nation unsettles politically, the more in need we all are of a holiday. Where better to have one than at home?

Will investment in a static caravan stay healthy?

Taking into account everything that we have outlined above, it is hard to believe that holiday parks would ever lose favour. No one can ever be a hundred per cent sure of what the future of the economy holds in years to come. Whether we will all, in general, have to continue to tighten our belts.

One thing that we can be sure about holiday parks is that they will do their best to cater for all. Consistently balancing luxury with affordability and no matter what, we will still all need (and deserve) a break.

The most successful of these parks will be thoroughly prepared when it comes to weathering the inevitable economic changes. They will, of course, benefit from tighter finances. The tighter our belts, the more likely people are to holiday in Britain rather than abroad.

Here at Sell My Group, we couldn’t be more sure of the resilience of the holiday industry and its ability to face the challenges that come along with the political landscape. Whilst we can’t see into the future (as much as we may like to) – there is demand and that demand is only growing, so supply can only follow.

What are some of the advantages of staycations?

So far, answering these questions thoroughly, we have naturally dropped in some of the advantages of holidaying in the UK. We have broken down some of the many benefits of staycations into more detail below. We are helping you to decide whether the easy and exciting experience of a staycation in a static caravan is for you.

If you are thinking about taking a staycation, perhaps for the first time, you’ll find that there are thousands of beautiful reasons to go for it. Amongst the benefits are the intricacies of the environment that the parks offer. As well as their closeness to some of the UK’s most beautiful and renowned areas, famous attractions, coastlines and countryside.

With so many sites to choose from, you can pick from the best of Britain for your holiday home. Sell My Group’s listings offer the very best of luxury holiday homes and static caravans. We are confident that they can cater to that which you want most out of your staycation.
Here are some more of the top reasons why staycations on British Holiday Parks are so ideal:

Is staycationing cheaper than holidaying abroad?

We have said this already, but as one of the most appealing features, it is well worth repeating. Going on holiday abroad can rack up unexpected costs. Even just getting to and from the airport and exchange rates can be costly. In the long-term, especially, staycations are undeniably cost-effective.

On top of this, there is the fact that engaging in a staycation would completely eliminate the cost of continental accommodation and flights. One of the many benefits of a staycation is that you only end up having to pay for the fuel it takes to travel a few miles within the country.

UK holiday parks select their rates specifically to appeal to the bargain hunters amongst us. Undeniably, they need to be affordable to compete with the national and international market. What’s more, the purchase of a static caravan or holiday lodge cannot be considered less than a very lucrative investment in the long-term.

Another cost that definitely won’t incur a staycation is that of travel insurance and passport replacements. There will be none of the administrative hassles that often come with international travel. This includes all the bureaucracy that comes with changing currencies, according to where you’re going. By definition, you lose money every time that you change its currency.

Is staycationing easier than holidaying abroad?

Aside from the financial implications, travelling abroad demands a lot of effort. Wherever you are going, you have to invest a considerable amount of time into the planning of it.

Even down to organising and packing the suitcase. Not to mention, all the logistics of airport security, arriving hours in advance, queuing, delays on the runway, all before the travel time itself. Sometimes the holiday spirit can be deflated before you even step off the plane.

The only thing to plan, once you have a static caravan in your favourite staycation destination, is the short drive there. With car snacks and how long you’d like to spend on your holiday, of course.

Once you’ve purchased your lodge or static caravan, you’ll never have to fork out for accommodation again. You’ll only have to plan for it once. After that, it is your home from home, with all the comforts and familiarity that that involves. As such, you’re also entirely at liberty to come and go as you please.

There’s so much of the UK to explore

As a nation, we have such a diverse selection of towns and cities. That combines the modern with the historic: market towns, fishing villages and significant towns unlike any other on the planet. The sense of pride we all have in what makes Britain great becomes all the clearer when we explore the corners and the history that make it up.

Speaking of history, we are forever indebted to the Romans for all the intricate roads that thread the country together. We can quite literally drive from one end of the country to the other without any barriers and in a matter of hours.

Along the way, you’ll pass many incredible holiday parks dotted up and down the country that we list. All with access to local areas and all boasting slices of the best of the country.

From traditional seaside towns and trailing coastlines to country walks, market towns and all the entertainment of significant cities. Each of them is unique and offer something for everyone’s interests and curiosities.

In fact, it could be said that the only level of uncertainty that staycations provide that doesn’t come with a holiday abroad is our infamous weather. But there is plenty to do outdoors when the sun is shining, and many more activities for when it isn’t.

You’re funding the British economy

Every staycation that you take contributes to the national bank. With all the uncertainty in the economy that has been part of our national psyche of late, this is more vital than ever. Holidaying in areas all around the country does not only put money back into the holiday and tourism industry but also into others locally.

For instance, the hospitality industry thrives on where you eat and drink. Retail where you shop – where better to do that than your own country? Equally, every holiday home and static caravan purchase boosts the whole holiday industry. We could not be more thrilled to help buyers find the best location and park for them.

You can take your pets

An even further extension of what a staycation can offer you in being a home from home environment. Taking your pets with you on holiday in the UK can potentially, save you more costs – sitters, or kennels and you can take them with you on sea or country walks. Many parks do welcome pets.


Staycations are appealing to all, national and international holidaymakers alike. Staycations can withstand any tumultuous economics; they are cost-effective and hassle-free. They enable you to enjoy all the amazing sights that the UK has to offer – catering to all tastes.

We have history and culture to be proud of; on our doorstep and ready to be explored, our heritage is known to be the best in the world.