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What Features Does Ash Tree Holiday Home Park Have?

Luxury Holiday Homes
Surrounded By Open Fields
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Pet friendly
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Ash Tree Holiday Park is located in Somerset, which remains one of England's best-loved holiday counties, and as such, there is little wonder why so many people choose to buy holiday property here.  Ash Tree Park is a modern, luxury holiday park with access to nearby Weston-Super-Mare, as well as the beautiful Somerset coast.  It is a community which brings together the best of both worlds, with the serene country to the South, and sparkling sands to the North.  There are few parks in England, even the UK, which make the most of such natural beauty.

This extensive holiday park regularly opens new pitches and properties to prospective homebuyers.  It is neither too far from local amenities nor too close to noise and light pollution, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.  With Weston-Super-Mare and Somerset both ripe for exploring, there are plenty of reasons why people seek out Ash Tree Park season after season. 

About Ash Tree Holiday Park

Ash Tree Park is a popular holiday home resort with extensive pitches and luxury properties available throughout the seasons.  Managed by a friendly team, this holiday neighbourhood is designed to offer a spectacular standard of living which you would otherwise expect from some of the finer park communities in the region.  Therefore, Ash Tree Park stands tall as one of the most comprehensive and accessible holiday resorts of its kind.

The park owners describe the properties here as 'homes away from home', meaning that anyone looking for holiday comforts needn't have to wander too far.  The community is set up to offer visitors and tenants access to local villages, coastlines and attractions.  What's more, the management and park owners are always on hand to help if you need support.

Ash Tree Park homeowners and tenants will also benefit from added extras and discounts whether they choose to buy or to stay on-site.  For example, the site is currently offering annual memberships for the nearby Weston Grand Pier, as well as regular deals and promotions to use in the local community.  Ash Tree Park is set up as a holiday resort where owners and tenants can head back from a day of adventures on the coast without worrying about security or safety.  The community is one of the safest in the region, offering property by property security as well as main gate locking.

This close-knit holiday neighbourhood offers enough privacy from pitch to pitch, while still giving tenants and visitors the chance to get to know their neighbours.  The park owners understand that discretion is key, which is why visitors will always have complete control over their lodgings.  Prospective homeowners can look forward to owning a static lodging which acts as a fantastic foothold in the region.

The park management makes sure to cater to all holiday needs and requirements, meaning that even as a landlord, things will be clearly laid out to you from the get-go.  It's always important to try and book a viewing at the park, whether you intend to stay here on your own, or if you wish to start letting a lodge.  As always, make sure to contact the park directly if you have any specific queries or concerns.  They will also help prospective visitors learn more about the local region, as well as potential attractions and sites of interest.

New visitors to Somerset can take advantage of well-maintained holiday property and careful, landscaped grounds.  The team takes great pride in their park and want to make things as laid-back and as manageable as possible for their tenants and homeowners.  They have a full website where potential visitors can find out more in their own time. 

Ashtree Holiday Home Park Location

For many people, the location will be a big selling point for visitors to Ash Tree Park.  It is keenly situated between coast and country, which means visitors can either take a few minutes out to the Northern sands or can explore the verdant plains out to the South.  Anyone hoping to take a look at the park in closer detail will be pleased to know that it is easily reachable from main roads, too.

Ash Tree Park is close to Weston Milton Station, a local railway point which is walkable from the holiday resort.  However, visitors may wish to take a taxi or a bus out to Ash Tree for ease and convenience.  It is also close to Worle Station, making it closely linked for anyone exploring Somerset through public transit. 

Drivers can easily find the park by heading down the A370, off the M5 heading down through Weston-Super-Mare.  From the A370, visitors will need to split off down Queen's Way before heading onto Ebdon Road, and following the signs for the park.  Close proximity to main roads is very convenient.  Visitors can also rest assured that traffic noise won't travel far, meaning that they can always be assured of a good night's sleep no matter where their pitch is based. 

The park can be easily found at the edge of two small communities in Worle and Milton.  These back onto the bigger town of Weston-Super-Mare, a coastal resort which will appeal to anyone looking for that quintessential English seaside experience.  However, many people will likely enjoy moving here for the fantastic views for miles around.  Visitors to the park can expect accessibility and convenience as well as everything they need from day to day. 

 Any holidaymakers in Somerset will want to take full advantage of a park which puts them close to everything they need.  It is remarkably well-connected, making it a big competitor in the local holiday scene. 

The Local Area

Of course, it is always worth looking closely at the local area.  Visitors will be within a few minutes' drive of Weston-Super-Mare, the prominent town in the area.  They will also be able to visit local towns nearby, with local fare such as restaurants, historic streets and pubs.  Golfing enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Worlebury Golf Course is just outside the park, offering a great chance to tee up and practice on that stroke. 

There are further leisure spots and sites of interest out in Weston-Super-Mare itself, with its leading golf club resting at the coast.  There is also a local marine centre, as well as Weston's Grand Pier and Grove Park.  Visitors may even enjoy taking a tour of the famous Lambretta Scooter Museum.  Otherwise, there are long stretches of beach for holidaymakers to wander down and sunbathe on at their convenience. 

Travel further down the Weston coast and there is the popular yacht clubhouse, as well as the extensive River Axe.  Further South, nature lovers will enjoy taking a tour of the beautiful Bleadon Levels reserve, lovingly preserved for visitors to enjoy local wildlife in their element. 

If visitors want to explore local cities and towns, the popular centre of Bristol is just a few minutes' drive to the North-East. There is also the rolling Mendip Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which remains one of the most breath-taking green zones in the county. 

Why Choose Ash Tree Park?

The team at Ash Tree Park work hard all year round to make sure that visitors, tenants and homeowners have access to everything they could want from a modern holiday park.  It is, therefore, a well-maintained community, with ease of access to public transport as well as main roads and motorway links.  Families, couples and solo travellers will also enjoy peace and quiet throughout their stay, as the park is positioned to protect the tranquillity.  However, it is still amazingly convenient and well-connected.

Those looking to buy a holiday home at Ash Tree Park will be investing in a lucrative foothold in Somerset.  This is a county which is much-loved for its sandy stretches and its gorgeous green plains, as well as its immense history.  Anyone in search of holiday lodgings will want to find a park that gives clear access to as many local attractions as possible.  Ash Tree visitors can take a short walk to the beaches of Northern Somerset, or can head out into the towns and villages to sample the local fare.

Those who do wish to venture further afield can take the main roads or abundant public transport links to check out nearby resorts and towns.  Weston-Super-Mare is a town perfect for Somerset holidaying, offering a nice balance of quaint English seaside and everyday town amenity.  Ash Tree Park is open throughout peak seasons, offering pitches for landlords and holidayers alike to take advantage of.  It is always a good idea to call ahead for more information before you visit, and to book a viewing wherever possible.


Ash Tree Holiday Home Park
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