Bedwell Park, Cambridgeshire

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What Features Does Bedwell Park Have?

Full residential tenure
Over-45s only
Near local amenities
Rural setting
Regular bus service to Ely
Pet friendly

Park Homes at Bedwell Park

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Bedwell Park

Plots Available

Nr Ely

Two Bed Hayden Classic (36 x 20)

70 The Drove, Bedwell Park

Two Bed Hayden Classic (36 x 20)

Nr Ely




Looking for a park home at Bedwell Park, Cambridgeshire?  This exclusive residential park is a pet-friendly community, benefitting from a rural location and access to local villages and towns.  The park is open to residents aged 45 and over, making it a great potential retirement spot.  Everyday groceries and amenities are only a few minutes away through road and public transport links.

Bedwell Park is based in the heart of Cambridgeshire, close to historic communities in Ely and Peterborough.  It is also close to the city of Cambridge, too, so it should appeal to new residents who are keen to move closer to the area’s famous waterways and historic buildings. 

Why Choose Bedwell Park?

Bedwell Park is a residential community popular for its quiet, laid-back setting.  The park is at the edge of Witchford, a small village which is just outside of the town of Ely.  It offers a location which is both rural and close to quaint local communities, which are available for new residents to explore and to get to know more about at their leisure.

Bedwell Park is a residential community with a licence for permanent living, and blends carefully into the local surroundings, offering a semi-rural experience and a laid-back neighbourhood design.  The exclusivity of the park for over-45s may appeal to retirees, though it may also make a good investment for the semi-retired who are keen to explore the wider area further. 

Bedwell Park is carefully maintained throughout the year, which means that residents will have little to worry about with regard to green maintenance.  The park is a private neighbourhood which aims to offer plenty of access to local attractions and everyday amenities.  Residents may also bring up to two pets with them when moving in, however, it is a good idea to ask for more information from the park's owners.

Bedwell Park offers independent living as well as community spirit, with residents able to explore the local area through close public transport just outside the main gates.  The park is likely to be popular with buyers who are keen to break away from the busier towns and cities nearby. 

About Bedwell Park’s Location

Bedwell Park places close to the village of Witchford, a quaint yet popular area which offers residents local shops, stores and daily amenities, as well as services and takeaways.  The park is also just a short drive away from Ely, where residents will also be able to connect to wider towns and cities without having to get behind the wheel of a car.

Bedwell Park is close to the A142 and the A10, roads which connect widely across the region.  To get to the park, residents and visitors will need to head on the A10 travelling North from Cambridge towards Ely.  From there, taking the Ely bypass, drivers will need to head towards the A142 moving onwards towards Chatteris, and then left into Witchford.  Drivers will then find Bedwell Park emerge on the right moving into Bedwell Hey Lane.

Bedwell Park is neither too far off the beaten track nor too close to towns and cities, making it potentially viable for retirees looking for a quiet neighbourhood.  The community of Witchford will likely serve as the main point of community contact for residents, with around 2,000 people and a variety of local businesses and attractions available in the centre.  Residents will also be able to take buses and trains from Witchford out towards Ely, and then out towards Cambridge.

Bedwell Park is also close to the Great River Ouse, which may appeal to those new residents looking to take their dogs on riverside walks nearby.  

Things to Do Near Bedwell Park

Bedwell Park’s closeness to Ely will mean that residents have clear access to its historic buildings and streets.  What’s more, the same will apply to the historic city of Cambridge, only a short drive away through main roads.  Residents will also be able to head out towards London through local public transport links, such as via buses and trains heading out across Cambridge and Ely.  Ely Cathedral, for example, is one of many historic buildings likely to appeal to new homeowners at the park.

Other local attractions a short distance from Bedwell Park include Oliver Cromwell’s House and the popular Stained Glass Museum, again easy to find through road and public transport links.  The Bridge of Sighs, Fitzwilliam Museum and Cambridge University are all main points of interest in the local city.  Residents who prefer a different kind of leisure activity will also be able to take on the links at Ely City Golf Club.

Those residents looking for rural walks and nature trails will likely want to head out East towards the extensive greenery at Thetford Forest Park, just off the A11 and A1065.


Bedwell Park