Beverley Hills Park, Wiltshire

Properties at Beverley Hills Park

Plot 55 Beverley Hills Stately Tredegar 36x22


Plot 55 Beverley Hills Stately Tredegar 36x22




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What Features Does Beverley Hills Park Have?

Countryside location
Short drive to Stonehenge
Lies in Salisbury Plains


Beverley Hills Park is a great park surrounded by fascinating history. The park itself is surrounded by beautiful countryside, making everyday you stay at Beverly Hills filled with tranquillity.

The park is surrounded by some of the most famous historical sites such as Stonehenge. Furthermore, the park is close to loads of local amenities such as a Post Office, a shop, a Dentists, Doctors and the train station is only 4 miles away. All these factors make it the ideal retirement estate or semi-retirement estate. The site holds 128 park homes which are all well looked after and well maintained.

Furthermore, the estate has 24 hour CCTV, making sure that you are always at peace. The park is only 1 mile from the historic town of Amesbury. Amesbury is a very attractive town sitting on the River Avon. Each week the town holds a market, as well as housing museums, independents shops, restaurants and inns. In the south of the town you will find Archers Gate, named after the Amesbury Archer. Here you can find an intricate mosaic telling the story of Amesbury. The town offers loads of stunning walks, including walks to the Stonehenge. A little further out but still only 9 miles away is the city of Salisbury. Salisbury has numerous things to do including festivals, exhibitions, large shopping areas, parks, markets and more!


Beverley Hills Park