Bargus Close, Oxfordshire

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What Features Does Bargus Close Have?

Semi retirement
Animals allowed


Bargus Close in Oxfordshire is a small residential park, close to some of the county’s best-loved attractions and historic towns of interest, as well as plenty of countryside walks and vistas.  The park is marketed towards retirees and the semi-retired, meaning that it may be a desirable community for those looking for like-minded people to move alongside.  The park is based in a quiet area to appeal to those who may be looking for a gentle breakaway from town and city living.

Bargus Close is an exclusive park, bringing local people and those who wish to explore Oxfordshire into a gentler, quieter neighbourhood.  As an exclusive park, it may also offer residents the security and peace of mind they desire as they approach the end of working life.  The park offers a semi-rural setting, meaning that new residents can benefit from local greenery as well as opportunities to explore local restaurants, bars, shops and more.

Why Choose Bargus Close?

Bargus Close may appeal to retiring people as well as those who are already semi-retired.  It is a quiet community which may consider pets on-site.  Therefore, it is prudent to consult the park’s owners as soon as possible to learn more about their policies.

The park is close to a number of local communities and villages, which may make it easy for new residents to find daily groceries as well as plenty of opportunities to get to know local people.  Communities such as Steventon and Marcham are only a short distance away.  Steventon is likely to be the closest port of call for those residents looking to sample the local scenery, shops, businesses and more.

The location of the park means that residents will be able to explore nearby Abingdon via road links without feeling too close to traffic noise.  The team at this residential park strive to keep a small, quiet community across the year.

About Bargus Close’s Location

Bargus Close is easy to reach through local roads splitting off from the A34, towards Steventon itself.  Steventon is home to all daily amenities such as local shopping.  Residents will also find that the A34 is a great link towards some of the more popular towns and attractions in the local area.  It is easy to find Bargus Close near to Drayton Park Golf Club, as well as Milton Park.

Residents may also wish to take in local museums and heritage trails.  The city of Oxford is not too far away.  This historic university city offers plenty of natural walks as well as sites of interesting heritage to take in.

Residents will also find that they are at the Northern edge of the North Wessex Downs, as well as to the South East of the Cotswolds, a popular holiday resort.  There is also the Colne Valley Regional Park to the East.  Popular towns in Bracknell, Andover, Aylesbury and Farnborough are also close by through driving and public transport links.  Residents shouldn’t feel cut off from local services.


Bargus Close