Attwood Close, Hampshire

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Attwood Close, Hampshire

Looking for a park home at Attwood Close in Hampshire?  This private residential park is based close to the centre of Basingstoke and offers residents countryside views across Hampshire.  The park is also well-known for closeness to a variety of different villages and communities in the region, offering new movers plenty of access to shops and local sites of interest.

Attwood Close is designed and built to offer homeowners quiet and gentle living beyond the pressures of towns and cities.  Hampshire has plenty of rural charm as well as its own town and city spaces, however, this park may appeal to retirees who want to step away from hustle and bustle.  There are green spaces and nature reserve locations in the local area, with local walks and trails only a few steps away.

Why Choose Attwood Close?

Attwood Close is a popular park in the town of Basingstoke, close to the town centre for convenience, but away from noise and bustle for quiet living in a private neighbourhood.  The park’s urban location is quiet and laid-back, with management keen to maintain a close-knit community.  Residents at the park may expect to move alongside other retirees who still want access to wider towns in the region.

Attwood Close residents will be able to park close to the community and will be able to drive out and explore local sites of interest and Hampshire attractions.  Based on the Southern Coast, there are various villages and local areas with unique shops and pubs, as well as other entertainment facilities.

Attwood Close itself is a modern residential park with a full licence for permanent residents.  It may appeal to those close to retirement who wish to take on a slower pace of living towards the end of work.  Those who wish to still connect to Basingstoke will be able to walk close to local amenities, with transport links only a few minutes away.

This residential park offers urban living with country walks and views only a short distance to the West.

About Attwood Close’s Location

Attwood Close is an urban residential park, based near to the heart of Basingstoke but far enough away from noise and traffic pollution.  Local conveniences are straightforward to get to on foot, or through public transport and main roads.  Residents can take strolls into the town centre to sample local entertainment, cuisine and pubs.  There is also a leisure park close to the park, as well as museum facilities.

Reaching the park is simple from the centre of Basingstoke.  Heading West on Worting Road, drivers will need to head down to the left at the first roundabout before the Morrisons supermarket.  They will then need to keep straight before taking the third right, where Attwood Close and its private estate will become immediately obvious.

Residents will be able to travel to and from the park easily through public transport links, mainly via the train station in Basingstoke town centre.  This railway station is well-linked across the county and up and down the country, with services from GWR, South Western and CrossCountry all connecting here.  Therefore, residents may find that there are plenty of day out opportunities available simply by taking the right trains.

It is simple to reach the park via the M3, simply making sure to head into the town of Basingstoke.  The park’s metropolitan location may appeal to those prospective residents looking for a quiet bolthole, but with plenty of access to nearby centres of commerce.  There is also a hospital and medical facilities close by for ease of use.

Things to Do Near Attwood Close

Residents at Attwood Close will find plenty to do in Basingstoke centre.  The town has a nature reserve on its outskirts, as well as a popular Milestones Museum.  There is also a local golf club only a few minutes away, based at Weybrook up off the A339.  This backs onto green expanses of land which may appeal to residents looking for new walks and nature trails in the region.

Attwood Close and Basingstoke sit beyond the North Wessex Downs, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offering scenic walks and green pastures for residents to explore as they wish.  Historic towns in Whitchurch and Winchester are also close by, with the South Downs also easy to access from the M3 connecting past Southampton.

Heading further to the South West, residents at Attwood Close will be able to tour the Cranborne Chase, with Dorset seaside attractions further down.  This area of the country brings together coastal and country views, which may appeal to retirees keen to get closer to nature.

Further attractions in the local area include the Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery, an indoor skydiving centre, and both a bakery and an Italian eatery just a few steps away from the park itself.


Attwood Close
RG21 8YY

SITE RULES Definitions The use of ‘we' or ‘us' or ‘our' in these site rules refers to the department and/or representatives of Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council with responsibility for the management of Attwood Close Mobile Home Park. Requirements for New or Replacement Homes Any home brought onto Attwood Close Mobile Home Park must: a) be a park home (not a holiday home) that complies with British Standard 3632 1981 or a subsequent modification thereof b) be weatherproof, clean and maintained internally and externally in a good state of repair c) have adequate means of permanent ventilation d) have windows of sufficient area to give a satisfactory standard of natural lighting e) be maintained in such a condition as to be capable of mobility and transportation f) have valid electrical and gas safety certificates as appropriate. You may not bring a home onto the site without our prior permission in writing. You will be required to provide details of the type and size of the home you intend to buy together with satisfactory evidence of compliance with the above requirements. Do not buy the home until you have received our prior permission in writing. Position of the New Home While any mobile home is stationed on the site: a) it shall not be less than 6 metres from any other home. It is also recommended that: b) it shall not be less than 2 metres from a road or parking areas c) It shall not be less than 3 metres from the site boundary. You mu 3 Re-siting Mobile Homes On very rare occasions we may have to ask owners to move their homes. A detailed explanation of your rights and our responsibilities in relation to moving homes can be found in your written agreement. External Decoration You must keep the exterior of the mobile home clean and tidy and in a state of decoration and repair that is acceptable to us. The home must be painted in white, light pastel colours or neutral tones. Extensions and Porches Any addition to the mobile home, e.g. extension, conservatory or porch must meet the British Standard 3632. Enclosed porches must not protrude into the 6 metre separation zone. Open porches may protrude no more than 1 metre into the separation zone. Porches must not exceed 1 metre in depth or 2 metres in length. You must discuss your proposals with us before starting any such work. If we confirm that the proposals are acceptable in principle, advice must then be sought from the council's Development Control and Building Control departments prior to any works taking place as planning permission and Building Regulations approval may be required. Written evidence either of these permissions having been obtained, or of there being no requirement for these permissions must be provided, following which we will issue our decision in writing. Any works carried out without our consent will be unauthorised and we may ask you to reinstate at your own cost. Stairs, Verandas and Ramps Our permission in writing is needed if you wish to add a ramp, stairs, verandas or decking. They must not be any closer than 4.5 metres from adjoining homes if made from a combustible material such as timber. Skirting Around Base of Home You may leave the area below your home open or you might prefer to enclose it with a ‘skirt' of brick/block or other suitable fire retardant materials. You must obtain prior written permission before you fit a skirt around your home. You will be required to provide an inspection hatch to enable checks to be made by the council or its agents that no combustible material is being stored under your home. The hatch must be at least 1 metre wide and the full height of the skirt to allow easy access. If your home has a skirt you will be responsible for removing and rebuilding it in the event of the home having to be moved. Letterbox You are responsible for providing a receptacle to receive post. This can be either a letter box in a door to your home or a box on the fence. 4 Siting of LPG cylinders Special rules apply to the siting of LPG cylinders; you must not install or store cylinders within the 6 metre separation distance from a neighbouring home. Where this cannot be avoided, you must contact us to agree any fire safety precaution measures that need to be followed. All cylinders must be placed upright on a concrete base. If you use LPG for heating or other purposes, the following matters are your responsibility. ï‚· The installation must comply with BS 5482-1 and BS 5440-1 and the flues and terminals with BS 715 (partially replaced by BS EN 1856-1:2003 & BS EN 1856-2: 2004) or any subsequent version thereof. ï‚· Cylinders must not be positioned or secured in such a way as to impede access in the event of an emergency. ï‚· Cylinders must be kept on a hard surface. ï‚· A maximum of four cylinders are permitted on a pitch at any one time. ï‚· Full and empty cylinders which are not connected must be stored in accordance with LPG Association Code of Practice 7 ‘Storage of full and empty LPG cylinders and cartridges' or any subsequent version thereof. ï‚· Any work on gas fittings/storage must be carried out by a competent person, or as required in current regulations. ï‚· The position of any gas installation must be agreed in advance with us. Connections will not be permitted within the 6 metre separation distance without additional fire precaution measures being taken. ï‚· It is strongly advised that residents do not use any LPG, naked flame or exposed element portable heaters. On-going Maintenance of LPG Cylinders ï‚· Vehicles, rubbish, combustible items and vegetation must be kept away from the cylinders ï‚· Chlorate-based weedkiller is a fire hazard and must not be used. ï‚· Do not allow any electrical equipment, vehicles, barbecues or other sources of ignition near the cylinders. ï‚· Do not smoke when changing cylinders. ï‚· Children should be kept away from LPG installations. 5 ï‚· The pipework or flexible hose from the cylinders to the point of use must be protected against accidental damage and be properly supported. ï‚· Report any equipment failure or damage to your supplier without delay and seek their advice on dealing with it. Gas Safety For safety reasons you must have a gas safety check carried out by a Gas Safe registered fitter every year. This must be carried out at your own expense; once completed you must submit a valid safety certificate to us as evidence that the installation is safe. Any works required prior to the installation being certified as safe must be carried out without delay. Electrical Safety You are responsible for the electrical supply from the supply pillar into and throughout your home. For safety reasons an electrical safety test must be carried out on your home every 3 years and a copy of the test certificate submitted to us as evidence that the installation is safe. Any works required prior to the installation being certified as safe must be carried out without delay. You should use an NICEIC approved contractor to carry out any work Siting of Oil Tanks All new and replacement oil tanks must comply with the British Standard. Tanks must be located in accordance with best practice at least 1.8 m from the home and any other combustible structure, with fire protection barriers provided as necessary. Any work to oil tanks must be carried out by an OFTECH registered contractor. Oil fired appliances and equipment should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and a certificate submitted to the council as evidence that the installation is safe. Any works required prior to the installation being certified as safe must be carried out without delay. Wood Burning Stoves You must obtain our permission prior to the installation of a wood burning stove. Immediately following installation you must provide copies of Building Regulations approvals or a HETAS Certificate from an authorised installer as evidence that the installation is safe. Chimneys must be swept at least once a year to reduce the risk of a chimney fire. You will need to provide us with satisfactory written evidence of an acceptable standard. Barbecues, Bonfires etc Bonfires, incinerators, chimeneas and fireworks are not permitted on site. Barbecues are permitted providing that they are at least 6 metres from any neighbouring home. Sheds Only non-combustible sheds or other structures are permitted within the 6 metre separation distance between neighbouring homes. You should not make any alterations to these structures without our prior consent in writing. Alterations might include electrical or plumbing 6 connections. Electrical connections must be tested by an NICEIC approved contractor and an appropriate certificate issued and a copy provided to us. You must obtain written permission from us to erect any shed or structure or to alter or move any existing shed or structure. Permission may be given for the installation of appliances that require plumbing, e.g. a washing machine, subject to conditions relating to installation and use. External toilets and/or washing facilities are not permitted on site. We will require you to remove any non-compliant shed or structure. Boats, Trailers and Touring Caravans Boats, trailers (excluding metal trailers no greater than 1.8 m x 1.2 m), trailer tents, motorhomes, touring caravans or other such vehicles (hereafter referred to as Vehicles) are not permitted on the pitch. Where permission has been granted for them to be brought onto site, they must be kept in the car park by the site entrance. Due to the limited parking spaces at Attwood Close a limit has been placed on the number of these Vehicles allowed on site. If you wish to apply to keep any of these on site you must contact us for permission. Permission will only be considered if the Vehicle can be accommodated within one parking space. If the maximum limit has been reached, your details will be added to a waiting list until a space becomes available. Any permit provided must be displayed prominently in/on the Vehicle. A monthly charge may be applied which will be added to your pitch fee and will be due on the first day of each month. Vehicles must not be used to provide sleeping accommodation while on site. Any Vehicle parked without permission or in breach of these rules may be removed without notice and all charges associated with its removal and storage added to the resident's account together with an administration fee Driving and Parking If you wish to park a car on your pitch you must obtain our prior permission in writing. Cars will only be permitted to park within a pitch provided that they do not obstruct entrances to homes or the access around them and are a minimum of 3 metres from any adjacent home. Only 1 car may be parked on the pitch. A speed limit of 5 mph applies on the site. Please ensure that you and any visitors comply with this speed limit and drive responsibly and considerately around the site. It is important for safety reasons as well as for the convenience of others that the road way is never blocked. Please park considerately on site and make sure your vehicle is taxed and in a roadworthy condition. Vehicles that are untaxed or reported as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) are not permitted on site for more than 3 months. Upon giving no less than 30 days' notice, untaxed vehicles 7 Hosepipes/Use of Water Use of the fire hoses is not permitted except in the case of emergency. You are responsible for the water supply from the supply pillar into and throughout your home. You must repair any leak that is your responsibility without delay. Where necessary, works will be arranged and the cost of the works, together with a charge for the wasted water, may be charged to your account. Any other water leaks from damaged pipes must be reported to us immediately after the leak is discovered. Fences and Gates You are responsible for maintaining and/or replacing fences that separate your home from your neighbours. Where all or part of the fence forms the boundary with a neighbour both parties will be jointly responsible for the fence. We will not become involved in discussions or disputes between neighbours unless there is a breach of these Site Rules. We will maintain the perimeter boundary wall and fencing and the fencing at the front of pitches adjacent to the roadway/common areas. Where damage has been caused by a resident or the resident's visitors we will carry out necessary repair or replacement and will charge the resident at cost together with an administration fee. Fences and gates must be no higher than 1.8 m). Where existing fences and gates are higher, this new standard will apply when fences/gates are replaced. Garden Maintenance You are required to keep your pitch clean and tidy with the grass cut regularly and garden areas cultivated. As well as ensuring that the site remains an attractive place to live, it is also essential to help prevent fires. It is very important that rubbish and other materials are not allowed to build up on your pitch, even for short periods. Rubbish, cut grass and vegetation must be removed from the site as soon as possible. Bonfires are not permitted. Trees and Hedges You are responsible for maintaining any vegetation on your pitch. Our prior permission must be sought before planting trees or shrubs that could grow to a height of more than 1.8 m. You must ensure that trees and hedges are regularly pruned. Hedges and plants along the boundary must be no higher than 1.8 m and must be pruned in order to maintain at least 1 m clear space between the hedge and the home or any combustible structure or other plants. Hedges and plants must not grow beyond the front boundary fence into the roadway. Trees and shrubs must be appropriate for the pitch and must not present a fire hazard nor grow to such a height or in any other way as to cause a nuisance, inconvenience or annoyance to others. 8 Siting of Bins Where possible, bins and recycling containers should not be stored or placed within 6 metres of a neighbouring home or next to the electrical distribution boxes or fire points which are located around the site. Pets You will need written permission to keep a pet. We will normally give our consent for no more than 2 pets providing that any pet is not likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to other residents. We will also take into consideration the size of the pet in relation to your home and pitch when deciding if consent will be given. Pets must be kept under control at all times and must not be permitted to foul the public areas. Any fouling of the pitch must be cleared immediately so that it does not cause a nuisance to others or a health hazard. Pests You are responsible for keeping your home and pitch free from pests and infestations. Nuisance or Annoyance Residents or their visitors must not cause nuisance or annoyance to other residents of the site. Subletting Residents are not permitted to sub-let the whole or part of the pitch or mobile home. Residents may take in lodgers, but must first obtain our permission in writing. CCTV Residents are permitted to install CCTV monitoring equipment to their home, provided that they can demonstrate to our satisfaction that it does not cover any other pitches or homes and that it is installed in accordance with best practice. We and other agencies authorised by us, are permitted to inspect the equipment upon no less than 24 hours' notice. Business Use Residents are not permitted to carry on any trade, business or profession on or from the pitch or permit any family member to do so without our permission in writing. Insurance You are responsible for insuring your home and all of its contents. 9 Permission to Make Changes You may wish to make some changes to your pitch. However, you must write to us and receive prior written permission before you start any work and we may need to inspect your pitch to assess the proposal. This applies to any kind of improvement or change for example: ï‚· Moving your home ï‚· Building a porch, veranda or enclosed steps ï‚· Add skirting around your home ï‚· Putting up or moving a shed ï‚· Building any additional hard-standing ï‚· Creating or changing a parking area ï‚· Putting in or moving gas bottles ï‚· Putting in or moving oil tanks ï‚· Creating an area of decking or patio ï‚· Cutting down large trees ï‚· Erecting CCTV equipment ï‚· External plumbing work ï‚· External electrical work Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and other works outside this list may require our consent. When you write to ask permission, please include as much detail as possible about your proposals and provide a drawing with exact measurements. What Happens Next? We have absolute discretion in deciding whether to permit the work prior to you making planning and building regulations applications, however we are more likely to allow it if we are satisfied as to the following: ï‚· where combustible, the materials used will not be within the 6 metre separation zone ï‚· the alterations will not cause problems for us or for your neighbours ï‚· that the standard and type of work you are planning is acceptable ï‚· that a Gas Safe registered contractor will be used to carry out any work that involves gas appliances and that you undertake to provide satisfactory evidence on completion ï‚· that a qualified electrician will be used to carry out any electrical work and that you will provide us with a copy of an appropriate certificate to cover the work ï‚· that you will obtain all the necessary permissions and approvals (This may include planning permission or building regulations approval. It is your responsibility to find out about these and obtain the required permissions before work is started.) ï‚· that you will comply with any other reasonable conditions that we specify. 10 We will write to you, either to give you permission to do the work, or to say why we will not give you permission. We may say you can do the work subject to certain conditions. We will also ask you to sign a document to confirm that you agree to the conditions we set out. What happens if I do work without permission? If you carry out any works without our prior written permission, we may ask you to put your pitch or home back to its original condition. If you fail to do so, we may notify you that we intend to enter onto your pitch to carry out the works ourselves. Any costs incurred will be added to your pitch fee account together with an administration fee. If changes to your pitch are required for fire safety or health and safety reasons you will be notified and will be given a reasonable timescale in which to comply, but if you fail to do so we reserve the right to enter onto your pitch to carry out any changes/works and will add the costs of doing so to your pitch fee account together with an administration fee. These site rules are subject to review. Changes may be made, following consultation as appropriate, to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained on the site or to promote and maintain community cohesion. You must comply with the latest version of the Site Rules.