Aspen Country Park, Suffolk

Lodges at Aspen Country Park

Two Bed Prestige Cassa Di Lusso (45x22)

Aspen Country Park

Two Bed Prestige Cassa Di Lusso (45x22)

Fornham St. Genevieve, Bury St Edmunds



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What Features Does Aspen Country Park Have?

Idyllic location
Investment opportunity
Outdoor activities close by
50 year leases
Set in over 200 acres
Open 12 months
Electric gated entrance
On-site warden


Aspen Country Park in Suffolk offers holidaymakers the chance to explore some of the more spectacular historic towns and walks on offer at their leisure.  Offering 12-month seasons, new holiday homeowners can take advantage of luxury pitches, modern facilities and wide access to a variety of different attractions, towns and cities via main road links. 

The site is based close to Fornham St Genevieve, is a rarity in that it delivers incredible peace and quiet while never being too far removed from civilisation.  While many British holidaymakers may want to take a look at the coastlines elsewhere, the site brings people closer to the lush, verdant country walks that the UK is so famous for.  There are few parks so keenly positioned in the heart of the greenery.

Many people choose to holiday at parks across Suffolk thanks to their bespoke nature.  Early viewings at properties are always a good idea to book.  The park offers stately grounds and plains, meaning that few communities in the region are quite as prestigious.  Properties and pitches at the park may vary in terms of availability across the months, however, it is a good idea to take a look around if you wish to take a break for this slice of countryside heaven. 

Holidaymakers looking for a private, secure living while enjoying a week or two away from the frantic city or town lifestyle will never have to look too far. 

About Aspen Country Park

This is a unique, gated holiday community offering some of the most spectacular views of the surrounding county countryside.  It offers more than 220 acres of its own private land for new homeowners to enjoy, with an intriguing character and history behind it all to boot.  The park boasts its own Grade II listed building in its church tower, while visitors can also enjoy exploring the exclusive lake and greenery available right on their doorsteps.  Few parks in the region, if not the UK, offer such breathtaking natural and historical beauty before they even leave the gates.

The park boasts a modern, cutting-edge design, complete with modern living standards and safe, secure property and community design.  The park is completely private from public view and access, making it a genuine exclusive resort.  The properties and pitches on site are developed with leading hands in park home manufacture on standby.

Visitors to Suffolk looking for a quiet journey and holiday out in the Suffolk countryside will be happy to hear that Aspen Country Park is one of the most secure communities of its kind for miles around.  The park benefits from warden patrols and the latest in security and privacy enhancements.  Visitors will have full advantage of modern CCTV as well as full electric gating.  Not only is the site well-hidden from public view, but it is also completely locked off for homeowners and holidaymakers to enjoy.

Properties are low in maintenance and come ready stocked with modern facilities.  The park is also beautifully landscaped and well-kept throughout the year.  12-month seasons will allow homeowners or tenants to head out and enjoy their properties come rain or shine.  The park is developed for people of all ages and interests to head out and explore the English countryside without fear of being rained off.  Lodge owners will always have a wonderful park to head back to after a long day of adventuring.

The park offers incredible woodland trails and walks for visitors to explore.  There has been a keen effort to provide homeowners with parkland that closely emulates the surrounding areas.  Therefore, new homeowners or anyone who chooses to rent in the park will likely find plenty to see and do before they even leave their property.  The park itself is flanked by magnificent bodies of water, making it a true lakeside retreat for many people who want to leave the hustle and bustle of the cities behind.

However, anyone missing modern convenience won't feel too far adrift.  Visitors can easily reach the site through main road links, meaning that it is simple to get to and from major towns and transport in the wider area. 

The Location

The park technically in the heart of Fornham St Genevieve, is popular for its links to local towns, heritage and its incredible commanding views of rolling countryside for miles around.  The park nestles itself deep in an area of true natural beauty.  What's more, visitors will never have to worry about noise or light pollution, as it is far from anything likely to cause disruption or upset.

Visitors will easily find the park just off the B1106, heading north through Fornham St Genevieve itself.  It is close enough to main road links through the A134, however, it is never too close for noise to ever be a problem.  Visitors can also head south towards Fornham towns and villages for local rail links.  Visitors are close to the popular historic town of Bury St Edmunds, which is where they can take trains out to other towns and cities across the county and beyond. 

The site settles in a region well-known for farming, making it a genuine break away from some of the more built-up areas in the wider county and beyond.  Its historic grounds and keen landscaping pave the way for some of the most breathtaking views across the rolling greenery, with large lakes and bodies of water standing idly around for all to see.  Even before leaving the park, visitors will likely find the views and the local area to be magnificent to behold.

However, taking on country walks and trails is always a good idea.  Park owners and staff - who are available on-site to help - can encourage visitors and new homeowners with ideas for new walks and adventures while in the area.  A Suffolk holiday home is one with endless opportunities.

The location offers town and village conveniences and amenities.  This means that, while holidaying, visitors will never have to stretch too far to take in groceries and everyday items.  Close links to Fornham as well as Bury St Edmunds means that both drivers and those using public transport can easily do a bit of shopping and head back in a matter of minutes. 

Aspen Country Park Local Area

The point of a great holiday community is to bring people closer to the major attractions and sites of interest across a wider region.  This development offers a location that is close to enough road links for visitors to build their own Suffolk holidays with ease.  Park owners recommend that visitors take up all manner of outdoor activities while visiting, such as cycling through local paths and country trails, or even horse riding at local centres and through famous paths in the local area.  The choice of activities and country walks available really is breathtaking.

Visitors won't just have the countryside to explore, as many coastal towns and villages in the wider county are very easy to get to and from.  Visitors may also wish to take a tour of local farmland and farming businesses, many of which undertake the business for miles around.  For fans of leisure, there is the Bury St Edmunds Golf Club over to the West, as well as a wide variety of pubs and local restaurants in nearby towns and villages.  Beyond Bury St Edmunds, there is also the opulent Ickworth House Park, which also boasts magnificent gardens for visitors to explore at their leisure.

Visitors will also be able to take a short drive or public ride out towards the famous Thetford Forest, offering acres of stunning woodland for regular exploration.  There is also the Thetford Heath National Nature Reserve, where visitors can take in local wildlife and habitats carefully protected for birds and other creatures to enjoy. 

Why Choose Aspen Country Park?

This is a spectacular modern community with historic gardens, cutting-edge landscaping, and plenty of character.  Beyond the park, there are almost unlimited country walks and vistas for holidayers to enjoy.

The Park is a unique foothold in Suffolk as a county, keenly positioning itself amongst some of the most stunning greenery and wider heritage attractions.  Families, couples, and solo travellers alike may appreciate the location for its close proximity to areas such as Thetford and its wide-reaching panoramas.  Anyone who wants to explore more than the wide greenery across the county can also take roads and rail links out with ease.

The team works hard to maintain a spectacular country community for holidaymakers of all ages.  New homeowners can purchase a foothold for their own families to enjoy or may wish to let out to other tenants.  In any case, few parks of this nature across the region offer such modern luxury and freedom to explore the English countryside.  Should properties become available here, early bookings are always a must.


Aspen Country Park
Fornham St. Genevieve
Bury St Edmunds
IP28 6TT