Black Beck Holiday Park, Cumbria

Properties at Black Beck Holiday Park

Pemberton Abingdon (38x12) 2022

Black Beck Holiday Park

Pemberton Abingdon (38x12) 2022

Near Newby Bridge



Prestige Glass House (45x20) 2022

Black Beck Holiday Park

Prestige Glass House (45x20) 2022

Near Newby Bridge



Willerby  Linwood (38x12) 2022

Black Beck Holiday Park

Willerby Linwood (38x12) 2022

Near Newby Bridge



Willerby  Manor (38x12) 2022

Black Beck Holiday Park

Willerby Manor (38x12) 2022

Near Newby Bridge



Willerby  Brookwood (35x12) 2022

Black Beck Holiday Park

Willerby Brookwood (35x12) 2022

Near Newby Bridge



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What Features Does Black Beck Holiday Park Have?

Gym facilities
Childrens play area
Country store
Cycle friendly
Pet friendly
Horsebox bar
Duck pond & feeding area
Tranquil woodland setting
Close to attractions

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Black Beck Holiday Park is located in Cumbria, a region of the UK which is famous for offering fabulous holiday opportunities to couples, solo travellers and families alike.  Black Beck is a unique caravan and holiday park in the region, offering holidaymakers the chance to get closer to the English countryside and a wealth of popular attractions.

Black Beck Holiday Park has a five-star rating and is just a stone's throw from the Lake District.  It is also close to many quaint English towns and villages, making it the ideal park for anyone keen to explore country living and English heritage.  The park itself is close to woodland trails and will offer walkers and ramblers brilliant opportunities to get out and explore.

Many people choose Black Beck for its popular location as well as for its amenities and facilities.  It is close to roads and public transport, meaning that it should be easy for most visitors to get out and about if they wish to.  Throughout the year, the park offers up various properties, pitches and caravans; however, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Should listings become available for Black Beck Park at Sell My Group, we recommend contacting the park owners for a viewing as soon as physically possible. 

About Black Beck Park

Black Beck Caravan Park is much-loved by holidaymakers from around the region and beyond, and it is open to visitors of all ages.  It is a secluded, tranquil neighbourhood, boosted by wonderful woodland views and local countryside trails.  As it is so close to the Lake District, visitors can always be sure to find somewhere new to traverse only a few minutes away.

The park is ideal for family groups as well as couples and solo travellers.  There is an on-site children's play park, as well as a duck pond and beautifully kept gardens and grounds.  The park's owners go to great lengths to keep the community looking wonderful, blending in with the stunning surroundings and ensuring all visitors benefit from peace and quiet from visit to visit.

Black Beck Park offers a wide variety of modern facilities without it ever getting too noisy or crowded.  As well as offering genuine peace and quiet to all holidaymakers, visitors can also benefit from full gym facilities and memberships, an exclusive store, and full servicing.  There is even an exclusive jacuzzi, as well as sauna facilities, which visitors and homeowners can book simply by talking to site staff and ownership.

Visitors have access to a launderette and fast Wi-Fi connectivity.  Therefore, while the park does offer plenty of seclusion and space for visitors to contemplate and unwind, they are never removed from society's modern conveniences.

The park owners aim to develop and maintain a resort which complements the beautiful region it benefits from.  Therefore, holidaymakers can always expect access to carefully kept gardens and landscapes.  There is very little need to lift a finger here.  The park is also very secure and is exclusive to homeowners and visitors, meaning that there is no chance of public intrusion or disturbance.

Black Beck Park offers a tight-knit neighbourhood and wonderful facilities which are difficult to find elsewhere in the region.  Visitors are encouraged to explore the wider area, such as the Lake District, however, there is much to see and do in the park itself before heading out on adventures.  Park staff will always be happy to offer more information on local attractions and walks, too, should visitors be arriving in Cumbria for the first time.

The park promises to offer a luxury foothold in the county which is amazingly convenient, easy to get to and from, and which benefits from genuine peace and tranquillity all year round. 

The Location

Black Beck Park is right at the edge of the Lake District.  The Lake District National Park is one of the largest expanses of protected land in the UK, and always offers incredible walks, views and holiday opportunities.  Therefore, it makes sense for visitors to want to take full advantage as soon as they arrive at their park property.  However, there is more to the location than just the Lakes themselves, as holidayers will realise when they move in.

The park benefits from a fantastic balance between coast and countryside.  It is only a short distance from Morecambe Bay, and is not far from road and public transport facilities.  Therefore, visitors benefit from countryside greenery to the North, coastal vistas to the South, and quaint town amenities all around.  The park nestles deep in rural Cumbria; however, it never feels as though it is far from society and all its modern conveniences.  It promises to offer a genuine break from hustle and bustle.

The park is easy to find via the A590 heading through Newby Bridge, as well as via the A5092 going through Ulverston and Kirkby-in-Furness.  It has clear signposts, and anyone heading towards the Lakes or nearby forests should have no reason to lose their way.  Drivers can easily find the park through sat-nav, meaning it is important to load the full postcode before embarking.

Black Beck Park brings families, couples and single holidaymakers close to the best that Cumbria has to offer.  Many visitors will enjoy the impressive countryside and coastal walks close to the resort, while others will appreciate how convenient it is to explore the various towns and villages dotted across the way.  Few parks and holiday resorts offer the number of conveniences the location supports here, and it is one of the main reasons why so many people enjoy heading back to the park time and time again.

Holidaymakers and explorers in the Cumbrian region, as well as those who love the Lakes and the nearby forests, will likely find the park to be a superb foothold for trips and weekends away for years to come.  Sell My Group recommends taking a closer look at the location and wider area if you are new to Cumbria, if not, visitors may already know what treats are in store for them. 

The Local Area

Black Beck Park is in a fortunate location for reasons mentioned above.  Of course, most people will head to the resort for access to the Lakes, such as Windermere, which is only a short trip up the road leading North.  However, many visitors and holidaymakers here will also enjoy taking a look out at the fabulous greenery towards the East.

Black Beck is only a short drive away from the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which is also adjacent to the North Pennines.  The park is surrounded by a variety of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, such as the famous Forest of Bowland and Nidderdale.  It is also only a few steps away from the smaller Grizedale Forest.  Therefore, visitors who are keen to take walks through the Cumbrian countryside can do so without having to travel too far.

The park is also close to a clutch of local communities.  Visitors are within walking and public transport distance of areas such as Haverthwaite, Bouth, Backbarrow, Greenodd and Newby Bridge.  There is plenty here to explore.  These villages and town communities offer plenty of English heritage and quaint architecture, as well as warm, welcoming people.  Holidaymakers who want to know more about Cumbrian town and country living won't have to look too far.  Again, park staff will also be happy to give visitors more information on the local area on request.  Therefore, it always pays to inquire.

Morecambe Bay is a popular trip out for visitors who want to explore the local coastline.  Beyond this, visitors can also find access to popular towns such as Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Kendal, Blackpool and Preston.  Visitors are also only a short drive from major Yorkshire cities such as Leeds and Bradford, meaning that if anyone does wish to explore the cities in the surrounding area, it is always easy to do so. 

Why Choose Black Beck Park?

Black Beck Park is an unassuming holiday park with a variety of different properties, scores of luxury amenities, and access to some of Cumbria's best-loved nature walks and holiday attractions.  Therefore, it is often very popular with Yorkshire holidaymakers travelling from close by, as well as with those who have been heading to Cumbria for many years.  The fact remains that it is not just a convenient foothold, but one which has plenty of modern luxuries and facilities on-site.

Black Beck Park is a community which is wide open to people of all ages from all walks of life.  It is a quiet, inclusive resort, offering independence and private holidaymaking.  However, with a club on-site, there are always plenty of chances to get to know the neighbours and to make new friends.  The park's owners are always ready to help new visitors and homeowners settle in, meaning that anyone heading to Black Beck is assured of a warming welcome.

Selly My Group lists properties and pitches at Black Beck Park wherever and whenever possible.  Early viewings are prudent should listings arise, and prospective homeowners can book them through this page.


Black Beck Holiday Park
Newby Bridge
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