Driftwood Leisure Ltd

Driftwood Leisure Ltd

Driftwood Leisure Ltd is an independent, non-bias inspection/survey company that specialises in Park and Leisure Homes and static caravans. 

When consumers are buying a Park/Leisure home, whether it be second-hand or brand new, they want to have the reassurance that it comes with no inherent problems.  

A poor-quality park home could last 5 years, but a well-maintained home could possibly last in excess of 55 years.  

Our services include: 

  • Full home inspection  
  • Pre-purchase inspection/survey for lodges park homes and static caravans 
  • Roof, Base (also known as a pad), and chassis inspections 
  • Annual and 10-year surveys/inspections  
  • Legionella prevention and inspections  
  • Internal siting  
  • Refurbishment remedial works (only using industry-known recommended contractors and companies) 
  • External siting (only using industry-known professional recommended contractors) 

All of the reports include comprehensive detailed findings and recommendations with colour photos posted and emailed.  


Driftwood Leisure Ltd is a nationwide service. 

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