Aberystwyth Holiday Village, Ceredigion

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Aberystwyth Holiday Village is based close to some of Wales’ best-loved seaside escapes, and proves to be a hugely popular community with visitors of all ages.  This extensive park offers a variety of different pitches for new buyers, and those looking for quick breaks.  Available to stay at across March to October, it is a flexible and comprehensive holiday park that aims to offer quiet, peaceful breaks to couples, solo visitors and families of varying sizes.

The park is close to a variety of town and beach facilities, making it a great investment opportunity for anyone who wants to explore North-West Wales.  From the popular town of Aberystwyth down towards Bae Ceredigion, there are plenty of sights, sounds and things to do in the area, making it a great hub for holidaymakers up for an independent, spontaneous break.

The large park will likely appeal to anyone who is looking for everyday comforts in their holiday accommodation.  What’s more, park staff on-site are always happy to help and are very knowledgeable about the local area.  Therefore, anyone buying a pitch or setting up here for the first time can be sure of careful consideration and a warm welcome.

Aberystwyth Holiday Village is easy to get to from main road links.  The outside of the park offers great views of the sea and beaches along the way, as well as the peaceful greenery in the local area beyond. 

About Aberystwyth Holiday Village

Aberystwyth Holiday Village is a long-standing community in the area.  Close to Aberystwyth itself, many people head to the park for pitches and properties from March through October.  It is one of few leading parks in the area offering holidays during peak and off-peak seasons, making it one of the most flexible escapes holidaymakers will find in the region.  Holiday homeowners, in fact, can benefit from their own private escapes here from March through to January.

The park offers a variety of modern standards, such as on-site Wi-Fi, a local river for fishing, and access to everyday mod cons.  The park staff also work hard to maintain the grounds and general area, meaning that it should always be pleasant to come back to time and again.  Dog lovers can bring their pets here, but they must consult the park staff first, as some breeds are restricted.

Aberystwyth Holiday Village is a 30-acre resort which comprises of a huge variety of different entertainment facilities.  Visitors can sample local cuisine from the restaurant and takeaway and can enjoy a drink or two at one of the on-site bars.  There is also a small shop on-site, meaning everyday conveniences and groceries should never be too hard to find. 

Families and couples can also head out to the indoor swimming pool on-site to unwind, while an exclusive amusement arcade should appeal to the whole family.  The team at Aberystwyth Holiday Village work hard to set up a community that is extensive yet very close-knit.

Holiday home buyers can set up discreet pitches here while still being close enough to neighbours to make new friends.  In fact, many people choose the park because of the extensive grounds and properties available, meaning that there is plenty of space to stretch out, relax and explore.

Aberystwyth Holiday Village offers a desirable experience for those looking to take the North-West coast of Wales at a slow pace.  However, for families and groups, there is also plenty of entertainment and leisure on-site.  Therefore, many people may be happy to simply enjoy the park as-is, without needing to head anywhere else.

However, there are plenty of close links to main roads and public transport – all without noise ever affecting those staying at the park.  Aberystwyth Holiday Village offers a peaceful, laid-back and fun holiday experience for anyone exploring wider Wales. 

The Location

Visitors to Aberystwyth Holiday Village will benefit from being close to many of the area’s most popular town haunts.  What’s more, the village is extremely close to the coast, meaning that anyone staying at a pitch or property can take ten minutes out to trek along the local sands.

Based just off Penparcau Road, head down from Aberystwyth town, visitors can find the park adjacent to the Afon Rheidol, and close to the surrounding area of Penyranchor.  Visitors and drivers can split off from the A487 heading across to Trefechan, before taking a left down towards the park.  Its keen location is surprisingly close to a number of amenities, however, there are never any disruptions.  The park, too, is closed to the public – meaning only homeowners and verified visitors can book in and enter the grounds.

Aberystwyth Holiday Village offers commanding views of some of the area’s most stunning waters.  Waterside walks along Afon Rheidol are just a few minutes away, as are sandy strolls down Penparcau and Tan Y Bwlch beaches.  Visitors can also get out and about via local public transport with ease, as there is a central train station just a few minutes away in Aberystwyth.

Being so close to Aberystwyth will present holiday villagers with the chance to get into the wider local scene.  Major conveniences such as supermarkets and chain brands are all easy enough to come by.  What’s more, anyone who may wish to explore the wider region will never feel as though they are cut off from civilisation.

Many people choose to stay at Aberystwyth Holiday Village for the facilities and the leisure, however, many more will buy property here for the stunning views of the water beyond.  It might be the perfect foothold for anyone keen to see the beauty of Wales close-up. 

The Local Area

As local experts, the team at Aberystwyth Holiday Village are always happy and on hand to help advise on local attractions and features.  The beaches at Penparcau and heading along up to Aberystwyth are firm highlights for many people who stay here.  However, the wider region demands further exploration, particularly from villagers and holidaymakers staying right on the doorstep.

Beyond the amusement and entertainment facilities on-site, villagers can head on out to sample some of Aberystwyth’s most famous historical trails.  For example, just a few miles from the park is Devil’s Bridge Falls, where visitors can take in another side to the beautiful Rheidol up at the gorge.  Those holidaymakers looking for scenic, natural walks will likely find the Bwlch Nant yr Arian Forest worthy of a visit or two.  Fantastic fun for all the family, there are stunning nature walks and activities for younger visitors available all year round.  It is also perfect for watching local wildlife, such as red kites.

Golf enthusiasts will also be happy to hear that the Capel Bangor Golf and Country Club is only a short distance from Aberystwyth Holiday Village.  This extensive course and clubhouse is always receptive to new members.  Golfers can explore more than 40 acres of golfing country, with stunning parkland trails likely to appeal to all comers.

Those who want to take an even bigger step into the past will also find the popular King Arthur’s Labyrinth in the local area.  Visitors can experience a full day of exploring local caves and mazes with a guide.  Anyone keen to learn more about ancient legends, as well as those relating to local Welsh lore, will likely want to take a closer look.

All in all, Aberystwyth Holiday Village is close to some of the most diverse holiday attractions and local walks in the region.  Whether holidaymakers wish to take things slow and simple, and to approach country and coast at their own pace – or to look into bigger attractions elsewhere – is entirely their choice.  Aberystwyth Holiday Village promotes independent holiday living, making it a very appealing choice for older visitors, as well as those with young families.

Few holiday parks in the region offer the same level of closeness to Wales’ best-loved features.  Visitors and homeowners can sample it all from their doorstep, taking it all in on foot, by car or by public transport. 

Why Choose Aberystwyth Holiday Village?

Aberystwyth Holiday Village is one of the largest and most comprehensive parks of its kind in the area.  It is likely to appeal to many people looking for the complete Welsh coastal experience.  Boasting a wide variety of facilities and entertainment on-site, visitors can also take the time to relax and look out across some of the area’s best-loved natural plots and waterways.

Aberystwyth Holiday Village is also likely to appeal to holidaymakers keen to get closer to the beach, as well as to some of the more popular villages and towns in the region.  Aberystwyth itself is full of modern attractions, while at the same time offering a Welsh seaside charm that many people will be looking for across the year.

Available across extensive seasons, Aberystwyth Holiday Village is a huge community which welcomes visitors and new holiday homeowners all year round.  Carefully maintained and lovingly attended to by passionate and friendly owners, the park remains one of the top choices for holiday escapes in North-West Wales.


Aberystwyth Holiday Village