Bowdens Crest Park, Somerset

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Stunning views over 30 miles
Twelve miles from Glastonbury
Bar and restaurant onsite
9 acres of natural woodland
Over 45's

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Bowdens Crest Park

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Two Bed Pemberton Rivendale

Bowdens Crest Park

Two Bed Pemberton Rivendale





Somerset is one of the most-visited counties in England, and for many good reasons.  It is not only a hugely popular holiday resort but also a fantastic place to retire to.  Bowdens Crest Park is an exclusive residential community open to people over 45 years of age.  It is ideal for retirees, couples and solo homeowners who want to get closer to the countryside. 

Bowdens Crest is close to a wide variety of different local attractions as well as incredible scenery for miles around.  Residents at the park benefit from a friendly atmosphere as well as peace and quiet across the seasons.  There are also some exclusive amenities and facilities on-site, making the park one of the most desirable in the region.  The park's owners are friendly and always receptive to resident needs and wishes.

Bowdens Crest is a luxury development which benefits from being exclusive, secluded and secure.  It is one of the most popular gated community options for retirees in Somerset, making early viewings a priority should listings become available.  With close links to nearby roads and public transit, it is also very easy to get to and from. 

About Bowdens Crest

Bowdens Crest is a well-established residential park with scores of happy residents.  It is famous for its hospitality as well as its luxury amenities and facilities on-site.  Not only are there a wide range of properties and lodges hosting at the park, but residents will also benefit from modern conveniences literally on their doorsteps.

It is one of few parks in the region to offer exclusive bar and restaurant facilities.  Residents and homeowners can also relax and unwind in the on-site recreation lounge and can take advantage of full twelve-month licences.  The park owners go to incredible effort to keep the park looking spectacular throughout the year, with private landscaping and grounds always beautiful to behold.

Bowdens Crest benefits from a close-knit community.  As the park is exclusive to residents over the age of 45, new homeowners are likely to move alongside like-minded people.  Residents at the park look for a slower pace of living as well as the chance to get back to the English countryside.  The views and local attractions nearby are also likely to appeal to people in search of a quiet, safe community to retreat to.

Safety, in fact, is key here.  On-site caretaker staff and full CCTV ensure that the park is always safe from any form of public intrusion.  Not only is Bowdens Crest a secluded and exclusive park, but it is also completely blocked to public access.  That means the only people who can enter and leave are residents and their verified guests.  With complete gate access and secure locking, as well as individual property security, residents at the park have complete peace of mind throughout the year.

The bar and bistro on-site will appeal to anyone who doesn't want to have to venture further afield for fine dining and cooked food.  The restaurant facilities regularly provide a wealth of world cuisine, as well as traditional Sunday roasts.  Any residents who prefer not to cook on any given evening can simply head across the park to sample a wide range of menus.

The park owners are a family who have been running Bowdens Crest for considerable time.  They want to provide a residential park experience which is reliable, honest and always ready to support their residents.  Homeowners at the park get plenty of chances to mingle with neighbours and to make new friends.  However, there is also a focus on individual, private living, meaning that if residents do wish to retire early for the evening, they can do so without disruption. 

The Location

It is not just the park design and facilities which appeal to residents at Bowdens Crest.  The local views and landscapes will likely appeal to anyone keen to experience rural Somerset from their own doorstep.  The park benefits from a fabulous location in the heart of the county, close to rolling greenery, long nature walks and plenty of traditional towns and villages packed with heritage and character.  It is famously close to the town of Glastonbury, and several stretches of natural woodland.

From up on high, residents will be able to see the Somerset Levels for miles around and will also have access to natural parks.  Bowdens Crest is a luxury hideaway which makes the most of its relatively secluded location.  However, it is never too far from main road links and public transport, meaning that there will always be opportunities for residents to get out and about in the local area as and when they desire.  The park, in fact, joins directly onto acres of spectacular woodland walks.

Getting to and from the park is easy, despite its secluded location.  It is around five minutes from the town of Langport via road, meaning that residents simply need to take North Street via the A378, then the A372 on the way towards White Hill.  Drivers will then see the park emerge as they follow Bowden's Lane and Wood Drove.  Anyone using sat-nav to find their way around the county should have no difficulty locating the park if they enter in the postcode.  It is, however, also clearly marked and benefits from signposts.

Bowdens Crest benefits from blissful countryside surroundings.  This means any residents likely to take regular walks or to go birdwatching will be able to explore the wider greenery whenever they wish.  As well as offering luxury properties and facilities, the family owners make sure to keep the park looking flush with the surroundings, meaning that the neighbourhood carefully complements the countryside for miles around. 

The Local Area

Bowdens Crest's owners are always pleased to welcome new residents to the area.  They will offer a wealth of advice and guidance on what to see and do when moving into the region for the first time.  However, residents must also take the time to look around and explore on their own.  There is a great feeling of independence at the park, which means residents will never feel penned in or that they have to stay within the confines of the grounds.

Bowdens Crest is very close to a wide array of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  For example, the park is close to the town of Bridgewater and the Quantock Hills, as well as the coast heading up towards Burnham-on-Sea.  Heading East, there is the Cranborne Chase, as well as the Blackdown Hills to the South.  Even out West, there is further natural beauty to discover.  Exmoor National Park is a short drive or bus journey away.  Residents will always be able to experience Somerset and the surrounding counties' best natural features and country walks.  The ability to head out to these famous country sites from their own homes is likely to be very appealing!

Any residents keen to explore local heritage and towns can also take the main roads just a few minutes and miles away.  The park is close to the popular town of Glastonbury, as well as the centres of Yeovil, Warminster and Bath.  Residents can also take a trip to the coastal town of Weston-Super-Mare, a popular holiday destination.  The park is in a clear position to offer residents the very best of the countryside and coast that Somerset has to offer.

Popular tourist attractions and sites of interest close to the park include the traditional Priest's House, Glastonbury Abbey and Stembridge Tower Mill.  Somerset and the surrounding counties are just as famous for their ancient heritage as they are for their areas of natural beauty.  Therefore, any retirees keen to learn more about English history only have to look a little way down the road to take full advantage. 

Why Choose Bowdens Crest Park?

Bowdens Crest Park is popular with many people because it is an exclusive community.  Only residents over the age of 45 can stay here, meaning that you can expect a slower pace of living.  The park owners care deeply about making sure that the community thrives.  They look after all their residents with leading facilities and advice as and when they need them.

Residents at Bowdens Crest choose the park for its stunning surroundings and its nine acres of woodland trails.  They also choose the park thanks to its proximity to the coast and a variety of famous countryside walks.  It is the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to break from town and city life.

The park offers quiet, peaceful living in lush surroundings.  While it is easy to get to and from, park residents never experience loud noise from nearby roads.  It is easy to get to know new people at the park, while residents can also carve out their own private pitch all year round.

Bowdens Crest Park is a luxury community which is always expanding.  With over 30 miles of stunning views across the English countryside, few parks offer the same convenience and atmosphere.  Should listings become available, viewings are a must.


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