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Oakgrove was established in 1998 by brothers Noel and Eamon Flanagan with a focus on professional and approachable manufacturing. The company strives to be a leader in the industry by prioritizing quality and competitiveness through their design and streamlined production process. They continually invest in technology to keep their overhead costs low, including the use of solar panels for electricity, waste wood for heating, low-energy lighting, and machinery, all while being environmentally conscious.

Their experienced workforce and customer-focused approach drive their product excellence. The manufacturing methodology is structured to ensure all teams are experienced in all areas of production, promoting continuous improvement while maximizing quality control.

At Oakgrove, the customer is always at the forefront of the manufacturing process. Each leisure lodge is built through a bespoke process, with the company being responsive to the customer's requirements. The customer is involved throughout the process, from the initial meeting to the delivery and siting of the lodge.

The design stage includes a meeting with the interior design team, where customers can choose from a range of interiors. The agreed design is then passed on to the construction team where highly skilled craftsmen bring the design to life with the finest quality materials. The lodge then undergoes a thorough inspection by the quality control team before being approved for delivery. The in-house siting team takes care of the installation to ensure it is completed to the highest standard for the customer's enjoyment.