Blue Ridges Park, Surrey

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Idyllic rural location
Quiet park
Close to local amenities
50 years and over
12 months usage
No dogs allowed

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Blue Ridges Park

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If you have never considered moving out to Surrey before, there are plenty of wonderful reasons why you should.  This gorgeous county is not only home to some of the most amazing countryside walks and retreats but is also a slice of quaint English heritage.  Many people choose to move to communities like Blue Ridges Park so that they can experience all of the greenery and the history from the comfort of their own property.  Blue Ridges Park is a hugely popular mobile home and residential park which, being close to Ockley, is in reach of some of the region's most celebrated market towns and countryside trails. 

Situated just off Beare Green, Blue Ridges Park is part of the spectacular McAlister Estates collection.  We are pleased to present homes and lodgings at this park throughout the year, not only thanks to the fantastic views and the superb, convenient location but also thanks to its amazing staff and well-maintained neighbourhood.  Blue Ridges Park is set up to be the perfect, idyllic rural retreat for anyone who wishes to leave the town and city life far behind them.  Its carefully-cultivated gardens and wonderful commanding views of nearby copses and woods will appeal to anyone keen to get back to nature. 

About Blue Ridges Park

Blue Ridges Park is one of the most unique residential park resorts in Surrey as a region.  It is situated a little off the beaten path at least compared to most Surrey attractions, but that is certainly part of the appeal.  Based just off Vann Lake Road, you'll be within walking distance of the Vann Lake itself, as well as the beautiful Spring Copse. 

This community has been set up and maintained to offer private, peaceful living for likeminded people, those who are keen to live their retirement years in the comfort of England's celebrated natural landscape.  Blue Ridges Park has a small yet open community, meaning that it will be easy for you to make friends with new neighbours and to get to know the local area with ease.  The properties here are always well-kept and protected, meaning that you have added peace of mind should you ever venture into the wider area. 

Blue Ridges Park is supported by a passionate and extremely friendly team.  They want to make sure that all residents have access to serenity and comfort throughout their stay in the park.  Buying a property here is a superb investment; particularly as there are few Surrey park home communities so well-connected both to the local countryside as well as a variety of towns and village facilities.  We will, of course, explore this side of things a little further down. 

Blue Ridges is perhaps best-loved for its quiet nature.  It is one of the most peaceful park communities you will find in Surrey as a whole.  That is a very big accolade!  However, you will never feel as though you are cut off completely from the rest of the world.  Though you will get your own private patch here, and it really does feel as though you are nestling into your own little corner of the county.   All you need to do is head out of the park to connect back onto main roads and to head towards civilisation. 

We think all good park home communities should offer this balance.  Blue Ridges is one of many we are pleased to list which gets the balance of quiet, private living and ease of access to wider attractions just right.  People who move to Blue Ridges will likely want time and space to relax and unwind.  Others, meanwhile, may want to make new friends or to go out and explore.  The park operators here understand this and have set up a stunning community which offers you everything you could possibly want from a private retirement retreat.  It is truly something to behold! 


Blue Ridges Park is carefully situated at the edge of Vann Lake, as well as a series of local woodland and copse areas.  It's not actually accessible from an A-Road or B-Road, rather, you will need to head down Weare Street, off the B2126 through Heathcockham.  After a handful of wooded areas, you will come across a break to the right, where you can head down Vann Lake Road.  It is just down here where you will find the residential park, meaning that it is easier to find than you may assume! 

As mentioned, the park is well-flanked by a number of popular wooded areas.  This means you will be heading deep into Surrey's lushest, greenest areas, with Vann Lake to help break the green into a gorgeous blue.  Heathcockham is close by, too, which connects via the A24.  It is here where you will need to head if you wish to explore towns and cities elsewhere in Surrey, though we won't blame you if you'd like to take on the countryside first. 

Blue Ridges Park is based in a spectacular area.  You have clear vantage points over local woodland, Vann Lake, and some truly stunning panoramic views.  From the edge of the park leading outwards, you will be able to take on some truly gorgeous walks right on your doorstep.  For many people, being able to explore the wider countryside is a dream come true.  That's one of the reasons why Blue Ridges Park was based so deep into Surrey's woodland. 

Make sure to learn more about the local area from park staff, too.  They will be fonts of knowledge on several local amenities, sights and adventures which you can take on at your leisure.  Alternatively, you can always feel free to just dive into the local area and explore the countryside for yourself.  It's very tempting just to strap your hiking boots on and to go have a look around.  The park community itself is stunning, too - as are the views for miles around.  Your experience here is what you make of it. 

The Local Area

Take a lookout at the various woodland and copse areas dotted throughout the neighbourhood, and you'll get to sample some of Surrey's most stunning nature trails.  Just up the way, down from Heathcockham, is Courtbottom Wood, which sits at the edge of a beautiful lake.  It's a fantastic spot for a walk or for a quiet sit down to relax. 

If you would like to get out and explore wider Surrey, you are actually only a few minutes away from Ockley Train Station.  This terminal is well-connected to many different rural towns and villages across the way.  If you haven't looked at the wider region yet, make sure to take it all in by train.  

You will also be able to head out to much-loved town and village scenes such as Dorking, which is a few miles away, as is Cranleigh, Walliswood and Horsham.  Horsham has plenty of fascinating history for you to look into, as well as a popular local scene.  Your biggest community near to the park is Crawley, which is accessible via the A264 and the A23.  

The local area is truly brimming with natural copses and wooded areas.  There are some beautiful copse areas such as Nightless and Stroud, both of which flank the private Dairy House Nature Reserve, just off Horsham Road heading through Clark's Green.  It is safe to say that there are plenty of countryside adventures which await you here.  The only challenging aspect will be which to take on first!  You will, at least, be able to plan out your trips with all the time you need if you choose to move out here. 

Why Move to Blue Ridges Park?

Blue Ridges Park is an idyllic location which many Surrey lovers will find utterly wonderful to behold.  It is a small yet peaceful park, which means it is seen by many as an exclusive resort.  This is especially the case given the glorious location and the wonderful amenities which are never too far away.  Beyond this, the park is always well-maintained with friendly staff ready and willing to help.  If you have ventured into the Surrey countryside before, you will already know that there are plenty of beautiful sights to be seen, and experiences to be had.  Take a lookout at them one at a time with your very own property at one of the best-loved parks in the region. 

With this in mind, spaces at Blue Ridges Park can get taken up very quickly indeed.  We therefore encourage you to take a close look for yourself as soon as you can.  We will list homes here whenever they become available.  However, it will always be a good idea to beat the rush and to book a viewing come rain or shine. 

Securing a property at Blue Ridges Park is a wonderful investment.  Think of all the spectacular sights and attractions which could surround you!  As always, we are here to help you find that perfect spot no matter where you wish to travel to.


Blue Ridges Park