Beechdown Park, Devon

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What Features Does Beechdown Park Have?

Retirement park
Stunning views
Close to Paignton
Bus stop near park entrance
Great transport links
Variety of Park Homes


Beechdown Park in Devon is a retirement park for people over 55. Set in a rural setting offering attractive views of the surrounding fields and hills based in a countryside location, perfect for those looking to enjoy the peace and serenity of the Devon hills.

The park is based in a countryside location near to the seaside town of Paignton which offers miles coastline and unspoilt beaches with lots of local amenities close to hand, for example, a chemist, doctors surgery, post office and supermarkets. These are all accessible by bus just a short one minute walk from the park. The seaside town of Paignton is perfect for those looking to enjoy a classic bucket and spade style holiday and has lots to offer when it comes to local amenities. Paignton has lots of shops, bars and restaurants across the coastline as well as its own zoo. Activities on offer locally include Golf, Swimming, health and leisure clubs and much more. 

The park has a mix of homes, the homes on offer are detached modern and stylish coming with private parking and a little patio garden. The park is the perfect place for those looking to enjoy a relaxing space of tranquillity and peace. The park has a warm welcoming community spirit perfect for those looking to retire.


Beechdown Park
Totnes Road


The following rules are intended to be for the good management of the Park and the benefit of all who use it. These Rules form part of the agreement pursuant to which each Occupier occupies their Pitch in accordance with the Mobile Homes Acts 1983 (as amended) (the “Agreement”).

These rules take effect from [25th January 2015] and are not of retrospective effect.


Park Home means a mobile home stationed on a Pitch, and occupied by the Occupier(s) as their only or main residence under the provisions of the Mobile Homes Act 1983 and subsequent amendments.

Pitch means the land, including any garden area, on which an Occupier is entitled to station their Park Home under the terms of their Agreement.

Occupier means the person or persons occupying a Park Home.

Installation, alteration and maintenance of Park Homes and Pitches

1. Only Park Homes of proprietary manufacture which comply with the definitions contained in the Caravan Site and Control Development Act 1960 are permitted on the Park.

2. The supply, delivery, movement and siting of any Park Home must be carried out by a professional contractor with appropriate public liability insurance.

3. Wheels must not be removed from the Park Home, nor can the Park Home be repositioned by the Occupier.

4. No external structural alterations or additions to the Park Home, other than porches and other non-permanent fixtures which comply with all relevant regulations and the site licence terms, are permitted without the prior written consent of the Park Owner, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld. No replacement of the Park Home is permitted without the prior written permission of the Park Owner.

5. No inflammable materials or chemicals are to be stored underneath a Park Home

6. Trees and plants on a Pitch must not be permitted to grow to a size or shape as to interfere in any way with neighbouring properties. Trees and shrubs must not be removed when a Pitch is vacated.

7. Fences are not to be erected without the prior written permission of the Park Owner, such permission not to be unreasonably withheld. Existing fences must be kept in good repair.

8. No storage shed or facility may be installed without the prior approval of the Park Owner, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld. Any such shed or facility must be installed and positioned to comply with the relevant conditions of the site licence in force at the relevant time and any requirements of the local authority. Any form of fuel storage (being of proprietary type concrete or metal fuel bunker specification) or other structure must be in compliance with all relevant regulations.

9. Occupiers (and their guests) must not use, or interfere with, the fire points provided for other than the emergency use intended.

10. Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that all electrical, solid fuel, oil and gas installations within their Park Home and on their Pitch comply at all times with the regulatory requirements, other than any such installations which supply other Park Homes and remain the responsibility of the Park Owner.

11. Where an Occupier’s water is not separately metered or rated, the use of hosepipes is strictly prohibited (except in case of fire). Sprinklers are not allowed. The Occupier must not permit mains or waste water to discharge onto the ground nor permit to pass into water closets, gullies or drains any matter that is likely to cause blockage or damage. Occupiers must keep in good repair and condition all pipes and cables for which they are responsible.

12. All external water pipes for which the Occupier is responsible shall be lagged against frost by the Occupier who will be responsible for any wastage of water due to the Occupier’s failure to do so.

13. In order to avoid the risk of damaging or interfering with underground services, no holes or ponds may be dug in the ground save, and upon taking reasonable care, in digging a hole for the planting of a plant or shrub.

14. Access is forbidden to vacant pitches, save, where reasonably necessary, for the upkeep of an Occupier’s plot. Use of the Park Home and Guests

15. The Park Home may only be used by the Occupier and members of their permanent household and invited guests. Occupiers will be held responsible at all times for the behaviour and actions of their guests. The number of persons occupying the Park Home shall not exceed the number for which the Park Home was designed as detailed in Part 1 of the Agreement.

16. No children are allowed to occupy Park Homes on a permanent basis. The Occupier remains responsible at all times for the conduct of children visiting their Home.

17. Children may not climb trees or banks on the Park, must not be allowed to play around the Park Homes of other Occupiers unless invited to do so, neither must they be allowed to play on roads within the Park. Rules for Occupiers

18. All Occupiers must be 50 years of age or older.

19. External fires, including incinerators are not permitted.

20. Pets must be kept under proper control. They must not cause noise or nuisance to other residents or be allowed to despoil the Park. Occupiers must not keep any pet or animals except the following: ï‚· One dog and two domestic cats per Park Home or two dogs and one domestic cat per Park Home ï‚· Animal or pet housed in a cage, aquarium or similar remaining at all times within the Park Home

21. The Occupier is responsible for the disposal of all household waste (suitably wrapped and sealed) in Local Authority approved containers, which must not be overfilled, through the Local Authority refuse collection service. Garden refuse must be disposed of in a proper manner.

22. Satellite dishes must be erected as discretely as possible to obtain reception and in a suitable position. No tents or awnings may be erected on the Park. Rules Relating to Vehicles

23. All vehicles must be driven carefully on the Park, not exceeding the displayed speed limit. Parking is not permitted on roads or grass verges which may cause obstruction to other vehicles including emergency vehicles such that they cannot pass the parked vehicle with reasonable ease.

24. No commercial vehicles are allowed on the park other than those belong to tradespeople carrying out work for Occupiers or making deliveries. No Commercial Vehicles may be left on the Park overnight.

25. Trailers, touring caravans, boats and motor homes are not permitted to be kept on the Park.

26. All vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law and be in running order. Drivers must hold a current, valid driving licence and insurance.

27. Disused or unroadworthy or untaxed vehicles must not be left on the Park and the Park Owner reserves the right to remove any abandoned vehicles.

28. No major repairs to vehicles (entailing immobilisation for more than 24 hours) are permitted on the Park Owner’s land. Motor oils and other fuels of that nature must not be discharged anywhere on the Park.