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Carnaby Caravans, established in 1976, offers high-quality static caravans and lodges. Known for its comfort-focused designs, each home features domestic-grade seating and the exclusive Carnaby Comfort mattress made in the UK. Carnaby's models, including the Envoy, Stamford Lodge, Helmsley Lodge, Hainsworth, Oakdale, and Ashdale, can be found across the UK and are synonymous with excellence in park homes.

Constantly innovating, Carnaby's Envoy model remains a trendsetter, recently undergoing a redesign to stay ahead of the competition. Carnaby also regularly updates its other models, introducing new designs such as the Stamford Lodge and Hainsworth. Comfort, practicality, luxury, and quality are at the forefront of each design.

Located in Bridlington, Yorkshire, Carnaby Caravans and its dedicated workforce aim to deliver the best possible park homes. With a commitment to quality, it's no surprise that Carnaby Caravans Limited is considered one of the top manufacturers in the UK.