Ainmoor Grange Country Park, Derbyshire

Park Homes at Ainmoor Grange Country Park

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Ainmoor Grange Country Park

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Stretton, Alfreton



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Ainmoor Grange Country Park

Lesko Winchester

Stretton, Alfreton



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What Features Does Ainmoor Grange Country Park Have?

Bespoke Landscaping
Electric Security Gates
Central Location
100% Market Value Part Exchange
No Solicitor or Stamp Duty Fee

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Ainmoor Grange Country Park, moving close to the Peak District will sound like a dream come true to many people.  The park offers retirees and semi-retirees the chance to move into the heart of Derbyshire. This residential park is close to the peaks and a variety of different country walks and panoramas.  Overlooking beautiful waters and close to a variety of convenient road links, the site promises to be the premier location for retiring homeowners looking for a slower pace of living. 

Ainmoor Grange Country Park's rural location offers homeowners the chance to escape to the country without having to pay extortionate property market rates.  The park promises to offer the quintessential residential park experience.  Based on a strong community spirit and boasting quiet, private plots and properties, new homeowners can benefit from a wide variety of incredible on-site facilities.

When heading towards retirement, many people look for quiet, slower living standards.  They aren’t always so easy to find in the suburbs, or close to towns and cities.  Therefore this site will provide local people and travellers far and wide the chance to rest and enjoy their retirement years.

The park benefits from a wonderful atmosphere, with community standards upheld by careful, friendly owners.  Properties at the park are expansive, and the grounds are lovingly kept throughout the year. 

About Ainmoor Grange Country Park

Deep in the heart of the Amber Valley, residents immediately benefit from spectacular views.  This residential park is fully gated and closed to the public, which means it is one of the safest and most secure communities of its kind.  Only staff, homeowners and verified visitors have the right of access to the grounds.

The park also benefits from on-site warden staff.  Therefore, there are never any threats to resident safety.  Residents may also take care of their own property security, too, meaning that living at the park is doubly safe and secure.

Many retiring people will want to invest in properties where they can feel safe from intrusion and noise.  Each property and plot is carefully arranged to allow for private, discreet living.  At the end of each day, residents can head back to their own spacious properties and settle in for the night.

The community spirit and atmosphere are particularly strong here.  Along with luxury modern standards, residents will move alongside like-minded people who are also looking for simple, tranquil escapes.  The park is exclusive to people aged 45 or older, meaning that it is the perfect retreat for anyone keen to retire to or from the area.  Derbyshire is a fantastic county to settle down in regardless of where people may head from.

The staff are pleased to offer innovative park home solutions and grounds that are stunning all year round.  Great care is taken to make sure the park mimics and accompanies the beautiful surroundings.  The park is close to a variety of walks and trails, too, with commanding views of Derbyshire and the counties beyond.

The landscaping in the park is some of the most attractive in the region.  Bespoke land designs will appeal to anyone who wants to move to a neighbourhood that looks polished and preserved.  The staff at the park are warm and welcoming and work hard to make sure that their community looks great and is the perfect home for all their residents.

Residents can ask for help and support from park owners should they need it.  The park fosters an attitude that all residents should feel free to enjoy their retirement as they wish.  Therefore, while the park is gated and secure, homeowners never feel that they are encased.  In fact, there are many attractions and sites of interest in the wider region which are easy to access from the park. 

Ainmoor Grange Country Park  Location

Ainmoor Grange Country Park’s location is likely to be one of the major points of interest for many people.  Residents benefit from an exclusive, rural nestling.  The park is quiet and unassuming, close enough to road links and public transport for convenience, but far enough away to avoid any unnecessary noise or light transfer.  Therefore, the location of the park is one that is completely unique.

Residents can take in the rolling his of the area as well as the majestic peaks, which are only a short drive away.  From all around and up on high, it is clear that homeowners have access to some of the most unspoilt land that England has to offer.  It should offer plenty of opportunities for long walks and chances to get back in touch with nature.

The park itself is easy to reach via the A61, heading South towards Alfreton and North towards Clay Cross and Wingerworth.  Residents will find the park just outside the small communities of Stretton and Morton.  It is here where new homeowners will have access to local shops, pubs, restaurants and more.  However, many people will likely want to venture further afield.

The park itself is designed to replicate the peaks and the hills that surround it.  Therefore, landscaping and careful planning take place here regularly.  Residents can always expect to head back to a neighbourhood that is just as stunning to look at as its wider surroundings.

The location of the park is also fairly central as many residential communities go.  Therefore, residents will have clear access to amenities and attractions North, East, South and West, with wonderful country vistas and waterside walks available just a stone’s throw away.  Public transport links and roads are easy to embark on, meaning that it’s wide open for new homeowners to take a chance on and explore. 

Ainmoor Grange Country Park  Local Area

The main point of interest for many people will be the Peak District National Park.  The peaks are impossible to cover in one short trip.  Therefore, residents at the park can take their time to explore the walks and views well into their retirement.  This should offer plenty of new sights, sounds and experience to remember and share with friends and family.

In terms of local town and village scenes, residents can also head into local Alfreton.  Alfreton is just South of the park and provides a wealth of different local businesses and daily amenities.  It is a town with lots of history to it, making it one of the more interesting trips heading out of the park at close range.

The park is also close to many local attractions likely to appeal to retirees.  For example, the opulent Hardwick Hall and Gardens are just a short journey away.  Visitors can take a quiet look around the estate all year round, with the Hall open to public access.  Beyond here, residents can also take in local sights such as Darley Park and the Heights of Abraham.  Gulliver’s Kingdom is also only a short drive from the park, based in the picturesque Matlock Bath.

What might appeal to some residents is the clear road links to wider cities and towns elsewhere.  For example, cities such as Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield are very easy to reach via motorways and A-roads.  Residents can also take public transport easily enough to link them to these bigger communities.  There are always plenty of chances to head out and enjoy the city experiences, but residents will always benefit from being just far enough away to avoid the everyday hustle and bustle.  What’s more, further leisure activities and services lie in easy reach, such as the popular Brickendon Golf Club. 

Why Choose Ainmoor Grange Country Park?

This is a luxury residential community that is keen to push the values of a neighbourly atmosphere.  Residents can enjoy friendly and welcoming service, alongside people who are likewise looking for a calm, slow retirement.  It is rare that people will find such standards in the middle of suburbia or out near towns and cities.

Therefore, the park presents a popular alternative to everyday living.  Residents are free to explore the wider region as they please.  They can head back to a secure community with full gating and a luxury property that boasts all of the modern facilities and amenities they will have come to enjoy elsewhere.

The grounds are likely to appeal to anyone keen on moving into rural Derbyshire.  With a variety of famous walks on the doorstep, as well as clear, easy access to the peaks, homeowners may find a property at the park to be a fantastic investment heading into retirement. 


Ainmoor Grange Country Park
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