Aldingbourne Park, West Sussex

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Two Bed Preowned Park Home (40x20)

Aldingbourne Park

Two Bed Preowned Park Home (40x20)

Hook Lane, Aldingbourne



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What Features Does Aldingbourne Park Have?

Gas Central Heating
Full uPVC Double Glazing
Close to Local Towns
Semi-rural location


Aldingbourne Park is a desirable residential community which can be found at the Southernmost coast of the UK before the Isle of Wight.  East Sussex’s famous coastline and popular attractions will likely encourage many people to look into properties at the park, however, it is also popular for its impeccable on-site standards.  Built to offer residential living all year round, Aldingbourne Park is very popular with retirees and those approaching retirement.  It is an exclusive community, boasting properties with independent plots and garden spaces.  What’s more, residents at the park also benefit from careful, welcoming management.

Aldingbourne Park is a large and varied park, meaning that prospective residents will have the chance to move into a variety of different properties when available.  However, due to the popularity of the park, availability will vary.  The park is close to a wide variety of different local sights, close to everyday amenities and shops for people to head to at short notice, and only a stone’s throw from the South Coast.  It is also very close to popular holiday resorts such as Bognor Regis.

Aldingbourne Park presents a residential community which will likely appeal to anyone who has holidayed in the area, and who may be keen to see a side to England that has otherwise escaped them.  There are close public transport links to the park as well as local roads, which means that residents will be able to get out and sample the local sights and sounds at their convenience.  The management at Aldingbourne Park encourages residents to take a look around the wider area, with independent living offered as standard.

Those people looking to downsize in retirement will benefit from moving alongside likeminded people, as well as properties which are spacious and luxurious, yet cosy and comfortable.  The park offers a variety of different home styles whenever available. 

About Aldingbourne Park

Aldingbourne Park is a very popular residential park with local people.  It is available for living in all year round, with a 12-month residential licence likely to appeal to anyone keen to make a permanent move.  The park’s managers are very friendly and will help anyone downsizing from bigger property move into their one-storey park homes.  While the properties here will have one level, the park has made sure to work with manufacturers who really make the most of the space.  Therefore, new residents will have the chance to take advantage of modern park home living standards.

The park itself is lovingly kept with quaint local lanes and avenues all around.  The park nestles deep in a small patch of rural countryside, meaning that new homeowners will have the chance to enjoy living close to the coast as well as the country.  It is a balance that many people will dream of moving into.  Therefore, properties at Aldingbourne Park are always likely to be popular.

The exclusivity of the park, too, will likely appeal to those keen to move somewhere quiet.  Aldingbourne Park is only available to residents over the age of 50.  Therefore, new buyers can expect to move close to others who will be pursuing a gentler pace of living.  It can be difficult to find the ideal spot to move to in the suburbs.  Luxury housing and welcoming people will likely help most new residents settle into the park in no time at all.

The park boasts private gardens as well as a lovely neighbourhood design to help appeal to those moving away into retirement.  Private gardens will give residents the chance to maintain and grow their own plots independently, free from the hassle and noise of suburban or town living elsewhere.  Pitches also benefit from parking off-street, meaning those residents who drive can easily park up and head out again whenever they wish.

The management at Aldingbourne Park makes sure to provide modern, comfortable facilities to all homeowners.  Therefore, anyone moving to the park can expect mod cons and creature comforts.  It is also a secure park, meaning that there is no access given to the general public.  This means it is only ever open to residents, their verified visitors, staff members and verified servicepeople.  Security and safety are increasingly important to people heading towards retirement.  Therefore, the safety perimeter at Aldingbourne Park will likely help to satisfy these needs. 

The Location

Aldingbourne Park’s location benefits from being close to the countryside and the coast.  Therefore, residents can always head out to explore local towns such as Bognor Regis but will only be a short walk away from some of the county’s quaintest rural roads and avenues.  It is therefore going to appeal to anyone who wants to break away from town and city living, and to get back to laid-back country walks and coastal delights.

However, Aldingbourne Park is not in the middle of nowhere.  Residents will be able to drive through the A27 heading across West Sussex, heading down through roads that trail through Nyton Road and on through the community of Westergate.  While the park is close enough to the A27 for it to be hugely convenient, the park itself is designed – and positioned – to avoid any transfer of noise.  Therefore, residents can benefit from close road links without having to worry about losing sleep.  It’s a balance which is rare to find elsewhere in the UK.

Aldingbourne Park’s location positions residents close to villages and local scenes in the region, meaning that it is always easy for new homebuyers to take a closer look at pubs, restaurants and shops close by.  It is always easy for residents to head out and enjoy the coast and countryside alike, too.  There is a nice sense of independence to each pitch which means homeowners will never feel as though they are penned in, or subject to unreasonable rules.

The rural location of Aldingbourne Park will likely appeal to many people.  Moving out into the countryside is a dream opportunity, but not always one that people are able to take advantage of.  Therefore, when properties become available at the park, they normally take up plenty of interest.  Residents can easily access local towns and villages in the area by bus, too, meaning that public transport links are also evenly distanced.  It is never difficult to reach local amenities and to stock up on shopping. 

The Local Area

One of the most appealing aspects of Aldingbourne Park is the fact that it is nestled in between some of the most popular holiday resorts on the South Coast.  As mentioned, the park is near to the famous coastal town of Bognor Regis, as well as Worthing, over to the East.  The Isle of Wight, too, is only a short trip away via ferry, meaning that there are a variety of mini holiday experiences here waiting for buyers to take advantage of.  Moving to Aldingbourne Park could feel like taking unlimited seaside holidays, and it is likely a key reason why it receives so much interest throughout the year.

Aldingbourne Park is also only a short drive or trip away from Chichester, as well as its famous harbour.  Chichester Harbour is actually a popular green expanse and is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Beyond here is the city of Portsmouth, where many people choose to take ferries for holidays abroad.  Therefore, residents at the park will also have close links to international holidaying.  It is likely to be great investment for anyone who wants to explore the leisure capitals of the continent.

Just North of Aldingbourne Park is the South Downs National Park.  This expansive green land provides for some of the most breath-taking walks and landscape photo opportunities in England.  It extends across several communities and towns, and what’s more, it backs onto the famous Surrey Hills, which visitors can reach via main roads.  Effectively, there are endless countryside and seaside experiences waiting for new residents. 

Why Choose Aldingbourne Park?

Aldingbourne Park presents a quiet, gentle residential community which will appeal to anyone looking to retire to the more serene corners of the UK.  The park owners team is always careful to maintain a community which offers a laid-back atmosphere, modern conveniences and complete security, all year round.  It is an exclusive community which will appeal to retirees who want to break away from town hustle and bustle.

Aldingbourne Park benefits from positioning between some of the best-loved countryside and coastal retreats this side of the country.  It might therefore appeal to anyone who holidays here regularly, and who may be looking for a permanent foothold.  With private properties, gardens and easy access to main roads and public transport, this rural park offers a keen balance in most things retirees will be looking for when they downsize.

Aldingbourne Park’s team will also help with any queries new residents may have about the area, as well as questions they may have about moving in.  Downsizing from a bricks-and-mortar property to a stunning park home is worth the effort – though it will likely take very little effort at all.


Aldingbourne Park
Hook Lane
West Sussex