Abbeyfields, Surrey

Residential Park (find out more here)


Abbeyfields is a retirement residential park located in Surrey. Set near the River Thames, this beautifully landscaped residential park offers affordable housing in one of the most sought-after areas in the area. 

The park itself is nestled within a quiet setting overlooking the River Thames. Each home has its private garden with trees creating an evergreen hedge, creating the ideal destination for life after retirement. 

Living in Abbeyfields offers you easy access to nearby towns and cities via multiple transportation links whether you choose to travel by your private car or a bus. Access to neighbouring towns such as Chertsey (1.12 miles), Addlestone( 1.24 miles), and Shepperton(1.64 miles) is one of the top-selling points of the park. And with essential nearby amenities, you will not be missing much when you compare Abbeyfields to city living. 

Surrounded by acres of parkland and open countryside, yet within walking distance of excellent leisure, shopping, and health facilities, this is the ideal destination for anyone looking to soak in the rural lifestyle with the added convenience of being close to the bustling town. Go for long walks along the River Thames and explore other nearby attractions.  


KT16 8LD