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Willerby are proud to be builders of market leading holiday homes and lodges, and have been the largest manufacture for over seven decades in the UK. They pride themselves on designing practical, effortless and beautiful homes available worldwide.  Perfect for people who want to maximise their leisure time, whilst enjoying all the comforts of home, Willerby put Quality at the heart of their company.

Founded in 1946 by Walter Allen, who flipped from building beehives to caravans, the legacy has grown from small beginnings manufacturing in a tiny village, to an extensive 90-acre site in Hull today. The purpose has always been dedication to detail and quality, and remains to this day.

Willerby staff are authentically passionate about their crafts. They have staff that spans every area from those who travel worldwide to capture the cutting-edge design advances to those to those who ensure the holiday home is in perfect condition before delivery. The best designers, engineers and craftsmen are cherished and form the core of this company.

Stunning interior design is fundamental and is the pivotal part of everything they do. Willerby ensure that the products are those that customers are proud and delighted to own.  Whether it is inspiration from international interior design exhibitions or the latest high street trends, the designers aim to create stunning, modern living spaces for the ultimate leisure experience. The fabrics and furnishings are uppermost quality, taken from the best stores for your homes. The homes are designed to fit around the customers life. This means cleverly designed space saving solutions, maximising space and efficiency, so means all the family can bring their equipment whether it is cookbooks, golf clubs or buckets and spades. There is guaranteed room for whatever is needed and no clutter or mess around.

Technological advance is important - Willerby cherish their reputation for innovation. Technology can range from Argon-filled Low Energy double-glazing and thermal insulation to integrated sound systems and inbuilt USB power sockets. Not without a green conscience however, they forge the way in the industry to maintain environmental excellence. Environmental concern is taken with every step, such as sensible selection and utilization of raw materials, the use of energy efficient appliances and fittings, and careful waste management and recycling during manufacture.

Willerby value first class customer care. Their very own customer care team is on standby and the team of extremely knowledgeable, approachable engineers is the largest in the industry. This all means help is quick, easy and trustworthy. Willerby have always been about quality and care, and the models are designed to suit all tastes, all budgets, and all purposes. Throughout the history of Willerby, they are focused on building your dream home and amplifying leisure. They are passionate about making dreams come true.