Alderlee Park, Lancashire

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What Features Does Alderlee Park Have?

12-month residential tenure
Idyllic rural location
Only 25 park homes


Alderlee Park is a residential park located in Scarisbrick. Close to the famous seaside town of Southport, Alderlee Park presents a desirable residential community close to the famous Lancashire coast.  This cosy community is very popular with local people, built to offer a private neighbourhood to those who are looking for a slower pace of living. Alderlee Park is for retirees, semi-retirees and those approaching retirement. The park offers a safe, quiet environment for residents to head back to, with a prime location close to some of the county’s best-loved cultural highlights.

Alderlee Park enjoys a quiet atmosphere and laid-back living standards.; Residents at Alderlee Park will benefit from a secluded location, deep in the rural heart of the county, with access to local countryside and coastline alike.  The park will prove popular with anyone keen to take up local walks as they approach retirement.  There are many opportunities in the area for residents to get out and explore.

Many people approaching retirement will be looking for safe, secluded living in a community where they can make friends and get to know new people.  Alderlee Park has a great community atmosphere, offering new buyers plenty of opportunities to mingle.  Otherwise, park management has set up living standards which encourage independence.  Residents at Alderlee Park are free to explore Liverpool, Southport and Lancashire as they wish. Alderlee Park remains a popular park for many reasons.   

About Alderlee Park

Alderlee Park is a cosy neighbourhood positioned keenly between Lancashire coast and countryside.  From just outside the park, residents can enjoy lovely views of the local area, and can choose to venture further towards communities such as Southport and Liverpool as they wish.  As a residential community, Alderlee Park presents retirees with plenty of opportunities to get to know their neighbours as part of an exclusive arrangement. 

Alderlee Park is open only to residents aged 50 or older.  Therefore, it is likely that new residents will always move next to likeminded people.  The park offers a slow pace of living and secure, exclusive standards.  Modern properties arrive with all the facilities and amenities new resident will look for in the perfect retirement community.  Security measures make sure that there are no opportunities for the general public to access the park.  Residents will also have access to security over their own homes.

Alderlee Park offers a full 12-month residential licence, meaning that new residents can move in as soon as they are ready to. Great news for anyone who wants to downsize from a large property. 

The park itself boasts a charming neighbourhood of homes.  The properties available here will vary. Residents will move in to expect all mod cons, meaning that there should be minimal adjustments necessary.  Downsizing to a one-storey park home is a desirable move for many people, mainly as it means that they will have less space to worry about, and fewer needs.

Alderlee Park’s managers are friendly and welcoming.  They work hard to build and maintain a park presence which remains one of the best-loved communities in the local region.  Its idyllic, rural status will appeal to anyone who wants to get closer to nature.  The managers at the park are also knowledgeable in terms of the local area, attractions and amenities, meaning that they will always be on hand to help with queries wherever possible. 

Alderlee Park Location

Alderlee Park’s location is one of the main selling points for the community.  Lancashire is a stunning and unique county.  Boasting popular towns, cities, local history and plenty of countryside walks, it is also well-known for its coastline.  Alderlee Park positions close to the famous coast, offering residents plenty of chance to get out and explore Southport at their leisure.

Few parks offer this close a balance between countryside and coast.  Therefore, many people are likely to find Alderlee Park desirable for the variety.  It is worth looking closely into park properties should they be available for the nature walks and photo opportunities alone.  Not all retirees get the chance to move somewhere so rural and so tranquil.  Therefore, it is an opportunity, for anyone keen to move away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Alderlee Park is based just off the A570.  Therefore, it will always be easy for residents to come and go via local communities as they wish.  The park’s central Lancashire location, while edging towards the coast, is very popular with those retirees who are keen to get out and explore.  However, residents need never worry about noise transferring to the park.  Despite the A-road positioning next to the park, the acoustics and sound levels in the community itself remain perfect for laid-back living.

Therefore, Alderlee Park presents a great balance between travel convenience and quiet home living.  It can be hard to find a residential park which balances the two quite so well.  Residents can take their time exploring the local, linking the village of Scarisbrick, which has a large canal and a marina, perfect for exploring on long walks.  Scarisbrick also has plenty of relevance in music history, as it is where John Lennon worked before hitting the big time with the Beatles.

There are also local restaurants, pubs, shops and businesses worth visiting in Scarisbrick, meaning that any new homeowners keen to get deep into the local scene will not have to travel far.  There are public transport links close by, as well as, of course, the A570 just outside for drivers. 

The Local Area

It is always a good idea to look into the local area before visiting Alderlee Park – as there is plenty to see and do.  The park’s team will also be happy to help you find some great day out ideas.  One of the main attractions, of course, will be Southport, with its extensive coastline and its famous pier and nature reserve.  It’s also a lovely town for history enthusiasts, with many historic buildings and heritage trails.  As it is only 15 minutes away on a local bus, residents at Alderlee Park can visit the town as frequently as they like.

Just up the way, of course, is the city of Liverpool.  Liverpool remains one of the most important cultural cities in the UK.  It is famous for its music heritage, for example, as well as its bustling docks, and high-class restaurants.

Residents are also very close to some golf clubs close to the coast, which are also flanked by several railway points—Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Hillside Golf Links and Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club all link alongside another.  Therefore, anyone can brush up on their handicap.

Residents can also take trips out to the stunning Ribble and Alt Estuaries, and beyond there is the seaside city of Blackpool.  Alderlee Park is in an excellent location for new homeowners to explore the Lancashire coastline to the fullest.  It may be the perfect residential solution for anyone who has holidayed in the region a lot.  Otherwise, there are plenty of city links in Bolton, Blackburn and Preston, meaning residents are never far from the odd shopping experience. 

Why Choose Alderlee Park?

Alderlee Park presents a quiet, rural community which will likely appeal to most retirees.  It benefits from close links to main roads and public transport, while remaining calm and laid-back inside the park itself.  It’s a unique premise and location, meaning that it is often popular with people looking for retirement homes which are slow-placed, yet never too far from civilisation.

The park team at Alderlee make sure that their neighbourhood and community remains safe and serene throughout the year.  They work hard to keep their residents happy, and with such a strong neighbourhood spirit alive here, they relish the chance to welcome new people into their neighbourhood.

If you are looking for a park home near Southport, this is an ideal residential park.


Alderlee Park