Allerthorpe Holiday Park, East Riding of Yorkshire

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What Features Does Allerthorpe Holiday Park Have?

9-hole Golf Course
Bar & Dining
Landscaped location
Close to Pocklington
In the Yorkshire Wolds
Pet Friendly

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Allerthorpe Golf & Country Park is extremely popular with couples and families alike, and is a well-known resort in the North of Yorkshire.  Close to many family attractions and sites of natural beauty, the park is also one of the largest and most unique of its kind.  Benefiting from a full, bespoke design and stunning grounds that complement the surrounding countryside, Allerthorpe Holiday Park is always likely to be a first choice for anyone keen to holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.  However, it is also close enough to town and city amenities in the local region, meaning that anyone who does want to explore the local shopping and entertainment scenes are always free to do so.

As well as being close to the local countryside, Allerthorpe Holiday Park also benefits from a wide array of on-site facilities and entertainment.  The park is developed as a catch-all holiday resort, meaning that its intent is to provide perfect, memorable holidays for people of all ages.  The region is well-known for boasting attractions and days out which children and older people alike will want to explore.

Many people choose to stay at Allerthorpe Holiday Park for the guarantee that they will receive quiet, comfortable holiday living, and the fact that park management is so careful to uphold a fantastic, luxury experience.  People buy properties at Allerthorpe Holiday Park to secure incredible footholds for future visits.  Rather than muddle with finding accommodation elsewhere on each trip to North Yorkshire, families can head to their own private property, safe in the knowledge that it will be receiving the best quality care.

What’s more, Allerthorpe Holiday Park will also provide worthy investments for prospective holiday landlords.  More and more people are choosing to explore the UK, especially Yorkshire, which means purchasing a lodge or home at the park could generate some lucrative passive income.  In any case, to live or to let, Allerthorpe Holiday Park presents a wide variety of holiday home choices which will appeal to people from all backgrounds and of all interests. 

About Allerthorpe Holiday Park

Allerthorpe Holiday Park positions in the very centre of Yorkshire, only a few minutes’ drive from major cities, and close to several villages and quaint local scenes.  It is very appealing to local people keen to sample the quieter side of the county, while many people choose to buy and rent here when visiting Yorkshire for the very first time.  The park is maintained by keen management staff, who work hard to make sure that visitors of all ages are comfortable, secure and entertained.  Holiday homes on site will vary in size and shape, and due to the popularity of the park, availability may vary.  An early viewing is a must-do, should listing appear on the Sell My Group engine.

Allerthorpe Holiday Park is just as popular for its location as it is for its on-site amenities.  One of the best-stocked parks of its kind in the region, there is a full bar and restaurant, which means visitors will never have to travel too far to sample local cuisine.  There is even a nine-hole golf course on-site, which will allow holidaymakers to brush up on their strokes while the little ones enjoy the local attractions elsewhere.

Allerthorpe Holiday Park is also well-loved for its stunning design and landscaped location.  There are always maintenance and gardening teams working carefully to ensure the neighbourhood looks appealing all year round.  Maintenance teams will never disrupt the holiday experience.  The park is also pet-friendly, which means that visitors and holidaymakers will be able to bring their dogs for long walks in the local area.

Properties at Allerthorpe Holiday Park are designed to occupy their own private plots.  Therefore, anyone choosing to holiday here will feel safe in the knowledge that they can holiday without any threat of intrusion.  Despite this, there is a strong sense of community, which means it should be easy for any new visitors or holiday homeowners to get to know who they will be holidaying alongside.  These properties are exclusive, and what’s more, thanks to the security standards set by the park, there is no threat of members of the public getting access to the community.  Stylish properties and modern facilities likely keep people coming back to Allerthorpe Holiday Park year after year. 

York visitors and holidaymakers from around the region will likely see a property here as a sound investment for many years to come.  As mentioned, it will also likely prove lucrative for landlords keen to let holiday homes to those who are new to the region.  

The Location

Allerthorpe Holiday Park’s location is just one of the main reasons why people choose to buy holiday properties in the community.  It benefits from stunning landscaped grounds and has multiple nature and countryside trails for holidaymakers to explore.  This will be ideal for those visitors who may be bringing dogs to holiday with them.  Visitors will also find that the park has close links to public transport, as well as main roads.  This means that they will always be able to explore the wider towns and communities surrounding York, as well as the fantastic city in and of itself.

Allerthorpe Holiday Park can be found just off the A1079, taking B-roads heading through Allerthorpe and towards Melbourne.  Despite being close to the A1079, there is never any threat of noise travelling into the park.  The community acoustics are fantastic, allowing holidaymakers to relax and sleep peacefully in their own luxury lodges and modern bedroom facilities.

This closeness to the main A-roads means that it is always easy for park visitors to break free and explore the wider county, which is one of the most varied in the North of England.  Many people will also enjoy taking a closer look at traditional villages and communities in the area, all of which are scattered around just a few minutes away.  There are also plenty of green and countryside plains for visitors to explore in their own time.

Allerthorpe Holiday Park’s location is fairly unique.  Ideal for families and people keen to check out York and the various attractions nearby, its rural status is ideal for solo travellers and couples who simply want to take some time away from cities and towns.  The natural trails and walks close by, of course, will likely do enough to appeal to those visitors keen on pursuing this type of holiday.


The Local Area

The main point of interest close by for most Allerthorpe Holiday Park visitors will be York itself.  York is a historic city with much to sample and explore.  Boasting historic buildings, unique eateries, entertainment venues and walks, there is plenty here to appeal to younger people and older couples alike.  It is a city which always has something different to offer on every visit.  Therefore, buying a holiday foothold just half an hour down the road may be a desirable option to many people.

Allerthorpe Holiday Park is also close to a number of big family attractions.  The biggest of these is arguably Flamingoland, which is largely seen as Yorkshire’s premier theme park.  It is immensely popular with families of all ages.  The park is also only an hour or so from the East Yorkshire coast, offering seaside experiences at Bridlington, up to Flamborough, and then up towards Filey and Scarborough.  Providing visitors are willing to take to the road or public transport for an hour or so, there is plenty to see and do nearby.

Visitors to Allerthorpe Holiday Park will also be close to the Howardian Hills, just to the North and heading through Malton.  This popular Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will appeal to anyone who simply wants to take in the country air without having to go too far.  Similarly, there are further countryside delights to be found to the West, in the shape of Nidderdale, another green expanse well worth taking a closer look at.

Allerthorpe Holiday Park’s position is close to many towns, cities and attractions in the wider county.  Therefore, buying a property at the park will put visitors in close distance of near unlimited holiday experiences.  It is not only a good idea to look around the local area before investing, but also to consult the team at Allerthorpe Holiday Park for advice and recommendations.  As experienced park owners in the area, they will be only too happy to impart a few ideas. 

Why Choose Allerthorpe Holiday Park

Boasting expansive park land and entertainment facilities, there are few holiday parks close to York which offer the same level of convenience and appeal that Allerthorpe Holiday Park does.  Therefore, it is very likely to be popular whenever new properties arise.

The park’s managers make sure to maintain a great-looking park with facilities to appeal to visitors of all ages.  It also benefits from being in one of the most central locations in the heart of Yorkshire.  It will likely be a great investment for anyone keen to explore the best towns, cities and villages in the region at their leisure.


Allerthorpe Holiday Park
Waplington Lane
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO42 4RL