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Two Bed Tingdene Barnwell (44x20)

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Two Bed Tingdene Barnwell (44x20)





Cheshire is a fabulous county to explore at your own pace.  If you're retiring soon, or if you have the time on your hands to get to know the heart of England, there is no better opportunity than for you to settle in at Ashwood Park, based near Wincham.  This full residential neighbourhood is designed to offer complete peace of mind and slow, tranquil living to all homeowners.  It's closely linked to a variety of popular local attractions, as well as a vast expanse of countryside and a series of canal walks you'll want to stroll down again and again.

Many people choose to move out to Cheshire, too, because it is a fantastic base to access all manner of towns and cities.  Ashwood Park was developed to offer the best of both worlds - secluded, rural living, with plenty of links to the outside world.  You'll never feel too cut-off here.  At the same time, you'll never find your peace interrupted by the hustle and bustle of nearby cities and towns.  It is nestled deep within Cheshire's most stunning, verdant landscapes.  Therefore, you have all the more reason to come out and have a look for yourself.  

With more homes being developed at Ashwood Park, this community is fast becoming one of the premier sites for residential park living in the wider area.  With close village links and beautiful panoramas of the wider countryside, it is a dream idyll that many people will find extremely desirable.  With spaces getting taken up here all the time, it makes sense to book a viewing as soon as you can. 

About Ashwood Park

Ashwood Park is a private residential estate which has been developed over several years.  In that time, it's welcomed hundreds of couples and individuals who have been keen to escape the intensity of town and city living.  Moving here gives you a unique opportunity to embrace the wider English countryside, while still being in close reach of transport links and nearby amenities.  It's tempting to want to move to the country, but what about all your mod cons?  There is no need to worry, as the staff and facilities at Ashwood Park will ensure that your every need is catered to.

Perfect for semi and full retirees who wish to spend their time in the heart of the countryside, the properties here are well-developed to allow for private living while still in a close-knit neighbourhood.  Available to residents aged 45 and over, you will be moving in alongside people who are likely to be after the same things in life as you.  Genuine peace and quiet are on the bill here.  With ample parking and stunning landscaped gardens adorning the neighbourhood, it is a convenient, eye-catching resort which is only growing in popularity and size.

Ashwood Park's incredible village design is bolstered by the utmost in safety and security.  With park staff always ready to maintain and protect the resort for its many residents, this is one of the safest locales you will find in the wider Cheshire area.  Certainly, if you are keen to move closer to the county, Ashwood presents a cosy, friendly neighbourhood which you aren't likely to hunt down anywhere else.

The nearby walks and landscape trails will inspire you, too, as will the Trent and Mersey canal, which offers spectacular waterside walks throughout the seasons.  There is something quite idyllic about a canalside location!  If the idea of getting back to nature speaks to you, you'll likely find the neighbourhood here to be quite appealing.

Don't worry about your everyday facilities and modern technology.  While Ashwood Park is designed to be a complete getaway from the hassles of modern living, you'll have access to broadband internet and more besides.  The community is even pet-friendly. Therefore, if you'd like to bring a dog or two to experience the wider walks of the area, you can feel free to move them in with you. 


Ashwood Park's rural location is easier to get to and from than you might think.  Simply by heading for Northwich, you'll need to make sure you take the A559 towards A5509 (Chester), before taking a second exit on the roundabout towards the B5075, down Wattling Street.  Head down towards Chapel Street and then left onto Hawthorn Way, and you'll arrive at the park.  It's clearly marked for GPS, which means even if you are moving from further afield, you shouldn't ever find it too difficult to get to.

The village of Wincham is superb for a variety of everyday amenities and facilities.  You'll only need to pop out briefly from the park itself to take on all your local shopping, pharmaceutical and restaurant needs.  However, as mentioned, the park is also in close proximity to Northwich, which is a popular market town with even more to offer regular visitors and park residents.  You'll find all your high street brands and a handful of supermarkets here, which means it shouldn't ever be too difficult for you to get access to weekly groceries.

While Ashwood Park may seem like a secluded spot, you will find that you can easily head out on the road - by car or public transport - to explore the wider area.  Large parking availability at the park itself means you can easily drive in and out of the private community with ease.  However, public transport links are never too far away.  Northwich will also have more transport links for you to explore the wider Cheshire area, going as far as Manchester and beyond.

You'll likely want to take in the park community in all its glory before you head out anywhere, however!  Gloriously located with a stunning vantage point across the wider Cheshire countryside, it's a prime location for some truly magnificent landscape photography.  Whether you're keen to take on some nature walks or to explore the local history, you are never too far from the action. 

More About The Surrounding Area

Once you've moved into Ashwood Park, you'll likely want to plan a few trips to explore some of the biggest and best local attractions in the area.  Who can blame you?  It's worth taking a look at what the Cheshire tourist board has to offer.  However, the best way to take in the county is to explore it all on your own terms.  The team at Ashwood Park will also be happy to help make recommendations for various trips and adventures out.  You shouldn't ever be stuck for ideas on what to do.  Why not ask for some advice from local people, too?  It never hurts to inquire.

For example, you might want to take a trip out to view the historic Lion Salt Works up close, which you can view from afar near the park itself, or the splendorous Arley Hall and Gardens.  There are plenty of stately homes and curated garden spaces based in the local area.  It will be well worth you taking your own time to explore them in as close detail as you desire.

However, if you're more of a nature lover - particularly when it comes to wildlife - there are also plenty of reserves and animal centres based in the nearby area.  Of particular note is the Stockley Farm Birds of Prey Centre, which is home to some of the rarest and most elegant birds the English countryside plays host to.  For a more verdant walk or a day out, you might even choose to take a trip to Stonyford Cottage Gardens, where you can feast your eyes on spectacular curated landscapes the county has to offer. 

Why Move to Ashwood Park?

Ashwood Park has stood for some time as a premier spot for park home living.  However, it is fast becoming the big name in residential retirement homes the county over.  Its prime location for access to nearby towns, attractions and cities, as well as its spectacular views of the wonderful countryside, have helped to position it as the first choice for many people looking to explore Cheshire.  It's a county full of brilliant surprises.  It makes sense that people would want to set up home here in a community they can trust for peace, quiet and the utmost in security.

Ashwood Park is not off the beaten track but is likely going to be the closest you will get to an idyllic, private neighbourhood with so much access to fantastic facilities.  Properties here are being added on as part of ongoing development, which means that while spaces will be opening up in time to come, the park is only likely to grow more popular.  Therefore, as always, it's a good idea to head down for a viewing as soon as you are physically able to attend!

Ashwood Park could be your perfect escape to Cheshire, whether for retirement or semi-retired living amongst like-minded individuals.  Take a chance on leaving behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and make sure to view properties here at your earliest convenience.


Ashwood Park

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