Bargus Close, Oxfordshire


Bargus Close is a residential semi retirement park home estate in Oxford, Oxfordshire. The park itself is small and well maintained. Situated in a secluded close, this is a quiet and well kept park in a semi rural area of Oxford. The park is based in the town of Steventon just a short walk away from the park itself you will find lots on offer when it comes to shops and pubs. There is also a nearby public allotment. Nearby you will find the modern market town of Abingdon, set in a rural area of Oxfordshire.

The homes are set in a quiet area of Steventon, perfect for those looking to ease into a more relaxed way of living. The park is self offers peace and serenity away from the busy city life allowing the property to lend it self as a place of relaxation. And the homes come with a small garden surrounding the properties and parking access is just a short walk from the homes.

This is the perfect space for anyone looking to make the most out of there retired years in a beautiful and rural animal friendly setting. 



  • Semi retirement
  • Animals allowed

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Bargus Close