Bartington Hall Park, Cheshire

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What Features Does Bartington Hall Park Have?

Exclusively for the over-55s
Beautiful rural location
Retired/semi-retired residents
Close to local amenities
Access to Airports
Tearooms and Farm Shop nearby


Bartington Hall Park, Cheshire, is a modern residential community, and offers residents a quiet, secluded neighbourhood which is ideal for retirees and the semi-retired.  It is based in a secluded location within nearby greenery and countryside.  However, it is also closely linked to many towns and cities.

The park is within the vicinity of Bartington itself, a small Cheshire village replete with local shops and businesses.  Cheshire is a large county which many retirees are choosing to move to.  The site offers a simple, modern approach to residential park living, albeit with a luxury touch.  The nearby area benefits from plenty of history and may appeal to residents looking to learn more about the county.

Why Choose Bartington Hall Park?

This is a modern, firmly-established residential community in the heart of Cheshire.  The park is part of the Wyldecrest Parks collection, a brand well-known for high-quality park community standards.  The development may appeal to movers looking to find likeminded people to move alongside.  As the park is exclusively available to people aged over 50 years old, it is likely to offer new homeowners a quiet, gentle pace of living.

Bartington itself is close to the park, as are a variety of different attractions and sites of interest.  It may offer a desirable base for retirees who wish to explore Cheshire’s famous countryside landscape as well as the shopping experiences in the towns and cities beyond.  It is straightforward for residents to head in and out of the community to explore the wider reaches.  Local tearooms and farm shop facilities will also likely appeal to those residents keen to break free from the towns and cities elsewhere.  

The park is set up as a careful, gentle community with rural views and riverside walks only a few minutes away.  Benefiting from an experienced name in park homes, the park may appeal to new retirees looking for a quieter corner of England to settle into.

About Bartington Hall Park

The site backs into the village, where residents will be able to explore local businesses and rural walks.  The location of the park will also allow movers to sample neighbouring tea room facilities.  Local shops and daily amenities are also easy to find and reach only a short drive or trip via public transport away.

The park overlooks local streams and rivers, with the River Weaver being of particular note.  There is a local rowing club, bars and restaurants close to the river’s edge.  Residents at the park can also take the time to walk around and explore the local region however they wish.  The closest train station to the park can be found at Acton Bridge, which will connect travellers to a variety of wider villages and towns in the area.

Other communities in Lower and Higher Witley, Dutton and Little Leigh are easy to get to and from.  Residents will also find more patches of countryside and greenery to explore the further they travel down the Weaver.

The park is signposted and is straightforward to find through GPS and Google Maps.  Residents will need to head down the A533 connecting from Runcorn down towards Northwich.  They should then split down Warrington Road and turn off down local roads heading into the right.  The A49 is accessible should drivers keep moving forwards, meaning that there will be further connections to towns and villages elsewhere if they persist.

Northwich is likely to be the biggest town of interest close to the park, with the A533 continuing down into the metropolitan centre.  There are further train and railway links close to the town, too.

Things to Do Near Bartington Hall Park

The area surrounding the site is mainly rural and very quiet.  However, there are plenty of things to see and do nearby which are not difficult to get to and from via the main entrance of the park itself.  Local leisure facilities such as Sandiway Golf Club are only a short drive away.

For further green walks and nature trails, the popular Northwich Woodlands are just over four miles down the way, while Delemere Forest is just over six miles beyond the park.  Residents will also be able to access the popular Anderton Boat Lift four miles away, and historic areas in Chester and Warrington are closely linked through the main A-roads.  Any residents keen to embark on holidays abroad will also find Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport, and Manchester Airport, less than 20 miles away in separate directions.

The Peak District is also very popular with Cheshire visitors, as the largest national park in the nearby region.  Residents will only need to travel a short distance to the East to gain admission. 


Bartington Hall Park