Alder Country Park, Norfolk

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What Features Does Alder Country Park Have?

Heated Outdoor pool
Spa & Gym
Electric Gates
Bespoke Landscaping
Holiday & Residential Site
Close To The Coast


Alder Country Park is a quiet, modern development offering 12-month holiday homes and full residential licenses, close to some of Norfolk's best-loved attractions and natural sights.  Norfolk is a county with perhaps more to offer than most.  Therefore this site aims to bring as many people as possible closer to the heart of the seaside and wider country walks.

This is an exclusive park resort in North Walsham; the community is ideal and open to visitors of all ages.  Perfect for families visiting the seaside and for couples walking across rural Norfolk, the development presents quiet, peaceful park standards, which also benefit from luxury facilities.  The park is lovingly kept and boasts a range of leisure facilities and fixtures which visitors would generally have to find elsewhere.

Its keen location in the middle of the county will allow families to explore the various attractions and seaside haunts Norfolk is famous for.  For couples and solo travellers, too, the park offers a laid-back, slow and sleepy atmosphere where visitors can sit back and take their time.

Properties and plots at the park will encourage private, independent living and plenty of opportunities to get to know like-minded owners.  The park's clear links to various roads and transport services will also make things hugely convenient for anyone keen to look around.  Otherwise, there is still plenty to see and do on foot, with the park remaining popular for its on-site entertainment. 

About Alder Country Park

As the name suggests, Alder Country Park brings visitors deep into the heart of the Norfolk countryside.  The community's grounds are regularly maintained and designed to complement the lush, green surroundings.  It is a park close enough to roads for convenience but far enough away to never be disturbed by loud or annoying noises.

Visitors to the park will benefit from private plots and lodgings.  While open to families and visitors in various group sizes, anyone staying here will never feel intruded on or that they lack privacy.  Homes are secure, as is the park itself.  It benefits from a full gating system.  Therefore, not only is the park closed to public access, it is one of the region's best-protected resorts of its kind. 

What will appeal to many people is the on-site leisure range.  The park boasts an outdoor pool with full heating, which visitors can enjoy throughout the year.  This backs onto the exclusive spa facilities, where homeowners and visitors can enjoy a range of treatments and regular services.  There is also a gym on-site for those who want to let off some steam.

The park's staff work hard to keep their community friendly and safe.  New visitors can consult owners and staff for more information on more comprehensive attractions and resorts.  This is a good idea when visiting Norfolk for the first time.

The park also offers a sunbathing terrace, where visitors can lie back and relax, undisturbed by the outside world.  There is also a full restaurant on-site, meaning visitors will never need to travel too far to sample the local cuisine.  Not only is the site the perfect hub for those looking to explore Norfolk, but it is also a worthwhile retreat in and of itself.

Offering 12-month seasons and full residential living licenses, visitors and owners can head to the park throughout the year.  Norfolk is popular to visit even during off-peak months, meaning those settling down at the park can take full advantage even in colder weather. 

Alder Country Park Location

The estate's location of North Walsham is ideally positioned towards the famous Norfolk coast, as well as within arm's length of the Norfolk Broads.  Therefore, visitors can always expect unique panoramas, with beautiful beaches and waters lapping to one side and the majestic Broads to the other.

The park's convenient location also puts visitors close to various country walks and local escapes.  Anyone visiting who is keen to get to know local Norfolk will only need to make a short trip out on foot to get to know the wider area.  It is in an ideal location for walks and trails along the Norfolk Coast that people may otherwise avoid being out in the cities and towns.

Alder Country Park is far from motorways and the busiest roads but is very easy to get to through local links and B-roads.  Owners will find the park just off Bacton Road, just around the corner from Purdy's Marsh.  The park is close to several local attractions, such as The Bluebell and Orchard Gardens, where visitors can easily pop for a quick drink before heading to their property.  Conveniently, there are supermarkets, petrol facilities and other local standards just outside of the park, heading down towards North Walsham.  Visitors can also head to the park via Little London Road, connecting down from the B1145. 

There is a local railway station link in North Walsham itself, which will connect owners to various other towns and villages close by.  For emergencies, there is also a hospital in the region, close to various leisure centres.

Visitors will be able to take in the greenery along the coast from afar, but it's always a must to head out and experience the seaside resorts in the area close-up. 

The Local Area

As well as being close to local conveniences in the towns of Mundesley, North Walsham and Bacton, visitors will also likely want to explore the longer coastline, heading up North Norfolk.  Popular regions up in this direction include Cromer, Overstrand and Sheringham, all of which are just down the way from the Blakeney National Nature Reserve.  This National Trust site is home to many local animals, with habitats lovingly preserved for visitors to tour at their own pace.

Up from here is the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Blending greenery and coastline, this area promises unique walks and photo opportunities just a few miles down from the most popular beaches in the area.  Just around the corner is the Wash National Nature Reserve, heading down from the popular seaside resort in Hunstanton.

Of course, many people who visit the park will want to take the time to explore the Norfolk Broads, as well as to take a look at some of the quainter villages that scatter across the way.  Once away from the famous wetlands, visitors can head out to sample some of the authentic English seaside, all of which awaits them right on their doorstep.  The Norfolk coastline is one of the most varied in the country, offering unique natural views and walks, as well as plenty of entertainment and traditional seaside fare.

There are also several cities and towns close to the park, easy to reach through main roads or public transport.  The popular city of Norwich is a short drive away, which visitors can head to if they want to take rail links to other cities in the wider area.  Cambridge, for example, is easy to reach from the city, and London is closely linked via rail.

Ultimately, the site provides access to plenty of popular attractions, trails and sites of interest.  Families will enjoy visiting Banham Zoo and Roar Dinosaur Adventure, too.  It's in an ideal location for families and couples looking for that perfect breakaway.  No two visits are the same, however, which is why it's great that there is so much choice in the local area. 

Why Buy at Alder Country Park, Walsham?

The park's extensive on-site leisure facilities will likely appeal to many people. However, proximity to the county's best views, walks and seaside resorts will also help keep it extremely popular. 

The staff at the park make sure that their community is clean, well-managed and superbly maintained.  It remains a popular choice for those in the region of all ages, based central enough to popular attractions and town facilities alike.

The location of the park in North Walsham is also quiet and peaceful, with unique plots and properties offering independent living without disruption.  The Country park's design and plotting resemble the wider area, making it even more attractive to those who holiday in Norfolk regularly.

Few parks are quite as close to the Broads and the seaside experiences the county has to offer.  The park brings together the best of the coastal sands and green plains Norfolk families love to adventure through.

The long season at the park means that property here could be a good investment for some time to come.  Few parks have such central access to resorts and rail links, making it a desirable hub even for those who are new to the area.  This is a resort that inspires relaxation and slow living.


Alder Country Park
Bacton Road
North Walsham
NR28 0RA