Beach Farm Residential Park, Suffolk

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What Features Does Beach Farm Residential Park Have?

Exclusivesly for the over-55s
Community atmosphere
Close to local amenities
10 minute walk from the beach


Beach Farm Residential Park is in Suffolk, this remains one of the most popular counties for people to move to when they approach retirement.  While it remains a popular region for holidays and short breaks, many people are taking the opportunity to secure residential homes in the area.  Beach Farm Residential Park is one such community which offers wonderful pitches and properties on an exclusive basis.  It is twinned with a holiday park nearby, however, this particular location near Lowestoft is the ideal choice for anyone looking to make a permanent break for the East coast.

Beach Farm Residential Park offers a secure, exclusive community for anyone who may be approaching retirement.  Close to some of the most popular seaside towns in the East, the park is also very easy to get to and from via main road links.  However, residents will never complain about noise or light pollution, as the community is carefully positioned away from any of the major hustle and bustle.  One of the best reasons to invest in a property out at Beach Farm Residential Park is, of course, the commanding views of the sparkling sea beyond.

Beach Farm Residential Park offers a keen balance between countryside and coastal living.  There are lovely green and verdant plains across the way, leading up towards the Broads.  What’s more, residents can always get to and from some of the major towns and cities in the county without driving too far.  There are never any concerns when it comes to public transport, either, as there are clear links very close to the park itself. 

About Beach Farm Residential Park

Beach Farm Residential Park is a resort for residential living.  It is an exclusive community, which means only homeowners over the age of 55 ever need to apply.  This helps to make things feel that little bit more close-knit and neighbourly.  The park’s owners work hard to develop and cultivate a community of people who look out for one another.  Certainly, likeminded neighbours is one of the key attractions to choosing Beach Farm Residential Park in the first place.

However, many people will choose the park for its fantastic facilities.  The community is set across six carefully kept acres of land.  It is ideal for people who are close to retiring or who are semi-retired, as the properties are secure and arrive with all modern amenities and facilities.  It is easy to reach from local roads and avenues, however, it is completely private.  Public access is forbidden, which means that residents can access the park using a pass or key as provided by owners. 

The park is within the Lowestoft area, close to a variety of local facilities, as well as many of the East coast’s most famous beaches and sandy stretches.  Family owners make sure that all residents get to experience peaceful, tranquil living without threat of intrusion.  The park’s development encourages independent living, which means that homeowners are always free to head out and explore the various attractions and walks nearby on their own.

Plots and pitches offer discrete, private living standards.  While residents can head home to private dwellings at any time, they can also make friends and get to know other people in the community with ease.  The park’s plan is neither too close-knit nor too widely spread.  This means that those who want to be sociable can rub shoulders with likeminded residents as and when they wish.  However, as people all need a little social downtime, properties at Beach Farm Residential Park offer incredible privacy.

Properties at the park will vary, in terms of size, style and in terms of availability.  Therefore, homes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  It therefore makes sense to check availability regularly.

The East coast often sees more sun than much of the UK combined each year.  Therefore, anyone keen to find somewhere warm and relaxing on home soil will likely find Beach Farm Residential Park to be an intriguing option.  Certainly, many people will also find the park to be a curious investment and foothold for exploring the best of the East. 

The Location

Beach Farm Residential Park’s location is partly what helps to keep it so popular.  The park owners position the community only a short walk from beaches.  Residents can take short or long walks on local sands just 500 yards from the main gates.  Furthermore, the community is very close to local amenities and everyday stores.  Therefore, moving out to the park means that residents will still have access to major supermarkets and everyday shopping precincts.  Residents can register at local surgeries and sample bars, pubs and restaurants in towns and villages just down the way.

Beach Farm Residential Park is nestled off the beaten track but is still easy to get to when following the A72.  New homeowners need to split off at a roundabout heading through Bloodmoor Road, off towards Arbor Lane and out towards the coast.  The park is adjacent to Gateway Retail Park, though isn’t so close for noise to ever be a problem.  In fact, closeness to stores and brands such as Aldi, B&M, Homebase and Screwfix will likely be a big draw for many people.

Above all, however, people will likely choose a property at Beach Farm Residential Park for its proximity to the sea and the beaches beyond.  Modern town and village conveniences may simply be a bonus.  From the park itself, residents can look out across the beautiful bays beyond.  What’s more, residents will also be close to many different country walks heading out towards Benacre, just a few minutes down the road via the A12.

However, the park itself should prove to be stunning in and of itself.  Park staff ensure to create a community that blends in perfectly with surrounding country and coast, while maintaining all the modern conveniences new homeowners may come to expect. 

The Local Area

There are plenty of beaches and sandy walks for residents to explore close to Beach Farm Residential Park.  However, there are plenty more towns, villages and areas offering incredible heritage and entertainment.  Residents are close to the towns of Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, both of which are very popular with holidaymakers and locals alike. 

Residents will also enjoy taking to the Broads for nature walks and verdant adventures.  As mentioned, the park is also a short drive from Benacre, which has its own National Nature Reserve.  Further South is Southwold Pier and coast, as well as RPSB Minsmere, where visitors can birdwatch to their hearts’ content.

Further down the coast is the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where visitors will find scores of beautiful walks and trails to experience in their free time.  It’s also close to Felixstowe Ferry and Pin Mill.

Those residents who would like to sample more of the modern town and city experience can always head North-West towards Norwich, one of the biggest cities in the region.  It is easy to access from the park via the A143, A146 and A47.

Heading even further West, residents can sample the woodland walks at Thetford Forest and further heritage across the county.  Crucially, those who choose properties at Beach Farm Residential Park will have access to a wide array of town, village, city and coastal experiences.  What’s more, they can also take their time exploring sites of natural beauty just a few miles down the road.  It is easy to board public transport from just outside the park, too, meaning that those unable to drive won’t have to worry about being closed off. 

Why Choose Beach Farm Residential Park?

Beach Farm Residential Park has been a popular choice for retirees and semi-retirees for many years now.  It is a quiet, unassuming community keen to offer modern luxury close to some of the most curious cultural hotspots the county has to offer.  Beyond this, the park benefits from close, careful management.  There are never any threats of intrusion.  Beach Farm Residential Park is clear away from public access, and also benefits from a lack of noise and light transfer.

When people retire, they may often wish to move somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of commuter traffic.  Park owners at Beach Farm understand this.  As well as operating their own holiday park, Beach Farm Residential Park offers tranquil living standards and local convenience unlike any other community in the area.  For that reason, many people put the park high up on their lists of first choices.

Local people and those who already enjoy holidaying in the area may find Beach Farm Residential Park to offer the perfect foothold on the East coast.  Close to Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, it is an exclusive, private investment which homeowners can enjoy all year round.  Secure gating and on-site management mean that property owners can rest easy and sleep well regardless of the season.  A fantastic vantage point for residents keen to explore the beaches and heritage close by, Beach Farm Residential Park could provide the perfect residential escape thousands of retirees are looking for.


Beach Farm Residential Park
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