Bisley Park, Leicestershire

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What Features Does Bisley Park Have?

Secure gated site
Part-exchange available
No stamp duty
Private driveway
Bespoke build options
Fully equipped homes


Bisley Park is located in Leicestershire, where the English midlands offer more than just a collection of cities and towns.  They help to provide some of the best-loved countryside and collection of walks in the whole of the UK.  Bisley Park is a modern park development based in Leicestershire.  This unique development has seen considerable building work over the past few years, heading towards a fantastic, exclusive residential community for people approaching the age of retirement.

Bisley Park is based close to the popular town of Melton Mowbray. The park itself is very easy to get to from public roads and links, however, its location is deep in the heart of the county, away from anything likely to cause much noise or disturbance.

Close to local rivers and golf courses, the community is likely to be a popular choice with anyone looking for a home move that brings them closer to leisure facilities and amenities.  In addition to this, residents will also benefit from clear access to modern shopping amenities.

Melton Mowbray is quickly becoming a desirable location for many people who want to explore some of England’s best-loved heritage and leisure pursuits.  With more and more people keen to choose park homes as they approach retirement, Bisley Park presents a small yet attractive development likely to pull in interest for many years to come. 

About Bisley Park

Bisley Park is one of the newer developments in our catalogue of listings.  However, that shouldn’t make it any less appealing to couples and solo retirees who want to move somewhere quiet and serene.  Close to many of Melton Mowbray’s shopping facilities and amenities, while offering lovely views of the local River Eye, Bisley Park promises to be a residential community as close-knit as it is convenient.

The park is open to new residents over the age of 45, making it an ideal community to move into if you are considering retiring, or at least taking on semi-retirement in the years to come.  There are huge benefits to moving out towards a park community such as Bisley Park, particularly in the fact that it is completely exclusive.  It is a gated community, closed to the public and far enough away from public roads and pathways for it to feel secluded and private.  As a gated site, residents can rest assured that they will receive the utmost in safety and private security standards.  However, they can also take control of their own home security if they wish, alongside other home enhancements in line with park rules and obligations.

Bisley Park residents will also benefit from their own private driveways and access to main roads.  This means that they will be able to live independently and explore the wider Leicestershire area if they wish.  Moving to a desirable community such as that in Bisley Park means that there will be fewer fees to pay when moving.  For example, no properties at Bisley Park require stamp duty payments, and new residents may even be able to take advantage of part exchanging.

Modern properties at Bisley Park offer everyday luxury.  Each pitch is lovingly curated so that residents can live privately and discretely, while they are close enough to their neighbours so that they can easily make new friends and get to know the wider community.  Bisley Park’s owners also take great care of the landscaped grounds and varying properties, meaning that new residents can be sure they are moving somewhere with plenty of guidance and support whenever they need it.

Bisley Park’s bespoke properties and neighbourhood offer a new slant on private suburbia, far from the confines of noisier communities and those which feel less personal.  Bisley Park’s discrete, tranquil living standards will appeal to anyone in the area who may already be looking for somewhere new to head to in the years approaching retirement. 

The Location

Bisley Park’s location will be popular with local people and those new to the region.  Overlooking the River Eye, the community positions itself close to the centre of Melton Mowbray, as well as all of the modern, everyday amenities and facilities residents will expect elsewhere.  For example, supermarkets, bars and restaurants are only a short walk and drive away.  Again, this won’t impact on the noise levels in the park itself, meaning that the community still remains highly desirable.

New residents to the park, as well as any visitors, can find the community just off the A607, heading towards Melton Mowbray itself.  It runs adjacent to the River Eye.  The community will be clearly signposted around the Melton Mowbray area, meaning it should not be difficult for new residents to find their way to and from their new community.  There are also public transport links close by, meaning that anyone who does wish to take a look out at other towns, villages and cities will never have to go too far.

Bisley Park is likely to continue developing as the years continue.  This is thanks to Melton Mowbray being a popular area for people to head to at all ages, from commuters to families and retirees.  Bisley Park is leading the way in putting the town even more firmly on the map.  It is growing popular with many people, and the fact it is so closely linked to other towns and cities makes it more desirable to those couples and solo retirees who want to still have plenty of connections to the outside world. 

The Local Area

Anyone moving to Bisley Park will likely want to know more about the attractions, facilities and communities based elsewhere in the region.  Melton Mowbray itself has central transport links, such as its main train station, which residents can head to if they wish to explore Leicestershire further, or if they want to sample more of the history and heritage that the midlands is famous for.

New residents in search of leisure opportunities will likely enjoy local golf courses, such as Asfordby and Sysonby, both of which residents will find just across the river.  There are also plenty of local parks and green walks in the region, making it perfect for anyone who enjoys stretching their legs on a regular basis.  Beyond this, Melton Mowbray is a town with plenty of history and culture nestled deep within its walls, meaning there is always something new to explore.

Residents, for example, may wish to take a look out at the fascinating Melton Carnegie Museum, or for a specific kind of entertainment, they may also want to take a look out at Kilworth House Theatre.  Melton is a town with plenty of shopping experiences opening up, which means residents are never too far from retail therapy should they want to spend some time at stores they know and love.

Residents at Bisley Park may also want to take main road and public transport links towards cities and towns that they may not have explored before.  Nottingham, Derby and Leicester are all close by, but again, they are never too close to cause any disruption to park life.  Residents can also take a look out at historic Grantham, or even towards Peterborough and Cambridge to the South-East.  There are plenty of travel opportunities in the region, thanks to Bisley Park being so well-placed.  It is one of the most central parks in England, at least in this portion of the country, meaning that a feeling of independence is likely to wash over residents as they move in. 

Why Choose Bisley Park?

While Bisley Park is one of the newer developments in our listings, it promises to be one of the best for residential homeowners.  The properties and pitches at Bisley Park offer modern luxury at prices everyday people can afford, and beyond this, the surroundings are quiet and peaceful.  Anyone keen to move somewhere safe and secure towards retirement will likely find the Bisley Park development to offer a breath of fresh air.

Closely linking via Melton Mowbray, the community has room to grow and will offer a close-knit neighbourhood to anyone looking for like-minded support.  The park developers and management care deeply about their residents, and as such, new homeowners can expect a completely bespoke experience from the moment they move in. 

Few residential parks base so centrally in the midlands, which makes Bisley Park all the more appealing to anyone who may want to strike out on their own to sample the sights and sounds of the wider counties.  It is a park which offers contemporary facilities and the utmost in community security.  Therefore, new residents can be sure of a quiet, well-protected experience from season to season.  The permanent properties on site are amongst some of the most appealing in Leicestershire, and indeed the midlands as a whole.




Bisley Park
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