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Beverley Park Homes

Beverley Park Homes offer innovative design and is at the heart of their stunning range of holiday and residential lodges. Although a relative newcomer, established in 2016, this manufacturer has already cornered a niche in the lifestyle living market. With park homes that deliver both quality and value, its range comprises models that pay attention to detail.

Beverley Park Homes offers exclusive solutions and works closely with buyers to ensure they get the holiday lodge they want in the fastest possible time without compromising quality. Located in Tickton, near Beverley in East Yorkshire, this park home manufacturer is led by industry experts with a passion for quality craftsmanship. Spearheaded by managing director David Hall, the team comprises skilled professionals in the spheres of design, engineering and lodge construction. The company puts innovation, quality and affordability first, saying it works with seasoned specialists to achieve this.

Using a tailor-made approach, Beverley Park Homes places great emphasis on working closely with clients to fully achieve their individual vision. Each home is made to a client's exact specifications, ensuring every home meets the highest standards.

Lodges in Beverley Park Homes stable include the St Andrews, The Rustic and The Beverley. Each maximises space with clever design and ultra-modern finishing touches. For something new and fresh in lifestyle living, this is a manufacturer with a lot to offer.