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What Features Does Aberdwylan Holiday Park Have?

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Aberdwylan Holiday Park is based in the heart of Carmarthenshire and promises to offer spectacular holidays for visitors of all ages.  Close to the Western reaches of Wales, the park is well-known for its exceptional facilities, as well as for its close links to some of the best-loved resorts on the coast.  Holidaymakers can enjoy short drives into quaint towns and villages, while taking in views across St George’s Channel.

Aberdwylan Holiday Park has received many awards over the years.  This is not only for its popular facilities, but also for its commitments to conservation.  Based deep in local woodland, visitors can benefit from a secluded and exclusive holiday community that is far from the bustling tourist areas you might otherwise expect nearby. 

Many people are likely to choose Aberdwylan Holiday Park for its closeness to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, as well as its peaceful, laid-back atmosphere.  The park is ideal for visitors and holidaymakers of all ages, with private pitches and luxury homes available.  Visitors should also be able to find the park easily from main roads, though they will never notice noise travelling into the community.

Carefully placed close to countryside and coast, Aberdwylan Holiday Park promises to be the perfect foothold for anyone keen to see more of West Wales.  It is also an ideal location for anyone who would like to holiday for long seasons, as well as those homeowners who wish to let properties in the park to other like-minded holidaymakers. 

About Aberdwylan Holiday Park

Aberdwylan Holiday Park is a unique retreat.  Close to many different Welsh towns and villages in the heart of one of its most popular counties, the community offers travellers and visitors the chance to nestle down somewhere quiet after a day of exploring the various attractions and sights in the local area.

Aberdwylan Holiday Park is developed as a completely private holiday park resort.  It is likely to appeal to any holidaymakers who wish to see the quiet, secluded side to Wales that may otherwise be hard to reach out in the cities and towns.  The team at Aberdwylan are always pleased to present a meticulously clean and modern park.  The properties here are contemporary in design as well as in facilities, and the grounds are lovingly landscaped throughout the year.

Visitors to Aberdwylan Holiday Park can benefit from a wide range of different facilities and comforts.  In an effort to provide homes away from home, Aberdwylan staff offer complementary Wi-Fi and all mod cons.  Families visiting will also likely benefit from the on-site play area, as well as games rooms.  There is even an outdoor pool available nearby, offering visitors the chance to swim and unwind at the end of a hard day of holidaying.

Aberdwylan Holiday Park is a pet-friendly location, with dogs welcomed.  This way, dog walkers and their families can get out and enjoy some of the longer walks and nature trails on the park’s doorstep.  Full laundry and public phones will help to make things that little more convenient for visitors, while a full variety of further leisure facilities and resorts open up just a few minutes away.

Aberdwylan is a secure park, deeply based in a quiet valley location and close to the River Cych.  It is closed to the public, meaning that only visitors, staff and homeowners have access.  Homeowners can also be sure that their properties will be well-maintained across the year.  The park is open for just over 10 months of the year, making it one of the most flexible resorts in the region for off-peak holidaying.

The park staff strive to offer a luxury holiday experience to all visitors, meaning that they can always expect the height of modern amenities.  They can also expect support and advice from a team with extensive knowledge of the wider area, meaning that there is always support for finding more to see and do in wider Wales. 

The Location

Aberdwylan Holiday Park’s location is perfect for anyone looking to get close to countryside, coast and heritage.  It is one of few communities offering all three options in a luxury package.  The park is easy to access both via the Welsh mainland as well as from main roads heading up through the English midlands.  Despite its relatively secluded location, visitors can easily find the park either by following local villages or by using GPS.

It is close to the A487 heading up through Newport and on towards the edge of Bae Ceredigion, and is easy to trail round through the A40, which trails the Pembrokeshire Coast.  As a popular holiday park, it also benefits from plenty of local signposts.  Visitors will also find it simple to head out of the park and to explore wider towns and holiday hotspots.  Whether travelling by car or through public transport, holidaymakers will never feel too far-removed from main connections.

Aberdwylan Holiday Park is in a curious location, deeply covered by local woodland and benefiting from its own private greenery.  It is easy to spy the local coastlines close to the park, and countryside walks are just around the corner.  It feels like a secluded corner of the country yet is only a few minutes’ drive from wider civilisation.  Few parks in Wales, even the UK, offer this kind of convenience and balance.

Visitors will likely invest in property at Aberdwylan Holiday Park should they wish to see some of Wales’ more visually appealing walks and trails.  While deep in a lush valley, holidaymakers can still break free to look across the unique panoramas famously close to the community. 

The Local Area

While the rural seclusion of the park will appeal to many people, it is the wider attractions which will likely appeal to many more.  For example, Aberdwylan Holiday Park is close to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park heading out West.  It is one of the few National Parks in the UK which combine countryside and coast alike, meaning that it should make for a unique day out the whole family can enjoy.

The park is also close to seaside towns in Fishport, Aberporth and Newport, heading along the coastline towards Bae Ceredigion.  Heading South-East, however, visitors can also take a trip out to the stunning Brecon Beacons.  There are few locations in the UK with quiet as many countryside and coastal walks as Aberdwylan Holiday Park.

Other sites of interest in the wider area include the Teifi Valley Railway, for a step into the past, and Emlyn Castle, for those visitors who are keen to learn more about local ancient history.  Certainly, this area of Wales has plenty to offer in terms of medieval interests, as well as modern locations with current conveniences.  Above all, holidaymakers at the park will likely want to explore the seaside, and to sample the classic Welsh coastal charm.

Any visitors who want to spend some time in local cities can take a look out at Swansea, close to the Brecon Beacons.  However, it is more likely that people visiting Aberdwylan Holiday Park will want to take in the natural beauty of the area.  Not all holidays are quite the same, however.

Very close to the park are local golfing facilities and fishing opportunities.  Therefore, visitors to the park in search of a laid-back hobby should not have to travel too far.  Any visitors keen to sample the local fare will also likely appreciate nearby village pubs, shops and cafes, all of which open up to them as soon as they arrive.  As always, it is a good idea to ask the park’s owners for more information on the area.  Aberdwylan Holiday Park’s team is very friendly and will therefore even be happy to make a few suggestions. 

Why Choose Aberdwylan Holiday Park?

Aberdwylan Holiday Park is a unique holiday location brimming with modern facilities.  It is aimed at holidaymakers of all ages, meaning it is quiet and accessible, never suffering from local noise or light pollution.  It also benefits from a unique position, close to some of the best coastal and countryside walks in the West of Wales.

Aberdwylan Park is open across an extensive season.  This means it will likely appeal to anyone keen to explore Wales throughout off-peak months, as well as in the height of summer.  Its keen team make sure the park is superbly maintained, with landscaped gardens and luxury properties clear to see from the moment visitors walk through the front gates.

Easy to get to and from through public transport, Aberdwylan Holiday Park is a warm and welcoming hub.  Families, couples, retirees and even solo holidaymakers can enjoy relaxing in their private domiciles, while heading out to experience wider Wales as they wish.

Aberdwylan is normally very popular across the year.  When properties become available, it is always a good idea to book a viewing as soon as possible.  Few parks offer the holiday balance and experience that Aberdwylan serves up – making it an ideal foothold for anyone keen to get closer to Wales’ most stunning sights.


Aberdwylan Holiday Park
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