Aberafon Holiday Park, Gwynedd

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What Features Does Aberafon Holiday Park Have?

Swimming Pool
Tennis Courts
Childrens Play Area
Private Beach
Climbing Wall
Variety of Water Sports
Close to Golf Courses
Beautiful Rural Walks and Views


Aberafon Holiday Park is close to some of North-West Wales' best-loved coastal and countryside attractions and retreats, Aberafon Holiday Park offers visitors an incredible array of modern holidaymaking amenities, as well as close links to many surrounding attractions and sites of interest.  Close to Anglesey, Snowdonia National Park and Aberystwyth, the park presents an idyllic breakaway opportunity for potential owners of all ages.

Aberafon Holiday Park is perfect for families and couples keen to break free from the stresses of everyday life, Aberafon Holiday Park presents an expansive, comfortable community which is close to many of the region's best-loved leisure facilities.  Lovingly preserved and a staple of the Llyn Peninsula, a property at the park could present new owners with the chance to explore Wales in broader detail.

Offering a holiday season from March through to January, the park is open across the warmest months, allowing holidaymakers to experience the Welsh coastline at its best.  It has also fast become a perfect foothold for anyone keen to get into the local watersports scene, and for those who may be looking for new fishing experiences.

Aberafon will appeal to many people keen to find a park which has plenty of its own modern facilities, as well as opportunities for visitors to explore the wider reaches of the local area.  North-West Wales remains a popular holiday destination for those looking for fun as well as a tranquil break from the norm.  Therefore, Aberafon Holiday Park is likely to remain a very popular location. 

About Aberafon Holiday Park

Safe, secure and closed to the public, Aberafon Holiday Park is an exclusive resort where homeowners can nestle down and enjoy some of the biggest and best water sporting activities in the area.  Or, if they prefer, they can take the time to sit back and relax in a fabulously kept park location.  The park's staff are warm and friendly, and offer up extensive space for private holiday living.

Right at the edge on the Llyn Peninsula, new homeowners here can enjoy various competitive facilities and features.  For families, there are leisure and play amenities available, with a full play area, private beach and even access to a swimming pool and sports courts.  One of the main reasons why people choose Aberafon Holiday Park is the fact they receive a free pass to local leisure.  Therefore, new homeowners have immediate freedom to enjoy some of Gwynedd's best-loved relaxation and sports facilities without having to travel too far off-track.

Aberafon Holiday Park is perfect for those who want access to a private holiday pitch that's lovingly maintained.  All visitors need to worry about when they visit is how they are going to make up their holiday time.  A property at the park will act as a central, comfortable location and hub for any adventures taking place close to and around the area.  No matter how far afield visitors may wish to explore, they can always be sure to come back to a property and a park space which is meticulously kept.

The friendly owners at Aberafon Holiday Park will also be on hand to help new visitors find ways to enjoy their holidays.  The staff are very knowledgeable about the Llyn Peninsula as well as North-West Wales on the whole, meaning that anyone new to the region will always be able to find support whenever they need it.

There is also food and drink nearby, meaning that visitors will never have to go too far to sample local cuisine.  What will also appeal to new visitors is the flexible season, meaning that properties are available to visit through peak months all the way up to the New Year.  This will be an attractive feature to both avid holidaymakers as well as those who are looking to buy a property to let out.

In any case, Aberafon Holiday Park offers a holiday experience that is otherwise difficult to come by.  It is never too far from main roads and facilities; however, it is never too close for noise to ever be a problem. 

The Location

Aberafon Holiday Park is right at the edge of some of North-West Wales' most gorgeous coastlines.  It is little wonder why many people choose to buy property here for access to watersports and other activities.  Close to Snowdonia National Park, the resort is easy to find via main road links.  Following the A497 via Nefyn, new visitors merely need to travel down Llithfaen Road before the park opens up on the left.  Visitors may need to take the A499 from Pwllheli to Abersoch on the way through.

Directions aside, there are few parks in the region quite as well-placed as Aberafon Holiday Park, for access to the sea beyond, in any case.  Visitors will have full view of the superb Porth Nefyn from the park itself, while being able to walk along a private beach and to explore other coastal treats.

Close to quiet, local communities such as Dhwilog, Pwllheli and Rhiw, this edge of the Welsh coast is ripe for exploration.  Main links bank through to the Welsh mainland are easy to find via the A487, however, many people will want to explore the Western arm of the country.  Popular with families, solo travellers and couples of all ages, Aberafon Holiday Park offers up a unique chance to look out over the sea - with commanding views of the countryside in the other direction.  It is rare that such opportunities will come up in the local area.

Visitors to the park will be able to get out and explore nature-spotting opportunities on the water, as well as fishing out at sea.  Aberafon Holiday Park also offers visitors access to facilities at their sister locations in Gimblet Rock and The Warren, making things all the more convenient, and offering visitors more to enjoy in their local area.

The Local Area

One of the first and most prominent points of interest to visitors will be Snowdonia National Park.  Home to some of the most beautiful parkland this side of the UK, holidaymakers will always feel free to head East and to sample some of the endless walks and activity trails.  It is a location that is ideal for families, solo hikers and couples who want to get back to nature.

Seaside towns and communities down towards the North-West arm will offer holidayers the chance to experience real Welsh seaside charm up close.  Home to local pubs, cafes, bars, restaurants and other points of interest, it will make a fascinating trail for anyone keen to see a more laid-back side to Wales.  With Nefyn Bay and Morfa Bay also close by, there will be plenty of opportunities for holidays to look out across the water, and to walk on the sandy shores the Welsh coast is so famous for.

Other seaside resorts and haunts likely to appeal to holidaymakers at Aberafon Holiday Park include Anglesey and Bangor to the North, with Llandudno, Rhyl and Colwyn Bay all proving to be popular family hotspots to the North-East.  For those holidaymakers looking to take in some of the biggest historic towns and cities in the area, Wrexham is the park's closest port of call, a drive away from the park towards the East.  Venturing even further down, visitors can cross over into the English border by enjoying a brisk walk or two through the Shropshire Hills, a registered Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Aberafon Holiday Park is close to some of Wales' best-loved holiday towns and coastline attractions, which should make it an ideal hub and foothold for many people.  It will therefore appeal to family visitors and those looking to get closer to the coast, having holidayed in the region before.

The staff at Aberafon Holiday Park will also be on hand to help with any questions about the local area.  They are very friendly and knowledgeable, making it easier for visitors to find the best holiday experiences waiting on their doorsteps. 

Why Choose Aberafon Holiday Park?

Aberafon Holiday Park presents the perfect holiday location for many people hoping to explore the North Welsh coast.  Close to some of the best-loved towns and seaside resorts, the park owners work hard to maintain long seasons and to introduce new people into their close-knit community.

Aberafon Holiday Park offers quiet holiday living with spectacular sea views and closeness to the majestic Snowdonia National Park.  It is keenly positioned far enough away from main roads to avoid noise and hubbub yet is perfectly placed for ease of access.  The park is easy to get to via map or GPS, and holidaymakers can therefore decide where and how they'd like to spend their leisure time each day.

Private pitches and holiday home locations will be perfect for anyone keen to visit and explore North Wales on their own merits.  However, many people will enjoy the close plotting of the park, allowing them to get to know their neighbours and fellow holidayers across the long season.  Properties at Aberafon Holiday Park are likely to be very popular, so early viewings are a must.


Aberafon Holiday Park
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