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What Features Does Boothfield House Caravan Park Have?

Park manager on-site
Security barrier
Close to bus route


Boothfield House Caravan Park is based in a prime position for holidaymakers who are keen to explore the Lancashire coast and countryside, Boothfield House Caravan Park is a holiday resort which is open for the majority of the year, come rain or shine.  Within just a short distance of some of the area's most popular coastal walks and promenades, as well as tourist zones and attractions of interest in the wider county, the park is popular with holidayers of all ages.

Lancashire is a county which boasts wonderful country panoramas as well as some of the best-loved sites of interest in the North of England.  Boothfield Park has been developed to offer the best of both worlds.  Holidaymakers can expect a quiet, peaceful holiday stay while still being able to get out and explore the wider area with ease.  Visitors and homeowners here can easily leave the main gates to connect to public paths for short walks to close attractions. 

About Boothfield House

Boothfield House Caravan Park is a holiday resort offering a variety of properties.  Close to popular towns and seaside staples such as Blackpool and Fleetwood, the park is carefully designed and maintained to offer a close-knit holiday community experience.  It is a gated holiday park with access for all visitors and homeowners from March through to January each year.  It is owned and operated by family management, those of whom live on site.  On-site management is friendly and always open to help with queries and concerns.  The family at Boothfield House is also very knowledgeable of the wider area, which will mean that anyone keen to find something to do will only have to ask.

Boothfield House boasts neat, landscaped grounds as well as wonderful views of the wider area.  It is also well-known for its impeccable security.  Anyone staying at Boothfield House can rest assured that their holidays are protected against the threat of intrusion or crime.  Visitors will benefit from a community of likeminded holidaymakers, which adds to the laid-back atmosphere.  All the amenities and facilities visitors can expect from a leading holiday park are easy to access and available to you throughout the year.

Modern facilities at Boothfield House help to make it one of the most attractive resorts in the area.  Whether staying in a lodge or a caravan, visitors can take advantage of on-site Wi-Fi, available once you have booked in at the park.  Miles of countryside walks lie just outside the main gates, as well as plenty of access to main road facilities. 

Boothfield House is a long-established name in holiday park facilities in the area.  Its strong security perimeter and barriers help to make it a firm choice for families, couples and solo holidaymakers in search of a resort offering greater peace of mind.  It also presents a good potential investment for holiday homeowners interested in securing a foothold close to Lancashire tourism.  With the park only closed during January and February each year, it offers flexibility to those who may wish to travel off-season. 

The Location

Many visitors and holiday homeowners may be interested in Boothfield House for its competitive location in the Lancashire tourism scene.  It is just a few minutes' drive from the coast, which boasts a variety of seaside communities and traditional attractions.  The park itself is based within miles of peaceful plains and countryside walks, which might interest those holidaymakers interested in getting back to nature.  Visitors and homeowners can walk for miles from the comfort of the front gates of the park.  These gates will lock for security, and all visitors will have their own unique access so that they can go back and forth as they please.

The park offers stunning views over the wider area, with sights over Morecambe Bay likely to be of interest to many people.  It is also famously close to resorts such as Blackpool, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the county.

Boothfield House is very easy to get to, whether you are travelling on the motorway from the North or via the South.  Despite its quiet location, it is very well linked to road and travel amenities.  You can reach the park by heading onto the A6 from the M6, via junction 33.  Follow along the A6 until you see signs for Cockerham, then turn off onto the A588, where you will need to look out for the A588.  This should lead drivers towards Knott End-on-Sea, past a junction onto Lancaster Road on the B5270.  From here, visitors need to head right towards Pilling Lane, where you simply need to take roundabout at the second exit to reach the park.  You can see it up on your left.

The appeal of a holiday home based close to countryside and coast will likely be a popular draw for many people.  Boothfield House is neither too far off the beaten track nor too close to some of the noisier tourist attractions and spots of interest.  It is a few minutes' drive from the more popular resorts of the region, though holidaymakers will never be disturbed by travelling noise.  Holidaymakers who prefer to use public transport, or who have no access to their own vehicle, can take a bus from an available spot just outside the park gates.  This will connect to various towns and villages in the area.  The park management will be happy to offer additional advice on getting around. 

The Local Area

Boothfield House Caravan Park is in a great location for any holidaymakers who would like to visit Blackpool, Cleveleys or Fleetwood for a traditional seaside adventure.  However, the park is also within close reach of popular towns and villages, such as Preston, a bustling community nearby.

The park itself is within a short distance of Pilling, Knott End-on-Sea and Hambleton, all of which are delightful, quaint villages with lots to offer visitors to the area.  There is plenty of heritage and historical sites of interest here for those who prefer to take a look at Lancashire's years gone by.  The communities and surrounding countryside are very well-maintained, offering tourists a wonderful unspoilt array of natural walks and trails.

There are a number of popular attractions and famous resorts which are also easy to reach from Boothfield House.  As mentioned, Blackpool is only a short trip away via car or public transport.  Therefore, families may wish to take a look at the famous Blackpool Tower, the Blackpool Illuminations, as well as the stretches of beach which make the area famous.  Families will likely wish to take a look at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in particular, home to some of the biggest rides in the country.

For a quieter tourist experience, some may prefer to take a lookout at Morecambe Bay, which you can see from the park itself.  Those who are more interested in looking at flora and greenery will enjoy heading out to the Winter Gardens, as well as the wonderful Williamson Park.

Glasson Dock is a nearby community which might appeal to those who enjoy small town breaks.  Close to Morecambe Bay, Glasson boasts its own coastal retreat for holidaymakers and tourists who want to take a closer look at local shops, businesses, restaurants and bars.  All are based right at the edge of the coast, making it a unique trip out for anyone interested in breathing in some salty sea air.

All of the most popular attractions and resorts in the area are very easy to reach via main roads.  Park residents can park easily at Boothfield House and drive out at their leisure.  As mentioned above, bus links are also close to the main gates.  Towns and cities such as Blackpool and Preston have plenty of links via the railway, too.  This means visitors and tourists can take even more in via public transit if they wish. 

Why Choose Boothfield House?

Few holiday communities such as Boothfield House are so well-linked to the Lancashire coast.  Visitors and homeowners benefit from lovely, rolling countryside as well as breath-taking sea air and views of the spectacular sands.

A holiday property at Boothfield House provides peace of mind.  The management at the park ensure to keep properties and facilities here under lock and key.  With security barriers and limited access to owners and visitors, there is no need to worry about getting locked out or coming under threat of unwanted attention.

For homeowners, Boothfield House presents a tight-knit community which acts as a tourist launchpad across the wider county.  Visitors will benefit from modern facilities such as access to Wi-Fi, and can also expect on-site help and guidance from residing management.

Properties and caravans at Boothfield House remain extremely popular with local people and Lancashire tourists alike.  The park is open ten months of the year with options for visitors to extend their stays if they wish.  It is easy to reach from main roads and can therefore be found heading through Lancashire Northbound and Southbound.  Holidaymakers will be looking for close connections to the bigger attractions of the region.


Boothfield House Caravan Park