Allhallows Park, Kent

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What Features Does Allhallows Park Have?

Beach access
Dog friendly site
9-hole golf course
Heated indoor swimming pool
Heated outdoor swimming pool
Sports court onsite
Fishing lake on site
Onsite restaurant
Historical area


Allhallows Park is perfect for young families as well as anyone looking to take a long break on the Kent coastline, Allhallows Leisure Park remains a very popular choice with holidaymakers far and wide.  It is built to be an all-inclusive park in the sense that it boasts plenty of on-site attractions and entertainment facilities, as well as plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind.  Many people choose to holiday here purely for the park facilities, which should go some way to explain why it is such a popular choice.

Allhallows Leisure Park is one of the most popular parks of its kind in the Kent area.  It offers plenty of access to local attractions and walks, making it a viable investment for anyone keen to explore the wider area.  However, the park itself is worthy of exploration before adventuring anywhere else.  It has leisure facilities and standards which visitors would normally have to look elsewhere to take advantage of.  Therefore, as an all-in-one holiday resort, it is likely to appeal to many people.

Allhallows Leisure Park is also very well-maintained and offers private spots for anyone keen to cement a foothold in the region.  However, as the park is very popular with people from all over the UK, property availability is always likely to vary.  With this in mind, prospective buyers are always recommended to take a look at a viewing should any opportunity arise.

Allhallows Leisure Park presents a holiday investment which will ensure that investors and their families have somewhere bright and comfortable to come back to all year round.  Rather than having to arrange extra accommodation elsewhere in the Kent region, it makes sense to many people to cement roots in a leisure park with plenty of facilities and amenities.  Allhallows Leisure Park and its team aim to take away all holiday hassles, and according to the wider public, they more than succeed at this. 

About Allhallows Leisure Park

Allhallows Leisure Park is famous for its extensive leisure facilities as well as its luxury properties and plots.  Therefore, anyone keen to venture to the park will likely want to know more about the entertainment and leisure they can expect on arrival, whenever they choose to visit.  Arranging a foothold at Allhallows Leisure Park will mean that visitors will always have access to fantastic facilities across the year.  It makes sense to arrange accommodation early, to ensure that there is no hassle in finding hotels or self-catering elsewhere.

Allhallows Leisure Park benefits from hosting a full-size fishing lake, where visitors can take time out of their holidays to cast a line and aim for a bite.  Fishing is often very relaxing, which is why the Allhallows lake will only help to boost the laid-back atmosphere it is famous for.  Another relaxing pursuit available at the park is golfing, as there is a nine-hole course on-site.  This half-course also offers commanding views of the sea beyond, making it hugely popular with those who do not want to register at golf clubs elsewhere.

For holidaymakers of all ages, there are also indoor and outdoor heated pools, accessible and available to any visitors of the park.  There are also sports facilities on-site, meaning that anyone who wants to spend their holidays getting active will have no excuse but to fully invest themselves in equipment and court spaces available for hire.  The park also backs onto Slough Fort, a historic building from the 19th century – which will appeal to anyone keen to know more about Kent’s place in national history.

Visitors will also benefit from a full restaurant terrace at the Huffkin of Hoo.  Therefore, there may be little need for holidaymakers to travel far outside the park for delicious cuisine and menu options.

Properties and plots at the park are lovingly kept, offering luxury holidaying standards that are at the forefront of the leisure park industry.  Owners at the park will also have access to their own private reception and swimming times.  Therefore, there are always likely to be a few hidden perks worth uncovering on purchasing a property.

Allhallows Leisure Park is well-designed, with managers and maintenance teams working hard to keep the grounds and landscaping looking great all year round.  Its simple, pleasing aesthetic will likely appeal to anyone looking for a laid-back leisure resort.  The park’s location is also worth noting, though many people will likely choose to explore the park itself first before any of the wider attractions elsewhere. 

The Location

Allhallows Leisure Park is in the heart of the Garden of England, and right on the upper coast overlooking the River Thames.  Therefore, visitors are only a short journey away from London city centre itself.  The location of the park offers visitors the chance to escape to one of the quieter corners of the country.  There are few parks of its kind which offer the same vantage points, facilities and proximity to quiet coastlines.  

This area of Kent coast is far from many of the major cities and towns, which should appeal to people looking for a genuine break away from everyday hustle and bustle.  However, that does not mean that the park is based in the middle of nowhere.  Visitors will need to follow signposts heading out of Strood, Wainscott and Chattenden, heading up towards St Mary Hoo.  As one of the most popular holiday parks in the wider region, it is very unlikely that first-time visitors will get lost on their way to their new lodgings.

This, of course, means that the park is extremely quiet and secluded.  Allhallows Leisure Park visitors will benefit from a tight-knit community, however, there will be no extraneous noise from busy roads and communities elsewhere.  Therefore, it may be the ideal resort pick for anyone keen to holiday on the peaceful Kent coast without any disruption.

Allhallows Leisure Park is therefore likely to be a good choice for anyone who may be looking for a local holiday with everything included on-site.  There are plenty of local sights and attractions available to take in elsewhere, however, it is a park which will serve many people staying on-site well. 

The Local Area

As mentioned, Allhallows Leisure Park is nestled deep in its own corner of the Kent coast.  This puts it in a unique position, and one which many people return to year after year.  Visitors will benefit from walking trails and local play park facilities for the little ones, as well as extensive coastal stretches to explore.  Close to the park, too, is the RPSB centre at Cliffe Pools, where visitors can take time out to look at local wild birds and learn more about the area’s habitats.

Near to the park are many quaint locations and patches of green land, scattered across Upper and Lower Stoke, St Mary Hoo and High Halstow.  Visitors may also want to take waterside strolls along the River Medway, or to take a look out at Shorne or Higham.  Further into Kent, drivers and those taking public transport will also find fairground attractions at Diggerland, based just outside Strood, and the extensive Kent Downs.  This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty extends beyond the River Medway and down towards Canterbury and Dover.

Visitors may also wish to take a look out at historic towns in Royal Tunbridge Wells, which backs onto another Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – High Weald.  Therefore, anyone holidaying at Allhallows Leisure Park will be able to take a closer look around the various green zones and countryside walks which are only a few minutes’ drive away. 

Why Choose Allhallows Leisure Park

Allhallows Leisure Park remains a hugely popular holiday park for many reasons.  One of the main reasons is the fact that it has an exclusive position on the Kent coast.  Therefore, it will likely be the main and sole pick for holidaying for many people close by.  Few parks offer the same vantage points and the same on-site attractions.

Another reason for the park’s popularity lies in its extensive facilities.  Allhallows Leisure Park is designed as a full resort, offering restaurant and bar facilities, as well as sports and activities for visitors of all ages.  The local area is likely to appeal to those holidaymakers who want to explore the greener side of Kent, with easy access to the Downs.

However, it is the exclusive nature of Allhallows Leisure Park – and the owners’ facilities – which will likely drive the most interest.  It is a well-maintained holiday resort which offers spaces across the year.  However, due to the popular nature of the resort, property availability is not always guaranteed.  Should properties list on Sell My Group, viewing and contact with Allhallows Leisure Park is an ideal option.

Allhallows Leisure Park remains an ideal choice for anyone keen to take time out and relax along the Kent coastline.  It is safe, secluded, and offers plenty of links back to nearby facilities and attractions.  However, the park offers plenty of its own facilities and attractions to keep people interested for breaks of all lengths and natures.


Allhallows Park