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Prestige Homeseeker Park and Leisure Homes is a well-established business that has been providing park homes and leisure lodges for over 40 years. Launched as Prestige in 2007, it has since grown to become one of Europe's largest manufacturers in the industry. The company's commitment to quality and innovative design sets them apart and has earned them a reputation for being a leader in the lifestyle living market.

With roots dating back to 1991, Prestige Homeseeker has a team of skilled craftsmen and designers that work together to create luxury residential park homes and leisure lodges. The company is based in Northamptonshire and employs 450 workers, and they have a showground at Rushden which is one of the largest permanent show villages in the UK.

Prestige Homeseeker has a range of residential park homes including the Reprise, Florence, Bella Vista, Anthem, and Accolade models, and a range of leisure lodges including the Bowmoor, Dovecote, and Navigator models. The company strongly emphasises creativity and attention to detail, ensuring that each home is built to a high standard with smart, elegant design.

The business opened a new factory in 2008 and has seen significant growth and recognition in the industry and from government officials. Potential buyers are encouraged to take a tour of the Prestige Homeseeker Park and Leisure Homes factory to see the process of how park homes and lodges are brought to life from start to finish.

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