Beechwood Park, Devon

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What Features Does Beechwood Park Have?

Exclusively for Over-50s
Sought after location
LPG Gas central heating
Spacious Plots/Park Homes
Close to amenities
Golf Course nearby


Beechwood Park in Devon is a fantastic residential site. There is more to moving to a residential home park. It is not just a change of address but also a change of lifestyle. If you are looking for a residential home park in the south-west, this is the park for you. This is the most beautiful residential home park in south-west ideal for those looking for a slower pace of living and a new lease of life.

The development is located in the seaside town of Dawlish Warren with local facilities and amenities, including a supermarket, shops, restaurants and pubs, and also a blue flag beach.

This is a famous retirement village spaciously developed for safety and comfort, which can accommodate about 92 residential home parks. It is a secured community free from public access with modern facilities and a beautiful garden. Most of the residential home park are large twin unit with private parking space and garage.

The park is designed for retirement living and enjoyment. It is a modern lodge development that benefits from traditional community value. It is a place to meet new people that will help advance your lifestyle.

About Beechwood Park

This is a retirement village spaciously designed to accommodate about 92 residential homes. It is a community of luxury properties with exclusive access that is easy to locate. Here you are free to retire to your quiet space anytime it pleases you, and you can also move around too. There are lots of rooms and living spaces for you to have a comfortable and secure private lodge.

On the park, you will be inspired by the spectacular facilities which will make you move to the park to see more. Everything in the park is designed to make you enjoy your stay. There is an exclusive spa and health club in the park where individuals have access to facilities and treatment. 

Our staff are approachable and friendly. They are good at what they do and ensure that individuals at Beechwood Park make the most of it. Our team runs a careful community with gardens and beautifully maintain the landscape.

We maintain an independent standard of living that encourages park residence to visit Dawlish Warren areas. Dawlish Warren, which is located on the western side of the Exe estuary, has a long sandy beach which is backed up by dune and part of the national nature reserve. Gate access is simple, and the homeowners are free to visit any place of choice. At Dawlish Warren, there are lots to see and enjoy.

Beechwood Park location

This is one of the most beautiful parks in the south-west located in the seaside town of Dawlish Warren. The park is easy to identify, and the unique location of allows homeowners to walk around and sample some of the unique sights.

Links to public transport are to the park making your movement in and out of the park accessible. There are lots of sites of natural beauty which can be accessed by cars and public transport. 

Residents enjoy the local facilities and amenities in the park which are available for the comfort of park homeowners.

It is a unique experience to leave in the park. Beechwood Park has a lot to offer; it is the best and the finest around with lots of facilities and amenities that will make you enjoy life to its fullness.

Local area

Dawlish Warren is home of facilities and amenities with shops, supermarket, pub and restaurants and also a local blue flag beach. Dawlish Warren is connected to other towns and villages, so finding your way to Beachwood park is not a difficult task.

At Dawlish Warren, there are lots of natural, beautiful,  green walk and water scroll for homeowners to sample as they live in the park.

Beachwood park allows its residents to move around the local areas. Residents can freely move around the area to take a look at the beautiful facilities, gardens and everything that makes Dawlish Warren what it is.

The independent standard living of the park helps the residents to live freely and make the most of the park. Any homeowners at Beachwood park have the chance of exploring the future reach of Dawlish Warren. This is a great way to set up for retirement and enjoying your endless holiday in a park that gives you the best and comfortable living.

Why choose Beachwood park

At Beachwood park, residents get spectacular amenities that make life convenient for its residents. The park provides exclusive clubs, spa and an environment that is quiet and secured. Homeowners are free to move around and also benefit from seclusion away from public access.

Anyone approaching retirement that wish to explore the park is free to come around to take a view. Coming to Beachwood park is not a problem because transport links are close making  movement easy and fast.

As you retire, you need a quiet and secured place to enjoy your retirement. Beachwood park offers you the best that will make your retirement enjoyable. You don't have to be told what Beachwood park offers; you need to be at Beachwood park to see for yourself. A comfortable environment is what enhances healthy living. Beachwood park is known for a relaxed, secured and conducive atmosphere that will guarantee that comfort that you desire.



Beechwood Park
Dawlish Warren
EX7 0PF.