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Acorn Park is located in Northamptonshire, one of the most popular counties to move to in the Mid-South of England.  Offering lovely views of the local countryside, and clear, convenient access to road and public transport links, Acorn Park promises to be one of the best choices in residential park living in the region.  Available exclusively to retirees, the park offers a slower pace of living to anyone keen to break from the hassle of everyday life.  It is close to popular towns such as Kettering and Wellingborough.

This exclusive community is safe, secure, and close-knit.  New residents can expect to move into a discreet property alongside like-minded people.  Close enough for convenient local links yet well-positioned to avoid heavy noise from traffic, the park offers residents a quiet, laid-back retirement experience unlike any other in the county.

Many people choose Acorn Park for the convenience as well as the wonderful views of the Northamptonshire countryside.  It is a long-standing community with an impeccable reputation.  The park continues to be very popular with residents both local to the county, and those exploring Northamptonshire from afar.

Acorn Park may present the perfect choice for anyone looking to move somewhere pleasant and unspoilt in their retirement years, keen to avoid the bright lights and big noises from cities beyond. 

About Acorn Park

The beautiful rural setting of Acorn Park gives way to an extensive residential community.  Homes and avenues here are lovingly kept.  The park team always makes sure to offer new residents a warm and careful welcome.  Boosted by wonderful countryside vistas, the park offers a rare aesthetic and look.  It is nestled deep in some of the county’s most desirable rural landscapes.

Acorn Park is a community focused on bringing peace and relaxation to those who desire it.  As an exclusive community, properties are only available to those over 50 years of age.  This means any new residents will likely find new neighbours and friends to be very easy to make.  The park offers a wonderful alternative to retirement living elsewhere.  At a time where people may wish to make new friends, Acorn Park presents and encourages a close community feel.

Those who are looking for private living, however, can rest easy.  Each property and plot is carefully positioned to offer complete privacy and comfort to each homeowner.  While the community is close, there is still a strong sense of independence offered to each resident.

In fact, Acorn Park encourages residents to explore the wonders of the local area.  The team are always very knowledgeable, and will be happy to answer any questions on the local lifestyle and scene.  Residents can also rest easy knowing there are close links to nearby communities if they wish to take a look around.

Acorn Park’s grounds are carefully maintained.  The community is built to resemble a quiet, exclusive neighbourhood.  Therefore, it may likely appeal to those keen on a suburban lifestyle, but without the noise and safety risks that come with it.  Single-storey properties and strong community spirit add up to an altogether safer retirement for many people.

The park is also very carefully secured.  Full gates and exclusive access available to residents, their guests and on-site staff help to make the community one of the safest in the area.  The park is locked to public access.  Therefore, there are no threats of crime or intrusion from the outside world.

The staff at Acorn Park work hard to make it into a wonderful, laid-back community experience for anyone tired of the hustle and bustle.  An Acorn Park property is likely to be a great investment for anyone keen to break free from modern noise. 

The Location

Northamptonshire is a county with lots of varied sights and sounds.  Acorn Park is deep within the region’s most picturesque rural plots.  Therefore, new residents can always feel as though they are retiring to the country, albeit with modern facilities and easy access to towns and cities.

The park is based close to the town of Burton Latimer.  This lovely community is rife with local shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs.  Therefore, it will likely appeal to any residents keen to get closer to the local ‘scene’ deep in the county’s best-loved towns and villages.  Residents can feel free to head out as and when they please, with flexible gating and road access simple to arrange.

The park itself is just to the North-East of Burton Latimer, though is only a few minutes away.  New residents can find the park just off the A6, breaking off the A14 bound for Twywell and Thrapston.  The park is therefore very easy to find, with either a map or a GPS.  Residents may find it surprising just how quiet a night’s sleep can be at the park while still being so close to A-roads.

Homeowners will also find public transport easy to find and arrange.  Many public routes run close to the park.  Drivers can take to main roads such as the A14, A509 and A6 heading out towards some of the most popular locations in Northamptonshire.

Above all, new residents will likely find the breath-taking location wonderful to behold.  The park owners have made sure to set up home in a corner of the country that’s green and unspoilt.  Homeowners at the park can feel free to traverse local country and nature trails at their leisure, meaning that some of Northamptonshire’s best-loved walks are just around the corner.

It is always a good idea to ask Acorn Park’s owners about the local scene, as they will always be on hand to support new residents. 

The Local Area

Once retired, many people want to take their time to explore their local areas.  At Acorn Park, new homeowners will have access to many of Northamptonshire’s best-loved attractions and sights on their doorsteps.

Northamptonshire is a county which is rich in history.  Anyone living at the park will be able to visit many museums, historical sites and unspoilt landmarks dating back centuries.  They may also take their time to learn more about the nearest towns and villages, particularly Kettering, a small town with plenty of character.  As well as being rich in history, Kettering also has much of the modern amenities and conveniences residents will be looking for just down the road.

Beyond here, there are some spectacular natural walks and green zones.  Stanwick Lakes are close by, meaning that residents can take the time to drive out and walk along the waterside whenever they wish.  Irchester Country Park, too, will present a different kind of country walking experience.  This gorgeous parkland is just a few minutes away from Acorn Park, making it something of a local treat.

Acorn Park’s links to various roads and towns also means that residents can take time to explore as much of England as possible.  The city of Peterborough is only a short drive away up to the North-East, offering rail links which will take people into London and around other attractions and communities in the South.  There are also the popular areas of Bedford and Milton Keynes to the South, with historic university city Cambridge – and its wonderful waterways – only a short distance to the South-East.

Venturing even further out, residents may wish to take an hour or so over to the Norfolk Coast.  It may surprise new residents just how close they are to some of the country’s most popular hotspots.  It is partly what makes Acorn Park a desirable community – it has a central location in England that is likely to push it ahead of the local competition.

Moving to a residential home doesn’t mean moving into the middle of nowhere.  Acorn Park presents the best of secluded, tranquil living while still granting clear access to plenty of attractions and trails.  It may be, for many people, the perfect breakaway. 

Why Choose Acorn Park?

Acorn Park is a unique residential community which thrives in a quiet, secluded corner of Northamptonshire.  The properties here are available to people of 50 years and older, which means they will appeal to anyone keen to meet new, like-minded friends.  It is also incredibly secure, as a gated community with no public access.

The park is very easy to get to and benefits from a desirable, central location.  Commanding views of the Northamptonshire countryside, as well as local villages and towns, will appeal to many.  The park owners work to build and create a community that is far from the busy towns and cities in terms of lifestyle and pace.  Certainly, anyone looking to slow down as they approach retirement may find that there are plenty of reasons to view properties here.

There are few communities like Acorn Park in the wider region.  Carefully plotted to offer residents the chance to experience rural England at their own pace, it will also act as a superb foothold for many years to come.  Any potential residents keen to invest should arrange a viewing as soon as properties become available.  They are likely to remain very popular.



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