Auchengower Caravan Park, Argyll and Bute

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Auchengower Caravan Park is in Kilcreggan, with many people choosing to buy property in the more rural reaches of Scotland, it’s hardly surprising that resorts such as Auchengower Park remain so popular.  The park offers properties to people who are looking to sample the rugged plains and stunning coastlines of the outer counties.  Scotland’s majestic natural vistas are always worth exploring, and new residents can take in all the sights and sounds from a luxury property.

Caravan pitches and properties here are available all year round.  That means anyone keen to invest in a Scottish escape can do so regardless of the season.  The park is close to a variety of local towns and villages and is also within reach of public transport leading to some of Scotland’s major cities.  The park positions visitors and homeowners close to some of the popular islands scattered out from the Scottish mainland.

It is the perfect retreat for anyone who is keen to get close to the classic views and countryside panoramas Western Scotland is famous for.  While the park is easy to get to, it benefits from a secure, secluded location.  Its development over the years also means that it is in peak condition, offering a genuinely quiet foothold without the risk of visitors ever getting overwhelmed.  It’s also a very modern park, unassuming, but fitted with all the mod cons visitors will expect from their own properties. 

About Auchengower Park

Auchengower Park offers pitches and properties all year round.  It is a secure park, meaning that anyone buying property here can rest easy in the knowledge it receives full on-site protection.  After years of development, this unassuming plot of land is becoming one of the most popular resorts of its kind towards Argyll and Bute.  Anyone keen to explore the wider reaches of rural Scotland will no longer have to pack up tents and camping equipment.

Auchengower Park’s luxury pitches and on-site facilities will help new owners acclimatise to the rugged surroundings.  Designed to offer homes away from home, the park stretches across acres of land with properties which continue to appeal to people of all ages.  It is surprisingly close to public transport links, meaning that if homeowners or visitors do wish to explore the wider cities and towns Scotland has to offer, they never have to feel too far removed.  In fact, the park encourages independence and adventure unlike any other.

The park owners take great care to monitor and maintain their land.  This means homeowners can always be sure of careful landscaping and ad-hoc maintenance.  Staff are available to help with a wide variety of queries.  New buyers may wish to upgrade their properties or to learn more about the local area.  The owners and staff are friendly and open, and since 2013, they have transformed the park into a modern, luxury resort.  It has never been safer, nor more appealing to the wider public.

Auchengower Park’s stunning location is likely to be its major draw.  However, the owners work hard to maintain the resort as one which is comfortable as well as convenient.  There are few parks in the local region which offer quite the same balance between tranquillity and luxury convenience, as well as on-hand support.  Visitors and owners are never too far from help if they need it.  Visitors can also get around via ferry to visit the islands beyond. 

Auchengower Park is in a unique location, which is why pitches and properties remain popular throughout the year.  It is a good idea to bookmark this page in the event of future availability.  However, this will vary from season to season.

Auchengower Park, above all, is a great base for anyone looking to explore the wider reaches of Scotland.  Its links to the village of Cove mean that anyone staying here can access local grocery shopping, facilities and amenities without having to go too far.  However, further exploration is, of course, recommended. 

The Location

Argyll and Bute offers stunning views across the Scottish seas and rugged countryside.  There is certainly plenty to explore, which is why many people choose to invest in plots and pitches at Auchengower.  The park is around 15 miles away from the popular resorts of Helensburgh.  It is here where many people will find local shopping experiences and plenty of heritage to explore.  Visitors and owners can also sample the wider island through ferry crossings, which operate regularly from season to season.

Auchengower Park is very much off the beaten track as main roads are concerned, however, it is extremely easy to find.  Simply enter the address into your GPS device and you can easily make a connection via local roads breaking off from the A82.  This road travels through Dumbarton, Luss and Inverbeg.  Therefore, visitors and new owners local to this stretch of Scotland may already know where they are heading, at least on a rough basis.  It is always worth planning journeys ahead, whether via GPS or physical map.

Visitors and new homeowners can also reach the park by taking a short ferry across from Greenock and Port Glasgow.  These are within reach of the A78, winding through Inverkip and Wemyss Bay. 

The location of the park puts visitors within clear vantage of Gare Loch and Loch Long, surrounded by majestic bodies of water.  People staying at the park can take in the sights of Blairmore and Ardentinny across the way, as well as Dunoon further out towards the South-West.  The park’s location nestles deep within an area of Scotland that is otherwise hidden to mainland residents.  This makes it all the more appealing to prospective property buyers, as it means they will invest in exclusive plots and properties which they can head back to whenever they choose.

The Scottish islands and lochlands remain beautiful to watch over across the year.  Therefore, a property or pitch at Auchengower Park could make for a valuable investment for years and even decades to come. 

The Local Area

Auchengower Park’s unique location makes it the perfect getaway spot for anyone who wants to get closer to the rural beauty of Scotland.  Its lochside views make it a lucrative foothold, however, it will also appeal to those who want clear access to cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, without having to stay anywhere too crowded or noisy.  In fact, all the local villages surrounding Auchengower Park are famously sleepy and laid-back.

Cove, the nearest village to the park community, is one such area.  Quiet and unassuming, park visitors can head out down local roads to access shops and amenities.  Visitors will also be close to sites of interest such as Argyll Forest Park and Loch Lomond, both of which are breath-taking to take in on foot.  This is an area of the country which demands a camera and a pair of binoculars at all times.  Local wildlife is rife in the wider reaches, meaning that new homeowners will always have a chance to head out and spot something new.

Glasgow, as mentioned, is one of many metropolitan areas close enough to the park for convenience.  No noise or light pollution travels over to the park thanks to its seclusion.  However, Glasgow is just 45 miles away, meaning that it is less than an hour’s drive or public transport ride.  That means anyone staying at the park can balance quiet, natural beauty and countryside walks with modern city convenience as they wish.  Few parks and resorts offer the same balance.  Visitors can also get the train to Glasgow with ease or may even prefer to take a ferry out to Gourock.

Many people choose the Argyll and Bute area thanks to its incredible seclusion.  Auchengower Park presents a convenient foothold for anyone keen to tour Western Scotland at their own pace, in their own time. 

Why Choose Auchengower Park

Auchengower Park has seen much development over the years.  Therefore, at this moment, it is at its most appealing to new homeowners.  Presenting a unique investment opportunity, anyone hoping to tour Western Scotland and its islands can secure a foothold for years to come.  Close enough to civilisation for modern convenience, yet far enough removed for peace and relaxation, Auchengower Park remains a popular choice for modern people looking for a modern escape.

Park owners and staff care deeply about the comfort and security of people staying at Auchengower.  Therefore, all new property owners can rest assured the latest safety enhancements are ready in place.  New buyers can settle into a Scottish foothold that is removed from public access, private and exclusive as a home base for years to come.  It is one of the best ways, inarguably, to experience the wilder, wider reaches of Scotland.

Anyone hoping to experience the Scottish isles for themselves can do so without having to pack and prepare awkward camping gear.  A foothold in Argyll and Bute should be comfortable, warm and welcoming to head back to.  Auchengower Park offers this balance, meaning early viewings are encouraged if properties become available.


Auchengower Caravan Park
Cove nr Kilcreggan
Argyll and Bute
G84 0NX