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Kingston Park and Leisure Homes are the new benchmarks for quality and service in the park and leisure homes sector. Using our modular architectural and engineering experience, we have designed and developed a new generation of holiday lodges and park homes that won’t be beaten on quality, value for money and service. 

With millions of options using our unique customisation framework, you can create your dream lodge at a price less than you’d expect. From classic styling to modern and contemporary looks, our team have the expertise to deliver the lodge that’s perfect for you. That’s not to mention our unrivalled levels of service and personal touch at every step of the buying journey. 

What makes Kingston different? 

We have built on our existing modular buildings business where we’ve constructed buildings for clients, ranging from multinational businesses to high profile government contracts like schools, hospitals and railway stations. 

We’ve taken this precision engineering experience, high profile project management and architectural skills along with our personal experience of the leisure industry to deliver a new generation of leisure homes that are already making a splash in the market. Our focus is solely on creating the best quality park and leisure homes. 

We’ve also transferred our high-profile government contract mentality into the sector promising to deliver on time, in full and error-free backed up by our late delivery cashback offer. 

Kingston Service 

At Kingston Park and Leisure Homes, we pride ourselves on providing a personal service at every step of the journey. Clients are welcome to visit our factory so they can see how we use our unique construction methods to create our new generation of lodges and multi storey modular buildings. 

We offer guaranteed delivery dates so our clients can start enjoying their lodges straight away and park owners can start generating a return on their investment immediately. If we don’t meet the set date, we’ll offer cashback to all of our clients. 

"Small enough to care, large enough to deliver."