Beechtree Lakes, South Yorkshire

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What Features Does Beechtree Lakes Have?

12 Month Holiday Season
Dog Friendly
Family Owned Park

Lodges at Beechtree Lakes

Two Bed Omar Holmeswood (45x15)

Beechtree Lakes

Two Bed Omar Holmeswood (45x15)




Two Bed Omar Westfield (40x20)

Beechtree Lakes

Two Bed Omar Westfield (40x20)




Two Bed Wessex Classic (40x20)

Beechtree Lakes

Two Bed Wessex Classic (40x20)





Are you looking for a lodge at Beechtree Lakes Park in South Yorkshire? South Yorkshire is not only home to big cities and industry, but also incredible heritage and countryside walks. Beechtree Lakes in Hatfield is a fabulous holiday park currently offering a 12-month holiday season; the site is adults only providing a quiet, stress-free getaway.

Beechtree Lakes Park has access to some of the lushest countryside, as well as some of the bigger cities such as Sheffield and Doncaster; there are plenty of reasons to set up a holiday home central to the county.  Beechtree Lakes presents a fabulous leisure facility with expansive lodges.

About Beechtree Lakes

Beechtree Lakes is a beautiful, modern holiday home development.  Situated deep in the heart of some of the county's most rugged and celebrated countryside, this contemporary development is quickly picking up interest from holidaymakers from miles around. 

Beechtree Lakes offers an extensive selection of 38 lodges and homes, designed with individual privacy and comfort in mind. 

Visitors will love the lakeside accommodation here, with opportunities for fishing in the private lakes based conveniently on-site.

Everything holidaymakers demand from a luxury site is arranged with convenience.  With 12-month seasons available, visitors can freely return to Beechtree Lakes again and again, whether at the height of summer or even during the colder months.  The countryside doesn't just pack up and leave when the seasons get rough.  If anything, it gets even more beautiful.  The landscaped gardens and pristine location take full advantage of this.  

Beechtree Lakes is a family-owned park with a view to expanding in the years to come.  It has been developed carefully to avoid spoiling the local countryside and greenery.  If anything, it makes for a peaceful vantage point across the incredible rural stretches for miles around.  It is hugely appealing to walkers and ramblers alike, keen to explore the greener side of South Yorkshire. 

The park is also dog-friendly, meaning that pet owners can take their four-legged friends with them to stay in a Beechtree Lake lodge and explore the countryside walks and trails.  When bringing more than one dog to the holiday park, it is prudent to call the park operators before arriving.  This way, full amenities and facilities can be arranged on arrival. 


Beechtree Lakes in itself is a fabulous-looking park, with everything you could hope for from a leading leisure park in the region.  However, it is the wild, rugged country that envelopes the park, which will appeal.  It is based just off the main roads, too, which makes it easy for lodge owners to head out and explore the towns, villages and cities beyond. 

The park nestles within its little nook in the Lindholme / West End region, and it is safely protected from any irritating noise from main roads.  However, the park is still elementary to reach via the M18, which passes up the left-hand side, a few minutes' distance away.  Follow the local roads around from the motorway, and Beechtree Lakes will be easy to spot along the route.  The park can be found via GPS, too, if additional support is required. 

Driving and travelling via public transport is always convenient to and from the park. 

From up on high, the area surrounding Beechtree Lakes offers incredible panoramas of the unique countryside and beautiful bodies of water.  This park has been established in the area so that visitors have close links to local amenities as well as all of South Yorkshire's most attractive rural delights.  Beechtree Park opens up the county to those who may not know such countryside exists in their back yard. 

The location is perfect for couples and individuals alike.  Not only is the resort developed to welcome a wide diversity of people, but the local area is also awash with attractions, sites of historical interest, and much more.  Above all else, taking a break out at Beechtree Lakes is fantastic for the peace.  This park's location makes for both laid-back holidays and adventurous pursuits alike, making it an extremely versatile foothold. 

The Local Area

The local area surrounding Beechtree Lakes helps to make it a popular resort in the county.  The lodges here are close to the small towns of West End, Hatfield and Lindholme.  All of these communities are welcoming, and all naturally benefit from the spectacular surroundings. 

One of the highlights of the local area, too, is Conisborough Castle.  This imposing, commanding castle ruin has been left standing from medieval times, and as such, it remains one of the most popular haunts for solo adventurers.  Many people will find it breath-taking to see so much history still lingering on the wide-open landscape.  Conisborough Castle is a popular tourist spot which offers impressive views.  It is only a brief trip away from Beechtree Lakes. 

There are further day out ideas available to explore and enjoy close to Beechtree Lakes.  For example, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park is only a short journey via the main roads.

For local heritage, many people holidaying in the region head out to tour the Brodsworth Hall and Gardens.  This famous stately home offers tours and exhibitions for public attendance.  Visitors will be able to explore the curated gardens for a closer look at some beautiful landscaped scenery. 

Beechtree Lakes is also only a short distance from Crookhill Park in Conisborough.  This expansive golf course provides holiday residents with the chance to tee up and enjoy a full 18-hole club just a few minutes from the park.  Many people choose Beechtree for its proximity to local leisure facilities. 

Beechtree Lakes is not only in an excellent position for views and walks, but for many sites of interest and days out.  It is prudent to contact the park operators for further advice on what to expect from the area. 

Why Purchase a Holiday Home at Beechtree Lakes?

Beechtree Lakes' private, carefully-maintained properties and gardens will appeal to anyone hoping to invest in a quiet corner of the county.  Long seasons will enable visitors to head back to their own plot whenever they wish, with staff carefully attending to the unique landscaping and amenities all year round.  Few parks in the region offer the same level of luxury and convenience.  It is a park which is convenient, practical and well-loved, with a variety of different properties for potential buyers to choose from. 

Many people love Beechtree Lakes, too, for the location.  The surroundings are magnificent and are likely to inspire many people to invest in holiday property here.  However, it is also a fantastic launchpad for anyone wishing to explore South Yorkshire to the fullest.  There is more to this historic region than its handful of city and town centres.  South Yorkshire is a county which can often get overshadowed by its Northern equivalent.  The team at Beechtree Lakes more than understand this, and have developed the most comfortable lodgings possible to bring the county to a whole new audience of holidaymakers. 

As a pet-friendly resort, the Lakes are popular with animal lovers.  In addition, fishing amenities and close links to local golf courses make it an ideal foothold for leisure pursuits in the wider region.  It is also a quiet, compact community, neither too far from local attractions nor too close to noise which is likely to travel from miles around.  For many people, this will present the perfect holiday balance.


Beechtree Lakes
South Yorkshire