Acresfield Residential Park, Lancashire

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What Features Does Acresfield Residential Park Have?

Full residential tenure
Development for the over-55s
Close to Garstang

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Acresfield Residential Park is located to the city of Preston, Lancashire.  Exclusive to retirees aged 55 and over, this residential park is ideal for those looking for a slower pace of living as well as a new lease of life.

The park offers retirees the chance to move to a residential home where they can feel comfortable and safe.  A secure community free from public access, The site offers modern facilities and beautiful landscaped gardens.  In addition to this, the park's location provides residents with the very best of Lancashire's rolling countryside and enjoys spectacular views.

The park is a 43-lodge residential designed for retirement living and enjoyment. Family owned and ran by the Ward family, resi-parks are an example of passionate park operators. This is a modern lodge development which benefits from traditional community values.  Any retirees keen to make new friends will readily do so as part of this growing neighbourhood. 

About Acresfield Residential Park

This is a retirement community with exclusive access, luxury properties and state of the art facilities.  Closed to the public, this community is easy to get to from local roads and services.  

While a close-knit community thrives here, people are free to retire to their own quiet spaces as and when they wish.  There is more than a little elbow room and living space for individual people and couples to maintain their private lodges.  Acresfield Residential Park enables lodge owners to enjoy individuality and independence alike.

Rather than risk the suburban life, lodge owners can expect to nestle down into a neighbourhood that appreciates a slower pace of living.  In a world where many people forget the meaning of community, Acresfield Residential Park strives to bring this feeling back into many people's lives.

The spectacular facilities on-site will also inspire many people to head to the park for a viewing.  The park is attached to an exclusive spa and health club, where residents have inclusive access to treatments and facilities.  Boasting a full indoor pool, fitness classes, gym facilities and a spa, the Acresfield Health Club promises to help residents relax and unwind.  There is also a hairdresser facility on-site, offering residents another reason not to travel far as well as an exclusive club bistro.

The staff are friendly and approachable.  The team at the park run a careful community, with gardens and grounds lovingly landscaped and maintained all year round.  

What's more, thanks to the independent standards of living here, park residents are encouraged to visit the Lancashire area as much as they like. Close to the nearby town of Garstang, there is plenty to see and do just a few minutes down the road. 

Acresfield Park Location

The park is located in the heart of Lancashire.  Close to the town of Garstang and outside the city of Preston. Another reason lodges at the park are often very desirable. 

The park is easy to get to heading towards Garstang from Lancaster and Morecambe in the North, and Preston in the South.  Accessible from local roads leading off the M6, the motorway is convenient for access should residents wish to branch out, but just far enough away for it to not be a daily nuisance.  Few parks in England offer this kind of careful convenience making Acresfield Residential Park a genuine rare find.

Residents benefit hugely from the expanses of greenery and coast from all around.  Once again, the unique location allows homeowners to sample some of the unique sights and walks in the area.  Nature and wooded walks are only a short distance from the park.  Otherwise, there are plenty of sites of natural beauty that can be accessed by car or public transport.

Public transport links are close by and are easy to use to get to and from local town and city amenities.  Train links are available in nearby towns, as well as in big cities such as Blackpool and Preston, only a stone's throw away.

Residents will enjoy taking in the panoramas from the park itself, curiously positioned between countryside and sea.  It is a unique experience to wake up to.  Therefore, anyone keen to see the best of what Lancashire has to offer may find a property here to be a worthwhile investment.  For retirement years to come, the park provides a lucrative foothold in one of the best regions of the UK. 

The Local Area

Locally, Garstang is home to a variety of local amenities and attractions.  Various shops and local businesses are available here, as well as quaint pubs and restaurants. Anyone keen to sample the local scene will only need to head a few minutes down the road.  Garstang is also well-connected to various other towns and villages nearby, meaning it should never be too difficult to explore some of the more traditional communities in the region.

Garstang golf club is only a short distance away, as is its fishing scene.  There are also plenty of green walks and waterside strolls available for new homeowners to sample when they move into the park.

Residents are also encouraged to take a look at the area.  Just over to the East of the park is the majestic Forest of Bowland, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  This nationally-recognised parkland is home to some of the most breath-taking views in Lancashire and will likely appeal to anyone keen to get out and walk through the lush countryside on offer.

To the West of the park is the Lancashire coast.  Just a short drive away via the M55 is the popular resort of Blackpool.  Famous for its bustling entertainment scenes, its theme parks and its sandy shores.  For a quieter seaside experience, there is Lytham slightly further South, as well as Fleetwood, which is closer to the park than Blackpool by the mile!  Residents may also wish to head up the coast North, where they will find the gorgeous Morecambe Bay and its neighbouring town, Morecambe. Southport, another seaside town, is easy to get to heading South, past Preston and Lytham.

The independent living standards the park encourages will also likely encourage residents to get out and explore the area.  With a property at Acresfield Residential Park, homeowners have the chance to explore the further reaches of Lancashire without having to exert too much time and energy.  It is a great way to set up for retirement, and to enjoy endless holidays in the heart of the countryside and coast. 

Why Buy at Acresfield Residential Park?

This is a contemporary park which offers spectacular amenities and conveniences to its residents.  Home to an extensive club and spa, the park also provides new movers the chance to set up in a private dwelling that is quiet and secure.  Residents benefit from seclusion away from public access, as well as access to many of Lancashire's best-loved attractions and towns.

Acresfield Residential Park will appeal to anyone approaching retirement who may wish to explore the coast or the Forest of Bowland.  Handily, driving, and public transport links are never too far away. 

Many people will look for quiet, secure and undisturbed living standards as they get older.  Acresfield Residential Park offers the opportunity for retirees to get closer to England's greenery and golden sands without ever having to travel too far out. 

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Acresfield Residential Park