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Abbotshill Park is located in Devon, one of the most desirable counties for retirees to move to from all over the country.  Abbotshill Park, based in the town of Newton Abbott, presents a quiet, laid-back and secure residential community experience available on an exclusive basis.  Ideal for anyone keen to slow down their pace of living and to move closer to some of the UK's best-loved sites of natural beauty, Abbotshill will put residents close to the doorstep to some of Devon's most wonderful walks. 

Close between coast and country, Abbotshill Park is a community that aims to offer the best of both worlds.  The park's owners are keen to present a side of Devon that many people are simply unable to experience in their daily lives.  Devon is popular as a holiday resort for millions of people.  Therefore, it's unsurprising that so many people are looking to make a permanent break out here.

Abbotshill Park presents the desirable chance for new residents to get to know the area in closer detail.  What's more, anyone moving into the park can do so with guaranteed peace and quiet.  Far away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, residents can still experience modern facilities and amenities.  They will also benefit from private, independent living standards, while being able to make new friends and companions. 

About Abbotshill Park

Abbotshill Park is a community that is exclusive to people approaching retirement, or who may already be retired.  Specifically, the park only offers spaces to residents over the age of 50.  Therefore, anyone keen to move here will be pleased to hear that they will likely move alongside like-minded people.

Abbotshill Park is a closed community, though the park pitches and properties are spacious and roomy.  There is always room to stretch out and unwind.  Whether residents wish to bask in the peace and quiet inside the park itself, or to explore the wider reaches of the county, is entirely up to each individual homeowner.

The park's superb rural location will inspire those new residents looking to sample local walks and picturesque panoramas.  On the doorstep of National Parkland, there are few communities like Abbotshill Park offering the same views and conveniences for those looking to get back to nature. 

The park itself is carefully looked-after, with the owners keen to maintain a safe and tranquil community for all who live there.  As such, new residents can expect secure gating and individual property security.  While residents will need to look after their own properties and pitches, the rest of the grounds will be carefully kept by the staff at the park, who work hard all year round.

The park itself is closely linked to many local attractions, towns and sites of interest.  What may appeal to many people is the fact that it is very easy to get around by car and by public transport.  While the park is easy to reach and is not completely off the beaten track, it is secluded enough to feel as though it is a private corner in the middle of nowhere.  Certainly, few parks and communities offer this level of seclusion while still being so close to conveniences.

Residents will be able to park off-road, meaning that they can choose to drive elsewhere in the region whenever they desire.  Residents and homeowners can also welcome visitors as they desire, providing that clearance is offered by park owners before such visits are arranged.  Only residents, staff and approved visitors will have clearance to the community, meaning that it is completely closed to the public.

As we get older, we perhaps desire greater safety and more security.  Therefore, with a gated community and with help and support from likeminded people, most residents will likely find Abbotshill Park to offer a quiet, slow pace of living with all the backing they desire. 

The Location

Abbotshill Park is very close to a variety of local villages and towns, offering the perfect opportunity for residents to get out and about, and to get to know their local neighbourhoods.  Beyond this, there are also fabulous countryside and waterside views, meaning that anyone moving here will have a spectacular choice of panoramas to gaze across from their very doorsteps!

The park bases just off Totnes Road, heading North through Two Mile Oak and up towards Ogwell and Newton Abbott.  As mentioned above, the park is easy to reach through local road links, however, it is clear from any louder or major roads which would otherwise present noise and light pollution to residents.  In fact, most residents can be sure of a peaceful night's sleep 365 days a year.  Abbotshill Park's owners work hard to maintain a community that is slow-paced and free from interruption.

Anyone keen to explore wider Devon can do so via main roads that are only a few minutes' drive or link through public transport.  The A380, for example, is likely to be the biggest main road close to the park, running up through Kingskerswell and towards Exeter.  The A38 is on the other side of the park, and runs through Ashburton and Chudleigh.

However, residents at Abbotshill Park will only need to worry about roads when they actively wish to use them.  A home at the park is likely to offer residents the laid-back breakaway they have otherwise found difficult to find elsewhere in the region.

Abbotshill Park is also close to several of Devon's best-loved attractions and seaside locations.  Residents can take just a short trip out of the park to enjoy the quaint, authentic English seaside experience.  From up on high, they may even be able to see across the water without having to travel too far. 

The Local Area

Abbotshill Park is, as mentioned, close to many different communities and conveniences.  Newton Abbot will provide residents with shops, surgeries, leisure centres and public transport access they might generally need in their everyday lives.  Totnes, too, is a popular town very close to the park, and a local haunt for many residents.

Abbotskerswell is the closest village to the park and will present residents with their nearest opportunity to experience traditional pub fare, and to explore the local heritage.  Residents will also appreciate local links to nearby golf course facilities, as well as 24-hour stores and medical supplies just a few minutes down the road.  New residents and homeowners may wish to venture into Abbotskerswell to sample the café scene as well as to get to know the local people.

Abbotshill Park is in a fantastic location for anyone keen to sample the best of the Devonshire countryside.  The park is just a few minutes away from Dartmoor National Park, one of the most popular protected countryside retreats this side of the country.  There is also Exmoor National Park to the North, as well as the Tamar Valley, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty round to the Western edge of Dartmoor.  Residents can also take short drives out towards East Devon and Sidmouth, visiting historic Exeter along the way as they wish.

Those residents keen to sample the best of the local coast will enjoy trips out towards Torquay.  This popular seaside town is the picture of quintessential English seaside escapes.  Residents can experience traditional promenades, beach walks and heritage culture unique to this side of the country.  There is also South Devon, further down, which presents a unique opportunity to experience countryside at the coast – just down from Dartmouth.

Residents and their visitors can also enjoy Paignton Zoo, a nearby Model Village, and the beautiful Stover Country Park. 

Why Choose Abbotshill Park?

Abbotshill Park presents a side to Devon that will likely appeal to many people keen to escape from the hassles of modern life.  Exclusive to retirees and semi-retirees over the age of 50, a move to the park will offer new residents the chance to start afresh in a slow-paced, much-loved location.  The staff at the park are warm, friendly and knowledgeable, and will make sure to offer homeowners private plots they can retire to at the end of a long day exploring the area.

Devonshire holidays are still immensely popular, which is why so many people are looking to extend things to full-time living.  Few parks in the county offer easy access to coast and countryside across all sides.  Access to Dartmoor National Park alone will appeal to those residents who want to get closer to the UK's best-loved walks.

Many people love the idea of being able to move closer to the seaside.  Without having to invest in expensive property or set up anywhere awkward, new residents at Abbotshill Park can settle in immediately, taking in the sights as they wish. 

Abbotshill Park is a premier residential community in Devon which gives retirees the chance to get closer to their best-loved holiday haunts without having to head back to cities and towns.  Safe, secure, and exclusive, it is a desirable foothold for many local people, as well as those who have enjoyed the region from afar.


Abbotshill Park
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