Badgers Retreat Park, North Yorkshire

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What Features Does Badgers Retreat Park Have?

Tranquil location
Fully furnished homes
26 acres of private grounds
New homes fitted with hot tubs
Nearby Historical Sights
Close to Local Towns


Badgers Retreat Park is located close to the Yorkshire Dales, which prove year after year to offer some of the most fantastic holiday opportunities.  Badgers Retreat Holiday Park is a famous, close-knit resort which brings families, couples and solo holidaymakers closer to the rolling, verdant hills.  From the park, visitors can see the incredible greenery for miles around, and can take the opportunity to wander out and experience some of the world-famous heritage with their own eyes. 

The park itself offers a fantastic location for anyone new to exploring North Yorkshire.  What’s more, its experienced and friendly staff are always on hand to help.  Offering a luxury holiday experience for Yorkshire ramblers and families keen to take on local attractions, Badgers Retreat remains a fantastic choice and a great investment.  Properties at the park may vary, as well as availability.  This is thanks to their popularity from season to season.

There are a selection of parks and communities in the region, however, few offer the same level of care and comfort people can expect at Badgers Retreat.  North Yorkshire is a county that deserves exploration from all corners of the UK.  Therefore, investing in a property here may be a sound choice, for new visitors and experienced Yorkshire adventurers alike. 

About Badgers Retreat

Nestling deep in over 26 acres of private land, Badgers Retreat presents a luxury choice in holiday home convenience.  It is in a premier location close to the rugged North Yorkshire Moors, and as such, the park owners and maintenance team go to great effort to keep the park matching its wider surroundings as closely as possible.  New homeowners can expect carefully-curated gardens and landscaping all year round. 

Offering secure, private holiday residences throughout the year, visitors to Badgers Retreat will benefit from quiet breaks away.  While easy to get to from local roads and connections, visitors never struggle with light pollution or noise from busier areas close by.  It is one of the safest parks in the region, having undergone serious development in recent years to help make things even more appealing to investors.

The park’s owners are friendly and experienced and have taken lengths to ensuring each pitch and property has modern facilities.  Beyond this, many include luxury standards, making a purchase at the park one of opulent investment for years to come.  It is a park built for self-catering, which also means that visitors and homeowners can expect independent, discrete holiday experiences all year round.

The park’s peaceful surroundings are well-loved.  The retreat welcomes visitors and owners of all ages and from all backgrounds.  Therefore, it is one of the friendliest and most open parks in the UK.  Visitors can also enjoy spotting local wildlife, too.  Badgers Retreat earns its name thanks to its wide array of nocturnal life in the surrounding areas.

Badgers Retreat is a holiday park with plenty of character, warmth, and everyday convenience.  Many people choose to stay here, as well as to invest in property, as a result of its fantastic location.  The staff are approachable and knowledgeable when it comes to the wider region and all its various attractions.  However, independent holidays and explorations are also recommended.

Badgers Retreat is one of the most lucrative holiday spots heading into North Yorkshire, meaning that pitches and properties are always likely to fluctuate.  Early viewings, should properties become available, are a must.  

The Location

North Yorkshire is world-famous for its stunning countryside panoramas.  Miles of natural, verdant walks await new visitors here, as do plenty of heritage trails.  The Yorkshire Dales and Moors, flanking Badgers Retreat, inspire some of literature’s most famous stories, such as Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.  What’s more, coastal locations across the way, such as Whitby, have historical links with other literary greats, such as Bram Stoker – author of Dracula.

Technically located in Tunstall, near Richmond, Badgers Retreat is far from main roads which are likely to be noisy and busy.  However, that doesn’t mean it is difficult to get to and from.  New visitors can reach the park by splitting down local roads from Home Road, heading towards Tunstall, and adjacent to roads heading down through Scotton from Richmond itself.  From main roads, drivers can also split off towards the West from the A1 (M), via Brompton on Swale.

Therefore, homeowners can rest assured that while there are plenty of links across the wider county, there are no major motorways or commuter roads likely to make things noisy or uncomfortable.  It is one of many reasons why Badgers Retreat remains so popular with so many people.

At the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Badgers Retreat offers a unique vantage point for anyone new to visiting the park.  As well as quaint villages and towns scattering across to the North and East, there is extensive greenery and lush, verdant plains covering the South and West.  From up on high, it proves to be a magnificent sight.  Therefore, anyone keen on walking out with a camera to capture the local beauty will never have to go too far.

Badgers Retreat’s own landscaping apes the local area wonderfully.  Therefore, heading back to a holiday lodge after a day of rambling and exploring will never feel jarring.  The staff at the park genuinely love the wider area, and develop their community encourage more and more people to come and sample the sights and sounds for themselves.  A holiday home in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside may just be the investment many countryside enthusiasts are looking for. 

The Local Area

The main point of interest in the local area will likely be the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  This expansive area of countryside has full protection.  This means it is unspoilt for miles around and is gorgeous to behold.  Nidderdale, attached to the Dales, is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which offers similar verdant walks and trails.

Further up towards the North-West are the North Pennines, gorgeous rolling hills which encompass communities such as Barnard Castle, Stanhope and Alston.  These areas are never too far for new visitors to Badgers Retreat to explore at their leisure.

On the other side of things, holidaymakers can explore the rich history and heritage available to enjoy in various towns, villages and cities North and Eastbound.  From pleasant Richmond to Middleton Tyas, as well as smaller communities in Leeming Bar and Masham, there is plenty to explore.  Larger districts such as Darlington and the city of Middlesbrough are accessible through motorway links via the A1 (M) and A66 (M).  Heading even further North, visitors can also enjoy the historic town of Durham and its surrounding communities, such as Spennymoor, Bowburn and Bishop Auckland.

The North York Moors can be found off towards the East, heading onto the coast where visitors can sample the heritage and beaches of Whitby and Scarborough.  Both towns are hugely popular with families and couples alike, mainly thanks to their wide array of entertainment opportunities, as well as their food and drink scenes.  There is always a lot to take in.

However, this all adds up to Badgers Retreat being a superb location for holidays of varying natures.  From countryside breaks to coastal escapes, visitors to the park can head to some of the most popular resorts in the North of Yorkshire.  For those looking to invest in a foothold close to some of the best holiday experiences across the Pennines, there are few parks offering such a central location. 

Why Choose Badgers Retreat?

Badgers Retreat is hugely popular with families and holidaymakers who want to make a break for Yorkshire on their own.  It is central between the North York Moors and the Dales National Park.  Therefore, there is always a wide array of choice on offer.  From coastal trips to short stays in towns and cities, visitors can take nearby roads and public transport links to sample the various culture and local food and drink scenes.

Badgers Retreat has also seen extensive development over the years, making it one of the most secure modern parks of its kind.  It is also very close to recent developments at Princes Gate, a leading entertainment facility including restaurants and a cinema complex.  Therefore, families should never be stuck for anything to do.

Holiday parks in the region such as Badgers Retreat offers fantastic opportunities for various holidays years down the line.  North Yorkshire is a region rich in history and heritage incomparable with elsewhere in the country.

Staff at Badgers Retreat are always happy to help new visitors and homeowners find their ideal space.  It is a quiet, unassuming park community impressively based off the main road links, while still being extremely easy to get to and from.  Few parks offer such a balance.

The properties at the park continue to face careful curation and development.  Therefore, new buyers can expect leading manufacturing and the best luxury amenities in the region.  It is worth contacting park staff ahead of time with any queries or concerns, and to view in detail should properties become available.


Badgers Retreat Park
North Yorkshire
DL10 7RF